The Media STILL Hates Esports

The Media STILL Hates Esports

you see this kid right here you see these two guys right here these guys are probably going to be richer than you will ever be and that's known fact and where did they get older money bar that is right ladies and gentlemen the fortnight world cup just finished these are your winners if you don't care before now you're poor you ask yourself how much they win well aqua nitrox I'd probably sure his name he looks like a Danish version of the backpack kid these guys won one and a half million dollars each and this guy Booga just as of 20 minutes ago won three million dollars for himself I thought this would be a perfect time to go back through and see how much the media hates video game players youtubers whatever the hell how old is booga-booga age how old is he the man 16 years old and born in 2002 estimated net worth $65,000 ha the guy who just won three million dollars is 16 years old and still goes to school oh yeah for long I don't know when he was on stage getting his trophy sister literally came up to him when I see y'all go to school nitrox is 16 and aqua is 17 these kids are millionaires I I think it's great I think it's same thing as sports people just enjoy watching someone that's good at something it's a simple Zach so it boils down to so these guys deserves we paid correctly and the media hates it because the media are all 150 years old and they still think dial-up connection is the hip cool thing with the kids but brow before Brianna I want to show you some of these memes next time your parents say get off the computer and come sit with us ruined cuz I mean even when I started you know just like any good parent would fucking 2008 doesn't say when I started this this wasn't a thing YouTube really didn't blow up until like 2014 well it was big but didn't go like mainstream we're now like TMZ tweet about it and stuff so my parents being good parents you're like go outside go enjoy something be a part of something well it's weird because I please all played rugby cricket football soccer I don't play the hell out of any games so whatever I was on too long my parents are almost as I get off you know there's this pointless you know you go do something worthwhile and now it's 18 oh it's a whole different ballgame when the four night winners come home and the moms take the dog we're in different times we are in different times for nine pros walking back into their parents household after the war [Applause] hope this a different era you guys are following on Twitter by the way go do that like in the description they'll add no space 3ds but of course because it's been 30 minutes since booga won the memes are in full flow ladies and gentlemen I gotta give a shout to Avalanche for this one this a fire tweet that's a fire tweet eat girls with boogers diem is the second one thirty million dollars good week very good your boy Booga going back to school oh you know imagine being the same classic kid who won thirty million dollars whilst you're up doing paper rounds this man's are better go to school decked out in Gucci you know it a chignon light don't go to school be a twitch streamer the amount of people who will watch you for being good at fort night Booga if you're watching this be a streamer for the love of God unless you already are in which case keep on keepin on sunshine cuz use about a blow up real quick because a lot of the media it's like oh fourth day it's the thing two kids are doing if you have the accolade of saying you're the best fortnight player in the world clout I can't believe I said that word different times different I'm really like 49 or not you got to give credit the fact that this just changed his life it's changed his family's life it's changed its kid that you know his community's life but you know he earned it though that was the thing he earned it I'm just gonna ask most America in the world how do you feel right now hey words can't even explain it right now no I'm just so happy everything I've done it's exactly the grind is paid off it's just like anything else you got to put time and effort and money into being the best but of course the media doesn't think that way i'ma jump into some golden highlights of the media just disregarding YouTube twitch and everything in the middle all I start I want to give a shout to laser beam cuz pull like last month you boy got screwed over TV a museum we can find it of course it is pin tweet all right hands up who can tell me if you know a famous Australian who does a famous Australian first thing cuz the mind nice babe laser beam I've never heard of as you know that famous shuttle take laser beam never heard of them obviously not that's the world I hear thinking laser beams relevant let him get more relevant than come back to us ah Jimmy Kimmel YouTube's love child for some reason he's always I'm trending in YouTube's like ah I could continue to roast Jimmy Kimmel of his ever a day like five or 10 years from now for some reason if I just get really really relevant and get on Jimmy Kimmel I feel like I'm gonna regret everything I'm about to say in this video so I think I'm gonna keep it to a minimum because you boys up video game watchers are mad at Jimmy Kimmel let me summarize this video for you I talked about YouTube gaming is a new YouTube platform on which people who play video games can watch other people play video games and of course I made fun of this because there are people watching other people play video games which to me seems ridiculous but apparently I touched a nerve because I got an avalanche of mostly misspelled vitriol over the weekend so I guess watching football is dumb because I could be playing it instead huh at Jimmy Kimmel yes it is dumb actually watching people play football is dumb I do it every Sunday I know it's dumb watching people play video games isn't like watching people play football it's like watching people play fantasy football it is one more step removed from human activity understand so of course you get the idea oh I would do games like he's played myself and then of course he just goes on and on it's a pile of ramble but okay the funniest thing I discovered about looking into it doing a bit of research for this video published on September 1st 2015 okay now skip forward three days published on September 4th 2015 what have we got gamers educate Jimmy Kimmel so basically what you've admitted is that a roast of them and yeah we'll get the traditional audience behind them people got so mad at you that you had to go into remission and basically say okay I'm sorry let's get them on the show to talk about it congratulations Jimmy Kimmel you prove to everyone that you lost oh don't be alarmed he brings out this glove so basically what he's saying is he still trying like stick up for himself he brings out this gamer glove and he brings out the pistol that you used for duck hunt he noses 50 60 year-old audience will get an ISO ticket I want to give it to me because as soon as he walks in look at Mays face may God bless you god bless you may and then the rest the videos him just talking about making a stupid it's 2015 media I don't know what you expected I'm loving because I can't think of anything less interesting explain how you can make a profession out of this how do they actually get paid so okay obviously there are different price pots for different games and they vary in size so next weekend is the Call of Duty World Championships the prize pot for that is $1,000,000 so the top team will take away 400,000 all of a sudden you throw money around oh maybe I can get interested five seconds ago you weren't even interested gold diggers I tell you gold be be I could really make sure up when I see my DS there otherwise we're back at it again with the bridge part 2 what a fun [Applause] and at the center of everything is a whole new breed of celebrity the eSports superstar I love more they could be lying bikini shot here just to prove how much money they have because whenever I got my stadium named after me for those who don't know I have a rugby stadium named after me in Northern Ireland it's more just like a promotional you try and get kids involved with rugby that's really it anyway so the interview I did for national TV I had a Ferrari for Beauvais at the time it sold now I rolled up and I went over to the interview and the guys behind the camera like oh do you mind just reversing and then driving up again I was like why so oh we want to get a shot of you in the Ferrari and I literally said I don't feel comfortable doing that and they said no no we need it for the beginning of your shot and they started to get heated so again I had to roll back roll forward and now of course I'm national TV it's like video game player gets stadium named after and the first thing people see in the interview is me rolling up in a Ferrari so good old media it's like can you believe they're making money out of this wowsers honest it that kind of annoyed me I was like can we don't have an interview it's not about the gaming money aspect it's me wanting to try and promote rugby to kids and inclusion of the community and of course who cares a lot of people know I stand with with the athletes professional athletes mm-hmm boy I'll debate that with anybody or I'll have that conversation or anybody hmm having been a professional athlete myself getting to know them and watching what they do and how they train and oh wait the article written here question what do pimply-faced geeks who play video games all day having common with 6 foot 8 demigods who roam the NBA courts on a nightly basis I had a void TMZ attaboy cuz I know it's really a matter of time actually no wait hang on before I even said it there's gotta be hold on TMZ ninja look this is when this is March 12 2016 it's like oh do you think pimply-faced geeks you play video games all day have the same in Kabul you know whatever I just said I'm TMZ now we have a look at TMZ article that came out when two days ago ninjas stoked for the 30 million fortnight World Cup wait TMZ if you can't beat them join them I wonder what happened all those simply face geeks hmm oh the media you never failed to make me laugh oh these guys are just a bunch of nerds how much money they make okay so we could post about it go okay get on it get on it get on it it's the same thing as if you want to do something in life the whole mentality of like you know people are gonna bully you people are gonna say you're stupid for one that become a musician or a youtuber or an actor or something that and then all of a sudden when it becomes successful then people get interested are like though I know this person because they became successful same thing is something as gaming in the media everybody is to laugh at it and now all the sudden you get some people are making eight figures the media is like these people are rich and they're who wearing Gucci clothes just like traditional celebrities get on them it's hypocrisy at its finest it really is all right this next one I'm gonna take from critical cuz I first saw his channel and I need to touch on this cuz it is fantastic we love named Allen tiger Raja from France is out as well we love him top but top liner sleeping and luchas in there they're all they're all the boys the League of Legends [Applause] they all look rather unique in their own way god bless the media it's so funny being able to talk about this because you know in five years time when the rest of the world catches up they're all gonna be praising so many eSports athletes else now because we're still in this era we can laugh at it but we know in five years they'll be brained from the heavens like traditional celebrities because the media doesn't care but now that the figures are starting to get involved the media is starting to care now this is the this is the asset of a sports team and he's laughing that people behind the camera laughing they think this is some kind of massive joke but there's a big chance they probably make more money than all those guys combined do you plan to listen to them laughing it's the same way when you watch a bully do his work and you can see them targeting a certain amount of people they got these guys to be on camera so the rest the world can laugh at them not the normal sort of football following tide but nevertheless very good when it comes to pushing buttons and going left and right well done boys I'm not quite sure what it is you do but touch on this because hashtag roaming Brian got all of his followers behind him or whatever the hell this guy's name is and tried to go back and try to just call out critical so Brian Taylor the guy who has locked me the eSports team he took to Facebook and he decided to post this after critical roasted them a random American loser has launched an almighty tyrant over my comments directed at the former Aston eSports team while we what an absolute joy of a person thank you to all the wonderful computer-type buffing followers who linked me to this very sad blokes – YouTube channel we can all shame him for his hate ah so I see now you're getting all 65,000 people to go over and make a mess of him ah yeah that'll get him I think the funniest thing about this is must-watch neckbeard gamer virgin attacks BT yeah I think criticals videos on this are definitely worth a watch but I wanted to touch on a little bit because it can add to the whole point of how much the media hates us comment in the video Alton this guy living is it's basement at 30 it's the whole mentality of him and his 60-year old friends are like let's go laughs with this guy doing a new thing and trying something different ha why can't he just be a follower like the rest of them I'm the only one that can stand out I'm bright I realize I kind of went into that motion which is basically while he's doing his friends anyway but at the end of the day 16 year old kid won three million dollars another 16 year old kid and a 17 year old kid won a million and a half dollars apiece and that's the only first place never mind going down the pecking order so at the end of the day the media could perceive this however they want these kids are making Bank more money than the people who are ripping into them are probably making and there's nothing they can do about it and the news channels that are ran by a hundred and fifty year olds whenever they pass on their gonna making articles about gamers and gaming and eSports it's only a matter of time you have hypocritical pieces of work Muro story here go do what you want people are going to rip into you for anyway it's not until you become successful that people are gonna start to listen yeah well good day please


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