7 thoughts on “The Newsroom American Taliban”

  • hate god ? how can i hate something i don`t believe in?

    support the taliban realy! how and when did i do that?

    hate the truth? what truth, if would present some i would love seeing some.

    "impending judgemet of god"
    you mean that thing that ppl like you have been telling ppl like me is coming for the last 2000 or so years and hasn`t shown up yet? ya truly fearful of that (not)

  • The point that you are ignorant of the truth, and that you hate God and his people. People like you who support the taliban are moral cowards and are the true bigots. You are the true hater, you hate the truth because you know that it will expose your cowardice! You have chosen the wrong side Bob…if you were totally honest with yourself you know that the earth itself is starting to tremble before the impending judgement of God and the return of Christ to rule the earth from Israel.

  • They are MUSLIMS you ignoramus! They read from a book that commands them to kill people that do not submit to their DEATH CULT OF ISLAME.

  • Kylar Spiritsong says:

    Do you know what the Taliban is, and what it stands for? It started out as a movement to overthrow the Afghanistan gov't. That is exactly what the Tea Party is trying to do. Overthrow the U.S gov't and reduce it to a mere toy. The Taliban didnt start out as a extremely violent group, they started as a peaceful protest/movement. Its just the way that they were taught that turned them into what they are now.

  • What a load of crap! How dare you try to compare taliban to conservatives! You cowards, you absolute moral cowards. Judgement is coming swiftly to the cowardly criminals who entertain this mindless hatefest.

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