The NEW DLC UPDATE is AMAZING in Red Dead Online...


22 thoughts on “The NEW DLC UPDATE is AMAZING in Red Dead Online…”

  • I am actually really enjoying what Rockstar has been doing with this Spring DLC update… they just need to fix the servers again because they broke less than 12 hours after their hot fix for last weeks problems lol Thank you for watching. What is your favorite piece of new dlc content from this week's Red Dead online update?

  • The Last Dead Eye says:

    I would totally be doing a happy dance when I hear about new missions, if only the game breaking bugs were fixed first. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ‘

  • sweetbabyjesus28 says:

    I really liked your videos where you first started. Now it seems like you are trying more to hit the 10 min mark (increasing the ads in videos) than having as high of quality content as before. there is a lot more filler, e.g. riding that horse for 2 whole minutes, and not too much edited videos now. i am not trying to put on blast, just letting you know why you might be losing people like me. best of luck

  • Jo-Anna Bean says:

    Is there a way to sell/delete a horse to make room for the new one? Have two horses and two stalls but want to get rid of one for the free one. Thanks in advance

  • I want Clint Eastwood dlc where you have to play in first person and canโ€™t see almost nothing. Real western!

  • Come to think of it rockstar could've added free roam missions dlc to the single player wouldn't mind paying

  • courtney mitchell says:

    Hey Zach, there are also some cool regular and Upgraded Saddlebags. U have to go backwards when u get to saddlebags and upgraded saddlebags. There all free.

  • Jo-Anna Bean says:

    I'm super annoyed at myself for not watching this video BEFORE I played today… didn't even notice any of the free stuff ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‘ great video!

  • Not sure if it came with last weeks update and Iโ€™m just noticing them. But whatโ€™s up with the building being constructed next to the general store in valentine and the movie tent across from the hanging platform by the butcher


    Rockstar is doing a good job with Red Dead Online. But, as long as there is exclusively deals, Iโ€™m going to slighty penalize each update in my book.

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