27 thoughts on “The Newsroom, Maggie on Michele Bachmann and Christianity”

  • Joshua Kricker says:

  • Joshua Kricker says:

    Just to make life interesting Michele Bachmann did it AGAIN! She announced she was thinking of running for the Senate position recently vacated by Al Franken, but she had to consult with "God" first.

  • Sorkin, in all of his shows, attacks religion in general, Christianity specifically. His absolute contempt for anyone who believes "angels are real" is more than apparent. I'm not an overtly religious person, but this comes off as petty and mean. We get it Aaron. You believe anyone who believes in God, goes to Church or prays is beneath you. Which is sad.

    One other thing: Only in Sorkinland would a Republican sound like a Democrat. "I'm Will McAvoy. I'm a Republican but embrace all things Democrat Party Platform while trashing Republicans and calling them 'The American Taliban', although I don't recall Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan beheading anyone lately. Maybe there was something I'm unaware of." Give me a break.

    That said, I do enjoy Sorkin's writing when he's not kicking Christians in the balls or pretending an abject liberal character is a Republican.

  • What ignorance. Dear Maggie, she didn’t mean literally talked to her, she meant a spiritual connection. It’s a metaphor.

  • JackieNoobFilms says:

    I believe that the question can be done in any way to the candidate and have a follow up. If the candidate is saying such things and has no reasoning to defend him/herself from the question and follow up, it is probably bullshit. And from what I've seen, there are plenty of responses on this comment section that an atheist as myself would credit to a candidate as a good answer. Democracy means not having to agree with everything, it means conciliation between different opinions. But respect comes from all sides. Only bullshit requires no respect at all.

  • Jason Oberman says:

    a better question:
    God told you to run specifically? Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum both said the same thing. Is god picking favorites?

  • It's AMAZING how the first season of this show is so applicable to the current election campaign. I imagine they'd have more fun with trump though.

  • "First time since Moses that God spoke directly to someone besides His Son"

    Um, in nearly every book in the Bible after Exodus God speaks to someone. If the writers of the show want to portray the character as being a Christian who genuinely wants other Christians to tell the truth, this is a misstep pretty early on. I completely agree with the rest of what she is saying, but that threw me off a bit

  • Emrecan Taneri says:

    Ok, here is my list of things to say;
    1)I fuckin love this show, its the most thought provocative show ever period.
    2)Mock Debate episode was a masterpiece
    3) The show promotes equality which is brilliant
    4) But, see when maggie says ''maybe I am wrong, maybe God decided to communicate with someone other that his son and moses..That gets me going. You know why? Because the muslims believe god gave direct commands to Muhammed through Gabriel so he is one of the people god communicated to. I know people might but she is talking from the perspective of christianty.But there are muslim american citizens who will listen to this debate. Therefore, I think that sould have been included
    5)Sorkin is a fucking god at this sort of thing and seriously, when will Jeff Daniels become the king of earth because its long overdue?

  • I am a Christian, and I do believe God speaks to people. He spoke to Paul, to Peter, to all of the biblical prophets, and Paul wrote in Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever." John 1:1 stated that Jesus was God, so God is the same yesterday, today and forever. What I don't believe is that God endorses any particular candidate, and leaves it up to his people to decipher who to vote for. We have the bible, that is our guide in picking a candidate to support.

  • is this true or just a tv show. i mean the part about the candidate saying god spoke to her and told her to become the president.

  • clit_niblr036 says:

    During the 2008 elections 4 Republican presidential candidates all claimed that god told them to run for president of the US. Among those candidates were Rick Perry and Rick Santorum.

    So, either there is no god and those 4 candidates were just flat out lying, or god is real and was jerking around the other 3.

    I'm going to go ahead with the most plausible reasoning that politicians are just liars.

  • Believe or not. I think it was a good question. Her argument does have merit. Bachmann should be able to answer the initial question if her reason is true. To be a follower of Christ, you should expect skepticism, loathing, and fear. It's funny how everyone says "live and let live" until you say you are a Christian; then all of the trolls come out.   

  • Antonio Lorusso says:

    So a character who believes in a magical sky fairy is calling someone else crazy because she thinks the magical sky fairy talks to her. Got it.

  • I don't understand why leaders choose to make a statement about being divinely self blessed or guided, I cannot see it even increasing support for them. It IS an insult to other believers to claim such a link. Anyone here actually think that statement helped her in anyway other than supposedly reaffirming her Christianity just in case people didn't know? And then some people will ask, WHICH GOD? When Bush spoke about his god I pictured horns and a goatee.

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  • if someone is saying god is talking to them and telling them to do things, generally they are committed. unless they have money and are running for office. if someone is going to be in charge of tactical nuclear weapons and believes in the end of times. i would like to know where the voices are coming from

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