100 thoughts on “The New Silk Road, Part 1: From China to Pakistan | DW Documentary”

  • Parikshit Bhujbal says:

    " The country ( i.e. China) wants free exchange of goods and capital but not of people and ideas " . So true, that is why I love DW docs. 🙂

  • I was waiting for that road to come to India but we Indians are smarter than Chinese . We can buy Hong Kong and tibet in exchange of our IT services

  • tilak bhattacharjee says:

    Gilgit baltistan area is very important for Pakistan and China for this very reason. I don't know whether local people are happy with it.


    Here in this route India is not at all ready for China silk road …. But China is trying to build road through Ladakh….
    But we Indians will fight back against this

  • CHINA is very sleek. It uses its people at low cost Slave labor and spreads that ideology and cares not for any countries or its people as long as the globalization plans continued BUT they didn't plan on TRUMP. Hillary was working for "The Higher Order" where the Chinese got there's, The Russians got there's and finally the rest belonged to Clintons and there network…..DO NOT LET CHINA accomplish this crap like the Russian and German pipe lines……be alert folks…

  • Just want to thank you for very good and insightful documentary. The local people are not often heard but you did. Congratulations. Large and several tentacles are now used to grasp the whole world: Africa, South America, South China sea, little by little their are taking the whole world… Sihanoukville, Kashagar, Sri Lanka… city after city, region after region, country after country… Thanks again

  • The ancient Africans saw into the future and wrote this information down, it is the book called the bible. There is nothing and no one who can stop this, it has already been prophesied. The Silk Road will go all the way to Africa.

  • 20 years of America in Afghanistan has produced what? Poverty and drug addiction. Ask the Uighurs how much they love China. China is progress. You said you wanted progress right, no matter who supplies it.

  • Sihanoukville is such a shame it was a nice place 10 years ago 'CHINA go home' this is going to be the problem in all the countries along it's route

  • China is being watched very carefully in the matter of Hong Kong… Russia is watching, the world is watching, China can't justify force and Russia must speak out about this, Silk Road is on the line !

  • In case Trump and all the world has not noticed..Everything is made in China.. From the most secret military projects to your pans in your kitchen…hello…!

  • The China heavy handed arm will not work around the world, until they realize this they will fail… You get more with sugar than vinegar…

  • This is selective reporting. One can easily make Germany looks like 3rd world country by showing pic of slum only and how the German hates their government by talking to the opposition. DW is a paid anti- China channel.

  • conclusion: China and the Chinese are so bad and exploiting people thats has business with them, cant find anything/media thats more prejudice than this.!!

  • China brings economic exchange. How and what your government does with that new opportunity and newly made money to develop your own country is 100% up to them. If you're not happy, then isn't that why you have a democracy? These people keep blaming China for the mess their country is in (after China brings them new economic opportunities), when in fact it is your own government's inability to govern their own country that's the problem. China is not the world's scapegoat.

  • It's always very worrying (and very deceiving) when western journalists make documentaries like these, making claims on topics, without having a full grasp of it's deeper complexities.

  • shut up liar only the China is helping developing countries to make their lives easier and better economically and politically economic is key for better human right's EU and US so call west looted developing world from centuries in the name fake investment and fake Human rights the most hypocrite liar thief greedy is the west in whole world

  • @24:00 The dam. 90% of the power generated will be exported to China? It that bad? Don't they get paid?
    "The people" don't want renewable electricity? So the country are supposed to stay pristine and poor? It's this type of biased film makers that are making people's lives miserable. While they will return to a comfortable Germany with ultra reliable electricity.

  • The bend is always negative, because the producers are biased.
    Everybody in that jade market are middleman. Even the Myanmar seller is a middleman. He is in the market. Don't sell if you don't want to. And yet the producers prefer to leave in the unwarranted part. With a negative twist of course.

  • china building CPEC illegally on land belonging to Indian territory….. this is very dangerous…will create problems for China in a few years!!!
    China invested USD 70 billion CPEC investment in Pakistan which will disintegrate in a few years,,,,,hahaha……are Chinese business people or fools… tell me???….hahahhhh

  • Subutai Baghatur says:

    The problem is not China, but that the British still have the global speaking rights. Look at what poor state they left the formal colonies, and you tell me China is doing the same.
    Chinaphobic is not going to bring the British back, or do the native wants the British back? I wonder.

  • An airport without , passengers or an airplane ? In my life I had never heard such stupidity !
    will see if their ambition to take over the world little by little
    don't destroy them ! I hope they will never succeed.

  • Horrible people those Chinese, destroying mosques and building roads, bridges, airports, hydro-electric plants … How could they ? ….. They should do what Germany and France are doing: build mosques and demolish electric plants 🙂

  • Rashid Hussain Toorie says:

    China is not a country to breach illegally into others nations.but if you allowed them.then they will spread out like flies in others countries. And you will not be able to breathe well even

  • One can’t help but to conclude that this documentary was filmed in coloured lenses, and narrated with prejudice and bias. DW should similarly do documentaries on the trail of injustice, atrocities, and human rights abuses as perpetrated by the west – and in recent time, the United States – against humanity.

  • have been doing it with American and the worlds money putting the communist Chinese in a position of having everything to gain and nothing to lose on this deal. Enjoy the knive in the back which will surely come

  • A rising China is something everyone should fear …unless you’re Chinese. Once they control the world they will look down on us and we will have to serve them or die.

  • in 1978, China started to develop their economy and open to the west, German did do the same thing to China as now China does to undeveloped countries, at that time in China, what the DW said? You're right, German media said nothing, and now suddenly German media becomes justice, that is terrible hypocritical, shame for German!!!!

  • Keep the undeveloped counties in undeveloped, that is good DW wants? No changes in rest of world but western countries. That is all DW Documentary wants to say!!!!!

  • China merely following or the subtitude of IMF and WORLD BANK, 2organization controled by the white, giving aid with interest to less fortunate country

  • BIAS Documentary, not a single good word is used for China. EU is afraid of China, thats why making all efforts for propaganda. Love for China from Pakistan.

  • Lolly Pedregosa says:

    Be careful with China's EXPLOITATION OF human, Natural resources both land and marine. They came to take away your riches and livelihood and enslave you debt and poverty in order to expand their Military foothold. and project Military power thru Debt Entrapment.

  • Communist China wants to dominate the world stage via its economic muscle backed by its growing military strength. It has flex its military/economic muscles in the South China Sea and beyond. Its not like the previous centuries Ming Dynasty sea voyages that only wants acknowledgement of its power and prestige. The current revival of the Silk Road trade routes on land and sea is underway to promote and enhance China's dominance over weaker and poorer nations. Therein lies the risks and dangers of kow-towing to an authoritarian State – loss of independence and national freedom for the sake of Renminbi dollars.

  • China is a Corporation all countries are corporations and they are comitting genocide file a child trafficking Claim with the hague as Chinese court issues bonds and warrants financial like every country this is slavery and thought crimes. They are also costing them selves a masive potential amount of money Russia bloomed when they removed the yoke of communism.

  • people who are commenting here on china should remember with all its rules and regulations china is still better than a ruthless nazistic brahmin controlled india, where a billion still pushed to live in poverty.

  • The commentaries of this documentary were overly negative and overly anti-China. Some Chinese interviewees' positive sentiments were distorted by the translator/commentator. The Ancient Silk Road is the model of the New Silk Road, which is for commerce and cultural exchange. Europeans are used to conquer other peoples and destroy other cultures, e.g. all ancient African, all ancient Latin American, and most ancient Middle-Eastern cultures were destroyed permanently by Europeans. It is not surprising that they look at the New Silk Road through conqueror’s lens. The robbery or stealing of Chinese cultural treasures, currently in many European museums, in late 18th and early 19th centuries by Europeans were disproportional under-covered in this documentary. On the other hand, they look at the New Silk Road through robber’s lens. Despite having such historical negative impact of the ancient Silk Road to China, it is quite courageous in Chinese part to modernize the ancient Silk Road and to bring opportunities to peoples who will otherwise remain incapable of accessing modern quality of life.

  • Steven Valvana says:

    The world better wake up. Their comming, and they aint hardly bullshitting. However, When the shit hits the fan that silk road will be swallowed up by the people of the countries the road is built on.

  • Karthik Ravalcol says:

    chinese are enjoying with pak womens coz due to lack of men in pakisthan and china started production of population with pakisthani womens

  • Without infrastructure poor countries remain in a Poverty Trap of stagnation.
    Infrastructure is the essential platform for countries to grow and modernize.

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