The morning after Trump wins! *{media SHOCK + HORROR on Nov. 9}*


43 thoughts on “The morning after Trump wins! *{media SHOCK + HORROR on Nov. 9}*”

  • If you were a dumb democrat, who intentionally ignore all narratives but your own, it was an upset. If you watched and felt the 8 years of Obama and heard Hillary was gonna be the same, it wasn’t an upset at all.

  • The American public hates Hillary Clinton.They could not elect her.Now..It's time send Pedo Joe packing…MAGA 2020…

  • Vincent Andritsis says:

    See that shit the young jerks from the onset let’s organize and fight our president not listen first or see what he does just fight what a bunch of losers

  • Robert Rockwell says:

    donny deustch on morning joe was wrong about the muslims being afraid. where i live we have a lot of them here and they were all going around telling people too vote trump.

  • The Australian reporter summed it up " Stop patronizing and bullying the silent majority or they will rise in terrible revolt". Well over 2 1/2 years later the MSM is still doing it.

  • At the 12:11 watch the guy in the white shirt run in front of jeff gore, yelling "I'm running out of time" then he just slowing walking in the back ground. Another stage fear-mongering. Got to have those optics to push your narrative. It's like a scene out of Trading Places.

  • Bernie: ordinary working Americans are fools and idiots! Ah, the true thoughts of the socialist elites about the bourgeoisie!

  • 4:15 of video, Frank Luntz of Fox Business News (who ALSO got the outcome wrong and admits it) explains one thing accurately that happened … exit polls were so cockeyed around the nation BECAUSE LOTS OF TRUMP VOTERS WOULDN'T TALK TO POLLSTERS!!! I remember being called in either late Sept 2016 or early October. I knew "FOREVER" that I was going to vote against Hitlery no matter who ran against her, but I was also voting FOR DJT once I heard many of his positions on policy. I got halfway through the phone survey, but got ANGRY because the poll was obviously being conducted by a Dem pollster. EVEN HAD LEADING QUESTIONS, which is a HUGE NO-NO for ANY polling organization!!! "Don't you think Donald Trump is divisive in some of his messages?" ANY QUESTION THAT BEGINS WITH PHRASE "DON'T YOU …?" is a leading question. So I went into a big rant and then hung up. Thus, my earlier answer that I was planning to vote for Trump NEVER GOT COUNTED IN THEIR POLL!!!!! NO WONDER POLLS THROUGHOUT THE CAMPAIGN SEASON WERE MISLEADING ….. AND INACCURATE ….

  • Freakin' CNN! At 3:11. Yes, LOTS OF WHITE VOTERS who had voted for Obama in 2012 switched parties and voted for Trump. BUT SO DID A LOT OF BLACK AND HISPANIC VOTERS, ALSO!!! DJT got substantially higher percentages of both black and Hisp voters than Romney did in 2012. And the IMMENSE, 500 POUND GORILLA IN THE LIVING ROOM THAT V FEW ANAL-YSTS SPOKE ABOUT WAS …… that Donald became the first GOP candidate for Prez to win the working class vote SINCE REAGAN IN 1984!!!!!! so many DUMMIES yakking about stuff that they STILL did not fully understand …

  • I am reminded of a line from the Beatles' song, Eleanor Rigby: "All the lonely people … where do they all come from?" Only with those so-called talking heads experts … it was more like "All those super GLUM FACES …. where do they all come from??!!" ROFL

  • Scoty Theroux says:

    The greatest threat to the American people is the DEMOCOMMIES of today well the American people spoke up LOUDLY and put a fucking BOOT in your ASS and guess what WE WILL HOLD THE LINE FOR GOD COUNTRY FAMILY AND FOR OUR PRESIDENT HOLD THE LINE

  • Roland Beqiri says:

    We are expecting Dow to go down .
    Let’s see…ohhh sorry is going up.
    What a bunch of morons.
    May be they need another lesson in 2020.


  • If you don't like trump, send him to south korea please. President of korea is fucking stupid lefty. Economy is going down.

  • You have to remember CBS AND NBC CNN are Democrat owned and operated so it's all about their own Liberal Democrat opinions here so what you hear is Democrat News Anchors liberal accusing of how your afraid as this these Democrats rant on in self importance as the fruad Media's

  • The one thing that Trump's win exposed was the "without a doubt" midia bias in our country and abroad. Listen to those losers. I don't remember them acting that way when Oshithead won. They are all basically fake news.

  • drmachinewerke1 says:

    Two things happened after Trump won. He awaken and went to work. All the bleeding hearts awaken and started crying again.

    Now two years later the democrats are trying to steal the election

  • Why was that pretty girl from tyt typing while she was on camera ?If I had her job,I'd get fired.She is pretty though.

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