24 thoughts on “The Newsroom "Main Justice" (S3E3) Review”

  • Could you three review Friends?  Because when Friends was on, we only had one T.V. and my family liked to watch Friends, so I watched Friends.  I hated Friends.  It was the single worst show in the history of television.  I would love to see you guys bitch about how fucking goddamn awful Friends was.  Also, could you find anyone else to review the last three episodes of Newsroom?

  • MyTubeIsBetter20 says:

    I'm not watching this anymore. I'm not referring to "the Newsroom", I'm referring to WTF's reviews of "The Newsroom". Why should i watch 10+ minutes of people complaining… that's not what a review is, i don't care about your butthurt over Aaron Sorkin.

    I hate metal music with growling vocals… guess what i DONT do, listen to metal music with growling vocals. No one is forcing these people to watch this show, and I don't understand why they watch it when they clearly don't enjoy it. 

  • Every week I tune in with the mentality that I should hate this series through and through but yet at the end of every episode I almost always say "I enjoyed that"

  • I would love these guys to butcher TWD like they do with this show (sometimes). The TWD review trio is only positives and they don't even criticize the stupid decisions of the characters that don't make sense.

  • The Dashboard says:

    I love Sorkin's dialogue despite its pretentiousness, almost as much as I love you guys hate watching this show lol

  • So what if the dialogs feel gimmicky, characters are a little two dimensional; storylines are theatrical. Isn't it why we love Aaron Sorkin? I never watched a Sorkin scenario expecting ultra realism. This isn't Fargo, this isn't Mad Men. This is Sorkin. I watch his stuff because we like the "His Girl Friday" feel to it. I am watching this review show fora while now, naively expecting some day the reviewers will get that it doesn't try to be real, theatrical, cheesy, gimmicky nature is the bais of this show's charm. We are almost at the end and they still don't want to except it as it is  and move on.

  • I really really don't get the "nobody talks like this"-argument when watching an Aaron Sorkin show/movie. That's like watching an action movie and saying "that car wouldn't have exploded and the protagonist would have died instantly from that explosion". You knew what you were in for the moment you set down. Sure it's unrealistic, but it's a style that is deliberate and meant to transport certain points better than normal speach.

    Regarding climate change: As far as I know we have passed the point of no return. It's just nobody is reporting on it because they don't want to alarm people or are in denial themselfs. I think that was well illustrated on the show.
    I guess the good news is that the oceans rising and climat changing will happen really slowly, so there is more than enough time for people to migrate, but our big coastal cities and countries like the netherlands will be under water in a few hundret years. Nothing we can do about it anymore.

  • I totally agree w/ most of the panel here. It was hard to glean any positives from this episode. The writing was abysmal and the banter was forced. It makes me wonder if Sorkin phoned it in because he was spiteful that show wasn't renewed or if he deliberately presented this drivel so we wouldn't miss it when it was gone. Either way, pee-yew!

  • Good point about the HR rep . . . why would a VP of a major company waste his time seeking out couples dating in his organization when the company is about undergo takeover. He'd have bigger fish to fry. I howled with laughter when Gary Cooper & the female writer bickered in front of him, while Don continually pointed out he was from HR. HAHAHA. And again when he made a mad dash to tell Sloan they were "not dating." Funny stuff.

  • The thing about this show that's so stupid is the entire staff. Before Mackenzie & Jim showed up, the show was a middle of the road news show, that didn't ruffle any feathers. Now everybody (all the staffers)  are super preachy self righteous assholes. This is the exact same staff who were making the previous version of the news program. Now their all moral crusaders for truth. 

  • ScorpiousDelectus says:

    More WTF whinging. In the meantime, The Newsroom fans sat there after the episode finished with our mouths wide open thinking "holy fuck!"

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