27 thoughts on “The New Media's coming of age | Dan Carlin | TEDxMtHood”

  • Great talk, but the democritization of media is also a double-edged sword. Now you can find a content creator and an audience for just about anything–including completely false information and batshit-crazy ideologies. I'm not saying this down-side outweighs the good, but we need cultural changes to make us better at critical thinking or we might end up in sea of delusion bubbles that blind us to the larger picture.

  • I love Dan Carlin, but not sure YT is a meritocracy, unless meddling with dead bodies in a forest is worthy of merit.

  • EurojuegosBsAs says:

    The platforms explode, as did the old networks, the actors and content creators keep being expendable as they've always been. YT detonates popular channels all the time, blocking their adds and blacklisting them from the recommend/hot algorithms, yet the platform and content keeps growing day by day. The machine has grown, not the people's part in it. Same game as usual, just in a different scale and format.

    People don't consume media, media consumes people. If a product is free for you, then you are the product.

  • Claire Evergreen says:

    I love his voice. I love his Hardcore History podcast. I love the points he brings up here. It's an odd thing to think about but in a way he fulfilled a part of that childhood dream of his because of the accessibility he spoke of. Well done

  • This talk has given me even more motivation to create and publish content online. The benefits of democratization/meritocracy and distribution – I'd already considered those. But the fact that 500 years from now, my lineage will still be able to easily lookup at any content I create today, is another fantastic reason. If for no other reason, I should create content for them – so they can get a slice of history from within their own lineage. How wonderful that would be for them.

  • I believe that the" new media " or narrow casting , will simply increase the isolation of individuals in a society. Shared interests begin to disappear , cultural commonalities evaporate, and yet I rush home to be alone in my office apart from my family to get my watch on! Shit I love YouTube!

  • "It's a free, meritocracy. If you can keep it"

    Seriously, the internet is the modern age's wild wild west. It will only remain wild and free if you can keep it that way. So far we're doing a not so good job. Just barely holding off the inevitable which is actually not. That depends solely on us. The millions and billions.

  • Morena Czarnecki says:

    this man reminds me of some teachers I had and some that I wish my kids have. They would love history as much as I do!

  • DaveAllenSpeaks says:

    I love this guy and being a History nut myself I can't believe I only very recently discovered him but I am going to be playing catchup for a while on his podcast.

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