The NEW GTA 5 Casino DLC is INSANE!! New GTA 5 Casino DLC Showcase!!

The NEW GTA 5 Casino DLC is INSANE!! New GTA 5 Casino DLC Showcase!!

hey guys how's it going it is a bit Eric and we have a brand new GTA 5 update it is casino the day I have been waiting for this day for quite some time it's finally out I didn't even think was gonna happen it was a pipe dream but they announced last week that today July 23rd they will be releasing the casino update that's going to feature a lot of new updates and stuff and the main thing is if you take a look at how the casino looks now they definitely changed the signage and just overall how it looks I mean the old casino building which is in story mode what was was what what the placeholder was right here but they have since changed the diamond casino and they've added a lot of stuff if you had a twitch Prime account you're actually able to put in a brand spanking new option to get a free penthouse in here and this is my first time checking the casino out it literally dropped within this past hour like I stayed up late to get this update in so we're gonna check it out and we're gonna play it so here we go this is our first time I'm excited I used to be addicted to playing GTA 5 online and it you know Red Dead 2 came out and that was kind of me with the online mode and I've been hankering to get back on the GTA 5 train and this is just my ticket here you know this is my ticket to GTA 5 being playable again and hopefully I get J and my friend Ross and a little posse going on you know I'm hoping this is really really good I love these additional modes alright so here we go I'm just gonna get to the basics check out the casino itself check out the penthouse and just kind of look at what's new stuff like that so it's gonna be kind of like a browsing window-shopping type of video today again oh I know I'm sure a few of you guys are gonna try to friend request me on ps4 yeah I guess you can kind of do that I really don't play with people I don't know but yeah you're gonna see my my PSN account alright so here we go and the fucking framerate of these cutscenes is pretty bad yeah I remember it is it is online it's amazing how much they're really taking care of this game still how much they're updating it how much this game is supported cuz it's been like five years almost going on six that this game has come out it's so surreal that you know you have the Domesday dlc that came out that I'd like the jet pack and all this stuff that people wanted for years and now you have the casino DLC and it's so crazy that they've been spacing this stuff out for so long we're gonna be doing some some gamble in here so twitch prime gives you the the master penthouse like the basic first tab and you'll see in a minute you'll see in a minute what we're talking about right now we're just kidding you know the generic introduction that we always get when we buy some kind of new property or new kind of like anything they we always get an introduction and stuff so here we go fancy looking casino it's been a while since I've been in a casino I'd like to go gambling sometime chuck-e-cheese teaches gambling by the way all right so we're in a loading screen all right so nice car standard membership can be bought I think I have so this is the the fucking vehicle that we could win if we spin spin the wheel make a deal we can we can win a car we can win a discount on stuff experience clothing so money that's always good right there so we can go to Diamond casino calm on a phone we need to buy our penthouse so here we go it's usually just the centre newly-opened so the diamond vine woods crown jewel so are we here let's go to the penthouse see so now instead of buying 1.5 million dollars worth you get to begin so you get the this free for connecting your Twitch prime accounts I guess technically you're still paying for it because you have to pay for a prime account but you know it's it's nice that they did that now here's the lounge area it includes this now once you get the lounge area you're able to buy the media room the spa the barn party hub the private dealer the office the extra bedroom and the garage or you can buy the extra bedroom the garage now but this middle stuff you can't get in to get the lounge which it looks like the lounge adds of a few thousand I can't read far away let me grab my glasses I have a problem scene looks like 400,000 so right away we're gonna spend $400,000 and then it says the lounge is where you're you have a bar dining facility standard and five other expansions to your suite so it allows you to have five other expansions now the one thing about Rockstar is usually they have the stuff come out and then like two weeks later or a week later three weeks later they do these like bonuses and stuff where there's like 25 percent off and stuff but it's always nice to uh to get the stuff while it's hot now you can see how can we have ten ten million dollars ten million dollars I'm not sure I'm not sure what's worth it you know a lot of this is actually just aesthetics if you look at this and that's a big fucking map it looks almost phallic to map right here on the on the right where it's showing everything I'm getting then we get a spa I mean the spas nice nightclub some arcade so there's two different methods there's arcade and stuff like that you get a private dealer so blackjack and three-card poker then it looks like we have the office I wonder if we're able to access all of our businesses with the office now back to the lounge so it looks like you have ultra-modern arcades or you can have retro arcades right here let's click back to it so you have that or you have that so me personally I'm a retro gamer extra bedroom so they have access to their wardrobe and stuff like that and then course the garage you can have 10 cars and your garage so the complete total of this would be four million five hundred and sixty five thousand dollars just if you were to get every single thing in your room and your thing so here's a pallet of course a pallet of course the the first one is zero dollars the second one is two hundred and fifteen thousand and the last one is 258 I'm a cheapskate we're gonna keep the regular pallet it's free and we're gonna do the free pattern but you can see there's Latin natural intricate basically this just changes the Wold eco DK you know the decoration and stuff like that you know what we'll do pop its what's free so five hundred dollars a day to the utility charge each further expansion adds a hundred dollars so this is this ain't cheap but you know what you got to spend some money to make money in GTA so let's do it purchase successful so now we are inside the casino we'll come back we'll take a look at what well actually you know what we're already here let's spin the wheel so you get to spin the wheel one one time a day and let's see what we win maybe I'll get lucky so here's the price odds podium vehicle is one in 20 vehicle discount is one in 20 mysteries one in 20 clothing is 4 and 20 chips is 4 and 20 cash is 4 and 20 and experience is 5 and 20 so more than likely you're gonna cash or experience every time you do this why to have me walk off the hell looks like there's another player in here as well so we're gonna spin the lucky will and wish me luck let's do it there we go that was a hefty spin right there no whammies no whammies no whammies what do we get in when we getting aw okay I guess experience is good 2500 experience I got a crew rank right there kingpin I am leveled 202 I've played this game so much let's see if there's anything that we can actually play up in here up and heal up and he'll play twilight knife that that's an interesting sounding sounding game let's see maybe I'll hit the jackpot my first try what's uh what's the max 500 I have 5000 fuck it let's go we're gonna put the max and we are going to spin spin the wheel make a deal guys and just like that just like that you lose all your money just like in real life right then we got day D of the Sun so all these are basically the same kind of game I'm looking around for chiliad mystery chiliad mystery references you guys follow the chiliad mystery it's about the aliens and the the mural on top of the Mount chiliad and all that there's some kind of like theories and stuff with secrets and aliens and crap what's this table games damn this – this place is huge what's right here see what's going on no that door don't open so here's the table well what's this the lounge so I can access the VIP lounge there's vodka champagne stuff like that so I guess that's nice you have a you have a access to all that and then an old some more some more stuff let's go to it let's go to the table games and let's see what we have going on up in y'all up in y'all blackjack anyone or poker this three-card poker who's roulette let's play some roulette Knight talking no Russian roulette well let's do it this is a this is always the options that I've wanted to have in here you know I've always wanted to let's let's bet it on black let's bet on black and we'll do even all right how do we how do we begin oh so I have 18 seconds so we're gonna go black and go and even okay wish me luck guys I'm the best gambler but let's do it up and y'all up in here betting is now finished let's see what happens now guys let's see what happens gave me something read thrift fuck this lady I'll fuckin Appy on her that's chipton alright so Oh screw you al JT I hate all those phone calls so we got more roulette these are blackjack yeah and poker three-card poker so that's cool and it looks like the high-limit area ooh case you want to get dangerous we got the high limit so VIP membership which is what I got with buying the penthouse we got a staff only room doesn't look like an go in there looks like the rest room let's check out the rest rooms I like that there's only one restroom it's random that they always let you be able to fucking go in the bathroom the fucking night club fee pisses me off the night club the night club was the worst DLC in GTA guys all right so now looks like we basically explored most of the casino which is this was neat set fire extinguishers restrooms high limit tables lounge rate inside track oh you can bet on horse races so that's actually pre legit the horses the horses was always a rumor people are always saying hey you know maybe you'll get to be able to race horses soon and stuff like that but ok let's see let's play inside track and we're going to bet on some horses some voices some high-seas guys some boy sees so let's see place bet single event or main event let's place a bet so we got constant brag downtown renown square to go sizzurp country stuck tethered end what so it's uh let's go at downtown downtown place bet let's just go for broke guys so it looks like we're gonna sit here and wait for a little bit for the event to start we got the camera right here now would be cool if they had actual like racing on horses and stuff on the track outside but you know we could only hope for so much when it comes to to these games okay so we got a minute and a half let's look at the rules while we're here so hundred horses each individual horse has fixed odds between evens 31 on street horse always the same never change where's the lower odds have a higher chance of winning computer those fires currently bet on one horse per race bets are placed minimum 100 maximum 10,000 race takes place every five minutes allows players in session a bet on the same this is a race that players can play alone on the inside track computer these races can be launched back-to-back ok so single single there's no wait time and you can play instantly main event there's 5 minutes so there's 2 different race modes see it's neat that they've added little stuff like this like it's amazing how much they've added to GTA 5 this game is like nothing like when it first came out for online so much to do so much to see so what's wrong with you know hanging in the back streets you'll never shine if you don't glow you never go if you don't go I hope you guys realize I butchered Smash Mouth tech but I here we go we are going to begin this in 20 seconds so yeah let's go let's start it up guys my players ten nine eight seven six five four three all right so let's see we're going to go to the main event cam and come on horse number two let's do it they're gonna start all right really that was it now you're gonna actually see the fucking horses like run across and crap alright that kind of sucks that's boring I should actually show hey what's up girl it's your name oh never mind fucking butter face alright so let's go on okay what are we doing what are we doing where's the fucking front where is the front alright so now we're finally going to go and check the penthouse out so I spun the wheel once oh here's the this is a shop that you have it's exclusive to the casino also look at the nice bar goddamn nice nice bar alright so here's the casino shop real quick before we go upstairs and features stuff that's exclusive to the casino there's also penthouse decorations stuff like that I believe everything in the shop is only available with chips so you could see fitted suits you currently spend this stuff with stuff from the shop I like dump chips the poker chips these are all exclusive and each chip is a dollar basically so damnably that each chip is a dollar so basically translates to about that so these are not you know not too bad a little cringy but loungewear t-shirts regular shirts hoodies and sweaters okay business shirts okay so you can just change your business shirt suit vest so there is a fair amount of stuff okay I want to know if that if that mask can we bought yeah there is mask look at that new mask nice accessories so the cashier your able to buy decorations actually for your for your your penthouse these NPCs are just in the goddamn fucking way so get them away dude accessories let's see what we got fuck it I don't know why it's not let me do it so let's look at the penthouse decoration we got double-sided pieces so these like hanging and stuff we got floor pieces interesting so able to decorate your penthouse all new exclusive items so that's cool all right so now I keep saying it but something always distracts me in this game let's go to the penthouse we'll finally see what's going to happen now I believe we're going to get a lot of cutscene right now so this is gonna be a long video guys make sure you have a snack and I think this concierge enables a lot of stuff for you so you got membership lever level valet cleaning you got limousine service and aircraft concierge so alright we are going to go upstairs wouldn't it be so cool to actually live in a penthouse at a casino that's fucking squad goals right there guys that is beyond squad Colts sorry alright here we go we are loading the penthouse and I'm sure we're gonna get introduced to a slew of characters through a cutscene that's going to open up like missions and stuff like that that we will be working through today we're just gonna set up the thing and actually look at it and see what's going on and stuff it was like a tour a casino tour today so here we go let's see what's happening so I'm walking to lay that pimp fedora what's up girl alright so if you recognize these guys coming up they were actually in story mode one of the trevor missions not the girl but the two asian guys that are coming out see here's a mr. Chang who is the guy that you shoved into the ice container and Trevor's missions I thought he died at the end of the game they that he didn't die after all like Doug don't you kill him and like all of your loose ends at the end of the game hashtag no spoilers but I think so right I think thank you kill him he's always hopped up on drugs and stuff man total druggie I want what he's having guys I want what he has whereas the karaoke me man the framerate is bad on these cutscenes I don't know if you guys are seeing it but geez I guess it's because everybody and the mothers trying to get on the casino DLC right now right that guy gives 0s there were apps given guys with today's video all right so so this cutscene ends we're gonna take a little tour of the actual penthouse check out the garage check out the rooftop there's a terrace up there too this is a lot of content just with the casino that's been added on to the game always such zany characters right so this looks like it's the lounge area the main lounge area all right so the few outside that looks like it's the rooftop terrace we have a lot of stuff that we could sit down TV all right trying to think get a get a look at the view miss Baker we'll be in touch oh great a new person to be bugging me on the phone all right so I'm trying to get a gauge of where we're at outside so I think all right so it's the front corner not too bad and I'm pretty sure all the penthouses are for the most part gonna be the same you get a a radio nice so let's select our station all right I'm sure you guys can't hear that anyway here's our wardrobe suite or say Eric Cartman would say Stewie bar so we have some whiskey is the exit there's a phone here I'm assuming the phone does the same stuff as the concierge yeah so the phone looks really old though look at that that's a phone from like the 90s so we can acquire chips we can throw a members party damn throw a private party and the thing we have champagne service okay so there's cool little little touches on what you can do all right so let's see this is the bedroom one of the bedrooms lots of alcohol everywhere everywhere here oh damn dude look at that that was a nice little slick door some shower where's that John you got the toilet up in here I wish you could really take shits in this game cool you know we got a bed we got one two beds I guess this is probably the guest room look at all that seating so this is the extra room this is the extra room for your for your guests so they're able to come in and stay right there I think this might be the exit okay what's down here this is huge roof terrace okay so you have access to the roof terrace oh and at least you can run and this one some of the other buildings that you have ROM right there some of the other buildings you can't run on anything it's like you're fucking stuck you gotta walk office is in my office moment of truth let's see if you waste your money get in the office or if it actually has you able to access your businesses I'm guessing you can't access shit okay again huh it's a waste don't bother it would've been cool if you could access your businesses run your you know your drug empires and all that but nope looks like you still have to go to all of your businesses separately all right so we got a bar area here what's in here this is huge media area so you watch a movie honestly a lot of this is just for aesthetics and to look cool and stuff but it doesn't seem like there's much that it really adds to the game we got a private table here private dealer what's really cool is being able to look outside although I don't know if you could see people actually playing outside or not and then what's this this is the bath the spa okay so we're we're at the spa oh look at that so honestly a lot of this is for aesthetics who's this asshole makeover it's a free can I get free haircuts now now that I paid holy crap free haircuts I don't have to go to the freakin barber anymore this essentially killed the barber look I can look like I want to be John wick now so this essentially kills the barber like any purpose of the barber at all on GTA so everything is free now so that's kind of neat all right let's go we got the hot tub this is nice you know I have a yacht in the game too but now I have a hot tub that we can chill in me and my buddies we actually had nights in the past where we just kind of chill and kick it like on our yachts and stuff in the game cuz you know why not oh so this is the bar this bar is huge dude you can have like a gajillion people up in here so I have a minibar and I have a fucking private bar it looks like there's some games let's check the games out real quick there's so much content so much content on here d Jenna Tron sponsored by Ron that's a good take on the winners don't do drugs move out all right Wow I can't believe they've made full-fledged games in this so the analog sticks control it this is actually kind of cool this is kind of neat to be honest if they throw stuff oh you can jump nice feels like a new ground game to be honest let's crash oh well no I thought I was gonna crash because I'm already want to check the other games out got one more life let's just crash okay that's neat wasn't trying I just wanted to quit so we can move on to the next one okay well I'm over here trying to push every button to fucking figure out how to quit alright let's hold it hold circle to quit alright so that was a neat little one what else do we have over here these all the same game street crimes gang wars edition just up beat him up okay let's see what this is Wow look at that Streets of Rage reference right all right please tell me you can play us alone or do you have to have other players all right so it looks like you need three other people to play this one so I'm gonna have to get some friends for sure that's kind of cool though that's actually really cool okay what else we got so that was the fucking lounge the spa went to the business there's the dealer some more area that you could sit around and screw off conference room this is a lot of content here and I haven't even checked all this area what's this okay so this was originally where I was at bedroom big fucking bedroom like that another bathroom yep the John yeah they got a lot of stuff it's easy to get lost up in here right so this whole left area right here is like my bedroom my living room and my wardrobe over here is the extra room for the guests with their wardrobe and then over here is all the other stuff so that's cool and then right here is the roof terrace so let's go to the roof terrace check it out all right and then we still got the rooftop itself the terrace we have the garage and then that's a community garage too so there's a regular garage and a community garage so this is the rooftop terrace so this was like the commons area whoa so you can actually get killed out here so looks like there's hot tubs which is nice there swimming pool so hot tubs lots of places to sit and kind of alcohol or anything hidden out here whoo somebody definitely destroyed my personal vehicle just now so looks like there's a pool this reminds me of a rooftop bar that I saw Los Angeles when I was living there so somebody destroyed my shit that's nice whoa where's this go to more seating a bonfire damn this reminds me of where my apartment was 1,600 vine guys of course there's always fucking griefers where were those jackasses that's shooting everything up and there's a lot to do out here looks like whoever's out down theirs it's just basically killing everybody's fucking vehicles and cars don't mind me guys I'm just exploring the roof seeing exactly what we can do looks like there's some NPCs running away they put a lot of effort up into this top area I'm such a GTA 5 oh look got a got a parachute I'm such a gta5 fucking let's player now and I live streamers less player oh man I got to run all the way back over here so if you aren't falling asleep right now and you are enjoying the video feel free to hit that like button and thank you guys for making this trip with me to the casino this is a day that I had way before and look at that view of the city it's a day I've waited for for a long freaking time as I instantly change and jump out and in alright so I'm on passive mode so there's no way this guy could kill me there's restrooms out here as well those aren't act accessible okay so somebody just sent me an invite to their penthouse but let's see where else we can go okay so we're going to exit and we're going to go to the penthouse garage which is my garage I don't have that many vehicles so be prepared to not be impressed be prepared to not be impressed I don't even know if why aren't doing my vehicles here kya I don't have any of my cars here don't no way to like have them transferred over cuz that would be kind of neat but anyways community garage let's go to the parking garage and we'll check the parking the parking situation that everybody has I think you're able to see everybody's vehicle and you're not supposed to be able to destroy anybody's cars or steal them but essentially this is everybody's car that's inside the casino right now so that's kind of cool Cayenne room nope I can't I was trying to steal somebody's car okay so somebody invited me to their penthouse let's see if it's still going to their penthouse we're gonna go into somebody's penthouse real quick check it out as keep the joking gamer would say as Baron von keep the joking gamer would say I check it out alright so here we go let's check this guy's so honestly I see no point in buying any of the stuff for the penthouse other than I just have clout and be cool and be like whoa look at all this money I wasted cuz honestly what did it add I mean a new heist maybe some new missions stuff like that he'll look this guy has decorations already he doesn't have this room so he doesn't have the extra wing so I have more shit than he does that's cool we all can't be pro heist but anyways I'm going to lead to a casino actually let's go to the roof I think you have helipad privileges in here and then we'll call it a day so yeah the gta5 casino DLC I have been dying for this so here's the the roof and you have the helipad thinking call your helipad from the from the phone concierge and yeah it's pretty cool so I'm very excited about it I can't wait to really dig into the missions I might make videos over but stuff might actually look at the cars actually yeah you know there's a lot of other stuff unlockable cars weapons stuff like that that we can take a look on further additions right now I just want to give you a tour of the actual casino itself so yeah thanks a lot for watching guys stay tuned for more videos subscribe if you're brand new I'll see you on the next one have a great day peace out


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