42 thoughts on “The Media Obsession w/ Tyler, The Creator's Sexuality STINKPIECE”

  • As long as you say no homo, you can fuck any guy you want and be straight. I've fucked hundreds of dudes and im still straight.

  • Sydney Speller says:

    What about Young M.A.? She is a lesbian rapper, and nobody made such a big deal about it. That’s mad dumb to me.

  • Sand imations says:

    I think that when in Goblin he says "I'm a fucking walking paradox" that doesn't only apply to Yonkers. You can take that and apply that to most of his music with most of his albums containing songs that contradict each other. For example in Domo 23 he says he is sober but then in Jamba goes on to wrap about being covered in flakes and vaping. If you take everything he says as a confession then you aren't getting the message because he has probably said something directly contradictory at some other point. This is not to say there is no message, just that the themes of albums are spread out across the the songs and not just said to be taken at face value.

    Plus about half of what he said in his earliest music had zero meaning, most of the songs being jokes. Songs like Radicals and Bitch Suck Dick are just jokes.

  • SuB To Me FoR No ReASOn says:

    I come back to this specific comment section so much because some of the shit here is funny as fuck.

  • My whole thing with this fiasco was that nobody could conceive of him being bisexual. Nevermind that he has had girlfriends publicly. He said he likes boys so he must only be gay. Bisexuality just doesn't exist to some people and it's flabbergasting

  • Well personally as a gay teenager, I care about having an openly gay rapper out there because it’s representation that we’ve never really had before, especially considering how homophobic hip hop culture still is. Why does it matter? It matters because it’s extremely validating. No Tyler’s sexuality shouldn’t be the only thing that represents him as an artist but it’s still something that is potentially part of his identity just like being straight is part of straight artist’s artistic identity.

  • the lemon unknown says:

    I don't get why they care.

    Whether he's gay or not, I think he's clearly fuckin with 'em.

    I hate the separation of straight and not straight.

    I'm bi and the word faggot doesn't affect me, in fact, I think pride also separates people more.

  • Gay .. gay .. just because you put stuff in butts doesn't mean you gay .
    Sometimes you just want stuff in butts more than other stuff .

  • Oh media. Freddie Mercury faced the same media obsession and here we are, decades later, with the same old shit.

  • this REALLY makes me think about kevin abstract.
    since him being gay is one of the major topics hes using in his music
    idk, maybe you can do a vid on that or somethin

  • Zach Fetters. says:

    I don't get it, I have a very close gay family member and he doesn't even know WHAT IS GAY CULTURE? there is not gay culture, what does that even imply? Being gay doesn't define you when you're an actual homosexual, it defines you when you're an attention addict and a truly boring person.

  • What the writer also doesn't get is that given this added context, these "jokes" actually become his battle with self acceptance, self love and self hate. The fact that this subject is constantly on his mind when writing these songs or expressions of himself just goes to show that this has been an ongoing issue that Tyler has had for a while, with him struggling to take himself seriously, therefore making halfhearted jokes disguised as pleas for help and support. If you take all this in to context, it's clear from Tyler's delivery and choice of themes and sound that he goes with on this album that he's actually taking himself more serious and beginning to properly accept himself, which is clear from this change in sound from the conflicted noise and offensiveness with the vulnerable and insecure instrumentals and turns of cherry bomb. The improved confidence and security of himself on this newer record just shows I thought as clear as it can be that Tyler is speaking from his vulnerabilities and his truth, and this also highlights the personal issues that the writer has, that he is projecting onto this 'informational' article and his own perception of Tyler and his art.

  • Oliver Marijuana Jones says:

    "Dealing with" what the fuck?? Is This where so-called identy poltics gets us? Everybody has to fit into these little tribal categories, which dictate what we are allowed to think and say? It's a really fucking brave thing to do, to come out of the closet in the deeply homophobic rap industry ( which is also uintentionally hyer-homoerotic, but whatevs…), but it ultimately shouldn't matter what hole Anyone chooses to stick it in, whatever variety of ugly yr into bumping, that's yr own damn business, and besides: what impact does an artist's sexual orientation have to on their art? It's a silly, tabloid clickbait dogshit article, and doubtfully the last we'll see anytime soon…

  • I really fuckin hope he is gay because not it’s high key queerbating. Like for a hell of a lot of gay kids who like rap music Tyler is a huge idol atm and if it turns out it was a troll it’ll fuck us up

  • Brendan Wright says:



  • There is so much gate keeping that happens within the gay community and it comes from a sense of protection of vulnerability but the level of which people go to in terms of finding someone “queer enough” is so toxic. Ty for making this <3

  • Lord Chin Chin says:

    I think maybe the reason that people care so much, for me anyway, as a massive hip hop fan and gay man, is that there's hardly any gay hip hop artists out there. Actually, pretty much none. When you have so little representation in such a huge, awesome genre, and when straight hip hop artists flaunt their sexuality continuously in their lyrics, media, and lives, it leads me to wonder, with all these "openly straight" rappers that make their sexuality so obvious, why is it so taboo or offensive to want to have an openly gay rapper for some representation? But as soon as you ask that, you're being attacked. Why does it matter? Why do you care? Can't you just enjoy the music? It's none of your business! Are all flung at you. But it isn't fair. When I say I would like an openly gay hip hop artist, I don't necessarily mean a rapper that will lead the gay day parade and be the world's #1 gay rights activist and be over the top flamboyant, although there's nothing wrong with that; I just want a rapper who could still be fire and also just be gay. Or a rapper who could write songs about boys instead of girls and it not be a big deal. Ya know? So that's just what I think.

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