The lost streets of Chicago - BBC News


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  • I don't understand why the president doesn't put the city under marshal law like they need a coast guard and military assistance

  • Puma vlogs&gaming says:

    I aswell live in chicago, it's honestly hard living here, I am a 12 year old boy I would say I live in a decently safe area, but I still hear gunshots every night and during the day aswell. When I was about 9 or 10 I was walking home from school when shots were fired in my direction it is very violent in chicago, I see gangs where ever I go

    But it's still my home and I love it I have many friends, and I'd say it's kinda fun and nice living here I have a good nice house and nice good family

    Right now, we are in a very dangerous state in my city recently somone that I knew and was very close to me died and there are police patrolling every were i go due to the amount of violence there is right now, I'm always hearing ambulances and police cars and even police on bikes motorcycles etc.

  • Sora Kanzoku says:

    let me show you how you get out that life… put yoru family in yoru car… drive away…. option 2 get online. look at safe towns. start applying for jobs. get the job.. put your family in the car and drive there. stay in a shelter until you get an appartment set up. should only take a week or two to find an appartment even if its a studio until you find a better job. you get out you live you survive. done…

  • Man united 18/19 treble winners says:

    Surprise surprise they’re all black and yet they cry when they’re arrested and complain

  • Just banning ‘gangsta rap’ or any music that glorifys gangs and violence will reduce the murder rate drastically

  • When I told my dad bout how I wanted to move to Chicago, he always told me to rethink bout my choice and stay safe cause it’s dangerous out dere, but I never thought it would be this dangerous fr…

  • Banana Monkey says:

    11:47 listen somebody says “ you got games on your iPhone” and then they say “ no Captain” i’m dying

  • The fact that the community was willing to speak their mind on the topic but the Chicago PD wasn’t really tells you something

  • Jamell Brown says:

    Black men are so much smarter than this, this is the most disgusting shit I’ve ever seen in my life and I hope there ready for there consequences.🙏🏾

  • Aiden Pierce says:

    8:28, that's why we work so hard to leave of attention, yea not only are you making a music video your showing you have guns, how in the shit fuck do you expect for a gang not to want to take you down now huh.

  • Miguel Pinhal says:

    Black people and this horrible culture…why do they need to act like this? I was born and raised with black friends and it has nothing to do with this…this seems like a scene from a different planet

  • nathan simmons says:

    Why our people let the these other nation in the neighborhood doing interviews exposing themselves in all types situations. Doing shit for views, likes, money, and fame. Real G's move in silence

  • Damn to think Chicago was once one of the most thriving cities, and now it’s run by street gangs and poverty.

  • Hahaha….. We want out….thats why we work so hard………
    Camara Cuts to 47 dudes wit guns pointing at it…."Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom"….😂😂😂😂………. We wrkin bruh

  • Christian REYES says:

    Also if you listen to the Chicago police scanner all you hears is
    234 king officer down mixed with
    679 shots fired dispatched
    1008 I need assistance

  • Marc Zielinski says:

    This won't get fixed. The reason it won't is that this will take at the very least, a generation if not more generations of time. And just like everything else in the world, if it takes a ton of money to throw at it and time… then it won't be fixed during your lifetime. The people who have the money to fix it don't give it away if they can't see an immediate result or profit. That's how American leadership is with everything. Infrastructure, healthcare, education, jobs, crime… you name it. It is all the same. It all gets slightly worse every year for the vast majority (especially the disenfranchised). And another year, no one invests a dime to fix any of it because they look at it as an impossible problem to fix. You cannot eat an elephant in one bite. Our leaders and people with money need to invest in America. Build better schools and community centers in these neighborhoods. Offer more scholarships. Fix up the streets and homes and roads in these communities. Add good-paying local jobs and provide a better education. If Chicago did this and focused energy to maintain it, the problems will be gone in a few generations.

  • Scott Sullivan says:

    Obama has given them false hope.
    The average black I.Q. in America is only in the 70s to low 80s range.
    Which also means a large portion of blacks are within the legal retardation range.
    Obama was a exception, and even he relied on affirmative action to get into Harvard.

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