Well, good morning everyone not sure what I’m gonna do today rally’s already awake He’s about to leave to go spearfishing with George. It’s nice to have the boat to yourself every darlin Oh All right, good luck See you better you’re gonna get something today I get a good feeling get me some footage. You’ll be in trouble be say What you get what you get But you get out I miss Thank you, ah If you guys like that song you can actually pick it up on my band camp I just released a new single recorded right here on the boat, which I’m really excited about So yes You can head to the link in the description below to have a listen and all royalties are paid to the artist which should be pleased to know, so anyway I’m going for 3m To do this with one hand people. Oh my gosh There’s Miley they’re leaving For breakfast today. I need to introduce you to something I’m not sponsored by pre Marie’s kitchen, but I recently discovered them in a supermarket here surprisingly And all their products are organic. Well, this is what’s reck fost. So it’s a porridge and chia seeds and I put some Cinnamon on top bananas and this is a homemade chocolate You guys know the recipe of that coconut oil cacao powder goji berries are in there too and some maca powder all the good stuff But yes primroses kitchen The bomb oatmeal and cheer. That’s what I’m eating now and I’ve got all these different flavored room use leaves and they are to die for So today in the office I’m just about how to actually with the office It’s time to take a break and go swimming, but I’ve been working on some of rally’s videos that he started so here usually any video that he makes he can usually get it to about 80% done and then he’s like milena like Can you finish it off so I just go through it and do all the finishing touches? So yeah, that’s what I’m doing and then once I’m done I’m gonna take the videos to town and go on ask crystal if I can use that Internet And leave laptop there overnight to upload videos Buddy Miss Effie Hard sand between Salty hey Damn sail the seven seas Down to five Very quiet it’s time of day Street of dead Everyone’s probably having siesta Set for this little one My good friend George I’m good You’re on camera hey, I was wondering if it’s okay. I leave a laptop here overnight Thank you, thank you There are these guys that hang around in here crystal feed some sugar All right, thank you yeah, it’s not like tomorrow I’ll see ya See ya. Can you take I just put it underneath here? Then Oh show I don’t know if I should be showing you this but I’m about to wash a whole bunch of my clothes And these umbrellas actually because I ran out today, so I’m gonna wash them in the shower So when the first time he does the same on me Ladies highly recommend urine magic podcaster. Absolutely. Love these girls He’s back How’d you go? I saw the tuner in the fridge big day on the water. We like order. Tuna. I went down and Every single time I’m close go home. I can’t entangles which is something that I need to get to the bottom object Which seems to make them Turn around and then George goes and shoots and I’m starting to think that he might be doing it on food But oh we had a good day thanks to our patrons recently I was able to buy a Well a whole set up here for recording music Which I’ll show you. We’ve got a road NT to our microphone which attaches to my Road h4 in here and then I’ve got the guitar which also touches but honestly I don’t know if I’ve told you but I’m really not good with like new things and I like change and at the moment I feel like this like I’m just Dying, like there’s so many different settings that I can’t get them Right, and I just want to play music and record, but I’ve just got to watch tutorials and stuff, but it’ll be worth it I want to record some songs to you guys professional as professionally as you can on the boat But it’s been a process, but I will get there What is this like historically this insane like the collapse of a podcast with neologism much more like the populist What in a society as polarized as ours the man who takes the middle road is caught in the crossfire hmm Presidency. Okay. This is my first Little personal journal if you don’t already know the exciting news, I’m told you really know. You’re gonna have a baby I’m super happy rally’s really happy We’re still in shock. Like it’s funny. Riley still doesn’t believe it Are you sure are you sure maybe you should do a third test like Riley. I’m so pregnant We have been talking about it for about a year now We both would really like we really really wanted a kid But the more we talked about it the more it seemed like there would just never be the right time like because of a Lifestyle the sailing and just a list of things And then we decided to give it a go and we got lucky on the first shot so it was clearly meant to be but now We have so much stuff to think about like where I’m gonna have the baby. How old does it need to be? Before we can take it back down to the Caribbean. Where are we gonna sail? Like now we’re thinking Maybe we should sail the boat back to Australia or a bit faster This changes a lot of things And we’re up every night trying to think about it all a lot to take into consideration But either way, I’m so excited and I can’t wait to meet it it it’s an it. Yep I feel like it’s a boy though, but it’s tickets. Like I can’t even that’s ridiculous Elena I know that I actually I knew I was pregnant on the day. I knew I was pregnant that afternoon I haven’t even looked into it, but I had this overwhelming feeling of like like energy like my whole body was just it felt like I’d had 20 coffees except without the like anxiety like it was just this rush through my body and I was like well and after it happened Initially, I just thought it was strange and then I remembered what had happened that morning and I was like no way like it was such a Specific and special feeling, I’d never had it before and that’s when I was like, I think I’m pregnant. I think my egg has been Fertilized and this is happening and I’ve told Riley and he was eh like, you know, You just kind of laughed it off and then you know, there you go Crazy crazy Riley and I always have those team meeting and I’m the worst at like concentrating What if either one it? Well, it’s mostly rally who cause the meetings and this can be talking about anything from logistics to movies to just Like jobs on the boat. Nice always where we gonna be so like yeah, we’re just But whenever Riley calls the meeting I have a very short attention span And he’ll be like riding up on the white board and I would just be like doing something else and he gets so copy. you have to be there to find it funny. But um, he just caught a meeting and he was grumpy before I even good got distracted A little bit try really hard to stay focused I’m into it. Let’s do it. Elayna and I aren’t very organized and then I have to be the one that’s organized and it’s really difficult Elayna: oh come on! Riley: I’m not that way inclined usually We both have things that we’re good at and not good at I’m gonna be a dad Nah, Dad’s coming and we gotta meet up with patrons and we gotta meet up with dad and then ten patrons after that in, Florida Which is always quite difficult to organize people to meet up with especially when there’s 20 I think there’s gonna be yeah these guys down there why? I’m proud sweet. and Riles, We go to apply for a US visa soon Yes, get the ball rolling with that Keep drawing to the tree I was looking at the boat Rallies just going through a whole bunch of old footage. It’s crazy. Don’t sit on the table don’t do that Elayna I broke the table once Dancing on it I can’t remember what episode it was and there’s like locks down here, I don’t think I’ve explained this properly But I think I broke one of these because now it likes to go down a little bit Are you finished? Yeah, these are all old clips all funny stuff of you. You haven’t seen them in probably years Well, it’s all ones where you’re making mistakes or falling. Oh, dear or being a dork How many knots are we sitting on? Wow i’m such a little kid, aren’t I? I’m so small 1984. The year of the rat. You were born hey? You’re not allowed to tell them that when Riley and I first met it was funny because of our age difference Riley was quoting what are you quoting rally pulp fiction and like super troopers actually super troopers isn’t even old but he was quoting pulp fiction and I was quoting Harry Potter And we didn’t understand each other So I watched I watched Pulp Fiction and I made Riley watch a marathon of Harry Potter, which was a big one. I watched it Harry Potter’s the best My heart and soul will never not to own What you get for what’s shoot on there, baby, would you look? Shake it out a cigarette Shake me your hip



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