37 thoughts on “The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History”

  • TJ Fish Gardians says:

    Although the US has many challenges yet to overcome, i cannot think of a single country that would overall qualify as a "better" nation. Also, the US lead the world in research, global deplomacy and prevalence. The US also has the most secure and largest economy of all nations – it has the most billionairs and millionairs, it gives the most to international disasters, it has the most advanced millitary in the world, it accepts the most immigrants of any nation and feeds the world (both in terms of food and resources, as well as ideas and breakthroughs). It is at the forefront of almost all innovation and just no other nation has fewer flaws than the US. If you think otherwise, tell me why.

    Granted, i don't think any such thing exists as a "best" nation – after all, who am i to say what is good or bad.

  • Sam Quattrociocchi says:

    In what way does this remind any of you of Trump or his supporters? Like, are we watching the same video? Nothing he says has anything to do with Trumpism, in fact in many ways its the exact opposite.

  • MrHelpmeoprah says:

    I enjoy reading how USA is a horrible country in the comments, and yet…. there’s no solution provided…. just more hate mongering. Nothing to say… it’s a good speech, there’s not much of a solution. This is a country that was born to fight, shiiiiit we haven’t lost a war, we haven’t needed anyone’s help. No ones attacked us on our on territories in years. He didn’t say it but, you know what we’re good at? Killing people.

  • Honestly this isn't even just where you stand on a political spectrum, It's just being realistic enough to know that we as a country need to change the way that we do things.

  • David Bickmeier says:

    That doesn't sound like a Trump supporter to me. What he described as good is antithetical to everything Trump stands for. Bernie has been telling these truths for years and yet a boorish conman who needed our archenemy's help to get into office was elected by people who are unable to think.

  • Eileen Carbin says:

    America used to be the greatest country by his terms sure if you’re a white man. Not a women. Not any race besides white. Not a member of the LGBTQ+ community. People look so fondly on the past as if it was perfect. But perfect for who? It by no means is the greatest now but by his standards and idealism it never was

  • Carlos Madeira says:

    Wow this is so true people really need to open your eyes before it's too late and guess what your eyes won't open

  • I love this, truth hurts! The best part about this is, he just did a news segment not that long ago on MSNBC where he spoke his mind. #nosugarcoating

  • Thanks to today's leader ship, the now Divided States of America, is quickly becoming the worst country in the world !

  • Mike Wutsitmatter says:

    We were much better off until the Great Apologist was elected because people thought “it was time”. He portrayed us to the rest of the world as the reason for all the wrong in the world. We led from behind. We apologized to our enemies and bowed down to those who should be bowing to us for all our help. Well no more. We now have a President who wants us to assume our rightful place on the throne of greatness and use our good to help those who want it and to punish those who want to challenge and obstruct. We’re back and much sooner than the Great Mistake hoped we’d be after trashing us for 8 years.

  • Bob Sauerbrey says:

    You somehow believe that a Trump supporter could say this? What Jeff Daniel's character is describing is the opposite of what Trump is handing us. Has this excuse for president put forward one thing that would solve the disgraceful picture of health care, education, or lack of any true values set forth here? Daniels and his character would be disgusted and insulted by being described as a "Trump supporter"–he is exactly the opposite.

  • Die Man In 'n Bruin Pak says:

    It died for sure when they shot JFK, own snipers with scouts. A guy pretending to do a job with a fuing toolbox. Well planned, immoral corrupt bastards.

  • National Association of Sociopathic Black Men says:

    Its true…750 billion a year on useless military other than resource aquisition but no budget for highspeed railroads. So yes is the best at war but they cant fix a pothole in the road within a reasonable time. Our leaders have failed us we've bred greedy rat people that influence our media. I cant count how many Black Lives Matter people have ran children ober because they are white thrown whote children from balconies hit white people on the head with hammers…that wasnt happening before jewish media took control of them. The big bad white wolf get em soldiers!!! Fucking build a high speed railway way for transportation before anyone says shit about being the best seems like communist china is a haven and we are stuck spitting black dust into the air on a clumsy bus. And dont blame foreign debt because that isnt real. No country can claim debt because EVERY COUNTRY CLAIMS DEBT including china that compounded with the fact that all currency is fake. So we are basically letting forex exchange devolve our country. Now china isnt suffering crippling terrorist attacks and jewish media influencers so it creates social unrest we have alot to overcome compared to most.

  • Sadly, how true this is. I believe this is what happens when they put fluoride in your water, spray the skies with chemicals, vaccinate young children with deadly chemicals. Genetically alter all your food sources with GMOs. Let's not forget putting Roundup on the market and genetically putting it in your food. The mainstream media giving you false news and never telling you the truth but by God they want you to believe in everything they say on the mainstream Media news. Politicians that are all on the take and are all criminals. My college professor said that, people get the government that they deserve. I somewhat disagree with that argument, that the one world government is purposely dumbing-down the American people and they've done a wonderful job, with drugs and Hollywood movies entertainment pornography movies. With all our religious institutions in this country that are on the take also with 501 c 3, you can never talk about the government or any government concerns to your congregation! Or we will take away your tax exemption from your religious Institution! We've been lied to & had by our own government. Politicians that represent the rich and the global Elite that run this world. They needed to bring down the United States of America, for their takeover of the One World Government. With 5G coming about, they will finish us off for sure. You might as well stick your head in a microwave oh, it would be safer. Oh yes, this was completely done on purpose. The agenda, the One World Government take over, their leader, Satan who runs this world. If you don't believe me, that's okay but do yourself a favor look at the Georgia Guidestones, bring the population down to 250 million people, Agenda 21 and who really put Hitler in power! Why does the flag in Washington DC have three Stars, United States the military power oh, the city of London the financial power and the Vatican the religious sector. Check it out. 3 city states rule the world. Oh by the way, United States of America is not a country it's a corporation oh, so is United Kingdom so is Canada so is Australia so is New Zealand, we are corporations not countries ! Your birth certificate goes to the New York Stock Exchange because we are collateral United States of America has been a corporation since 1871 when we were completely bankrupt from the Civil War . We are collateral . your birth certificate is being traded all the time on the New York Stock Exchange Market get a clue people , we have been deceived, people!

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