The News About DACA You Must Know and How It Might Affect You

The News About DACA You Must Know and How It Might Affect You

hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from The
Ranchod Law Group just a reminder that everything here is not considered a
legal advice we’re just providing general information if you want answers
to specific questions call our office at 916-220-3137 alright now we’re gonna move on to DACA what is
going on with DACA it is just crazy with all of the different court decisions so right now we have the Washington DC Court that
has said that they want DACA to go through and that Trump has to reinstate DACA,
they gave a 90-day time period for Trump to object if he doesn’t appeal the
decision then they said on August 23rd DACA would
have to be reinstated if you have questions call us at 916-220-3137 if you have questions or post or comment below and we will try to
answer it we’re talking about DACA right now so I talked about the DC Court
decision will Texas another federal court decision is supposed to be coming
out very soon from the Texas federal courts and we’re expecting them to say
that they want to cancel DACA so right now we have two federal courts in conflict so it’s very
likely that this will go to the Supreme Court to make the final decision on what
happens with DACA but as of right now you can renew your DACA application but you
cannot file a new application so the law of course is going to be changing very
frequently so I invite you to just continue to watch our live show we will
provide you with updates to let you know what is going on you can call us at
916-220-3137 to ask us your specific
questions regarding DACA or other immigration questions I want to thank you for tuning in to our weekly
immigration update and see you next week


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