The Live Show – BBC Click

The Live Show – BBC Click

welcome are they welcome welcome how are
you hello welcome welcome second script boy how are you how are you hello
everybody I’m literally being built from the skin out currently baby ugly lady to
go try many that my publicity all right then we’re good to go Brenda
me happy so what we’re gonna do is go to silence please and go to black lose the
house lights ten minutes this is BBC
please welcome your host Spencer Kelly welcome to club and have we got a show
for you have we got a show for them yeah okay we’re ready to go
we’ve got some really amazing things for you tonight and we’ve got some things
that make noise we’ve got some things that fly we have some things for you to
taste some of it won’t work okay bear with us because hopefully the stuff that
does work fingers crossed a lot of it has in rehearsals is a world
first and you won’t see this anywhere else and no one has seen this before you
before any of that I have to introduce you to the other half of the show please
welcome to the stage Kate Russell they said I’d have my name in lights I
was expecting more broadway than boardwalk but it’s a start
i’m going to be a really really crammed show and I don’t want you getting too
comfortable because there’s a lot of audience participation so I hope you’re
ready to take part you want to see some tech I don’t believe you you wanna see
some tech I think so all right so first of all we need you to
settle down because our first guest tonight is very mysterious his name is
psychic Joe and I’m told things are about to get very strange hello computers of a wonderful thing but
we’re going to put them to one side just for the moment I’d like to introduce you
to the power of your own mind breathe slowly and gently and I’ll discover more
about you with just a candle now I sometimes gag get some power some
signal through and sometimes I get things wrong but most of the time it’s
right so stay with me I might just get pieces of information that come I’m
sunny with it with it with a G let me just put this down for a moment there’s
a G so I’m going to Ted to start to pull something out of the orderly it’s one of
you and I’m getting a G so let’s start with G rated Gareth Garretson hello oh
you think so we have Joe and he’s going to identify some people in the audience
and he’s going to pretend to read their mind by telling them things about them
by reading information from them it’s actually us researching these people
online and feeding that to him through the hidden earpiece Liz Liz Liz it could
have been a man but I won’t make wild assertions so ladies there were less
Leslie welcome to the show glad you would have microphone with you now and
Leslie what can I tell you about yourself you have a potpourri that I’m
dressed like this because some you’ve lived with the priests haven’t you have
you lived with the priests I’m guessing you’ve actually lived with the priests
she’s right here you’re yours to talk this shit what’s your name
Andrea Andrea please so when you’re researching some of the
marks in the audience right now is always identified a gentleman Saturday
I’m here in the balcony just in front of us and I’m looking I’ve just family
address details of somebody who in sat down at the front with her partner as
well so we’re researching as much as we can about the people that are in front
of us Jeff children called Japan set up a free
Wi-Fi network most people quite happily just click free Wi-Fi they says please
type in your name if you want the free Wi-Fi people type in their name click
connect and that is how we start we then have their name is the first thing to
work from unfortunately as well cuz it’s quite a big event and people will like
the Facebook page so is the Facebook page people will check it and say oh hey
I’m a BBC click we can see that on Facebook publicly and openly yes
completely legal that’s a question that we can asked a lot and we’re just
looking information that people have have made available themselves their
congratulations on your four year anniversary band applause trees is that
right four year anniversary are going forward so this this kind of like two
main lessons really is be careful what you’re signing up for and the biggest
thing that’s helping us right now is people’s social media profiles are open
and public you know we’re not saying don’t use social media just check that
your profile is proud of it I’m a complete stranger to everybody in this
audience but so far I’ve been able to go onto all of their profiles and look
where they were born who they’re friends with their pictures their statuses and
as a total stranger you probably don’t want me reading that information so just
you know we’re not saying don’t use it just make it private so that only your
friends can see and that would protect you from all of the things that we found
out so far actually we listen to radio to TV to music to podcasts using
speakers big speakers in your house and small speakers that you wear in your
ears or that are built into your smartphone or just using the perfect bit
of coffee before the levitations has to be kind of small also regular and I
don’t think they normally make coffee beans with levitation one of the things
that Steve has been working on his ultrasounds okay and we’ve got a few
ultrasound demos here so I tell you what rather than
explain more about it shall we uh should we just give it a let’s just give it a
whirl yeah okay so I tell you what right who’s getting something there raise your
hand if you can hear this and then drop your hand as soon as you can’t hear it
again so this is unusual for a speaker because
usually when you switch a speaker on everyone can hear it but right now we’re
getting a really what a really narrow really focusing beam of sound right so
if you imagine this is a lot like a kind of flashlight imagine I’m pointing a
torch around the room you know you don’t you see certain parts of it this is the
same idea except with sound so we’re focusing the sound and we can focus all
that energy all that sound energy in a specific place this is the weirdest and
slowest and most continuous Mexican wave by that’s quite threat I’ve ever seen I
have no idea what you’re hearing because he’s never pointed it in my direction
so wow seriously that’s why oh my gosh sorry it’s quite unpleasant isn’t it so
sound is really high frequency sound and then you’re tying other stuff into that
which you’re then sending around the ultrasound is out of our out of the
range of human hearing that’s pretty much the definition we can hear up to
20,000 Hertz and anything above that is ultrasounds so obviously we can’t hear
we can’t hear ultrasound but this is an ultrasound wave that’s been combined and
modulated with a audible signal so okay brilliant I tell you what with this is
not just the only ultrasound weirdness that we’ve got it gets even weirder so
you plot that down switch it off a goodness sake and let’s move over to
ultrasound device number two that looks like it’s just landed from another
planet this is incredible Steven for the second time tonight what on earth is
going on so if we get in here you can kind of see there’s quite a regular
regular pattern some of these I can’t go too close to there it disrupts the sound
field but maybe you can see there’s a kind of a few pools kind of how are you
using ultrasound to actually make stuff liberty’ these speakers here all
producing a big ultrasound ultrasound signal that’s making a standing wave and
in between the gaps of this standing wave the balls can get trapped and they
get kept in the same place Wow okay well that’s fantastic
in fact that’s so amazing Steve I think we deserve a drink would you mix us one
yes of course Spencer fantastic rice this is this is the weirdest drink we
rehearse that could you tell what is this Steve so
got a lovely lovely delight for you today it’s a single grain of coffee with
a drop of milk all levitating in the middle of the air
it’s a latte just you have to have it in though you can’t have it to go
unfortunately yes so I’m gonna try this and the tongue
is not long enough but here we go right you got it that’s really coffee yeah that’s really
coffee eh that’s like really really strong is that supposed to be that
strong yes yeah that’s what we found yes so sugar tastes sweeter and coffees
bitter so thirsty Sri Steve thank you very much round of applause for Sheree
stay on the ultrasound our time there was so many amazing demos and
displays in the show that we just can’t fit into this program here’s a look at
some of the other highlights from our evening of delights we transformed our
tech loving audience into musicians as Kate and I conducted the biggest ever
micro bit processor Orchestra let’s have some more my critics over here in the
air okay let’s have a few at the back here the back hold goes up oh great I
can see them all in the sky we are still waiting on the Guinness
Book of Records to get back to us there we explored the potentials of AR with
our lucky audience members left cowering as a full-scale aircraft suddenly
appeared over their heads three hundred thousand people joined us on Facebook
live during the evening as we asked them whether robots should feel the pain
Edward nem L thank you for this question M L on Facebook says sir
sacrificing a robot for the greater good might be necessary why would you want it
to feel if we’re going to keep having a servant class of robots then we
shouldn’t go down that route but the aims that increasing intelligence may
make that impossible we watched drones that study the
landscape and drones that dive as we looked at how they could help in the
future and we use what we call remote sensing techniques so we fit cameras to
drones and aircraft we even use satellites to monitor the health of
ecosystems so what we do is we use thermal imaging on these drones to
monitor the status of the hydrological status of ecosystems and it’s not a
click live without a little bit of magic using artificial intelligence of course
my name’s Tom London I’m a magician hacker and programmer you see with
technology machines can think a thousand times faster than we can and because of
this I’ve worked out a way how to accomplish the thing I’ve wanted more
than anything am i right here I have got a Korea code Nova that’s an AI machine
that you can purchase and learn to build AI using something called open CV
an open source library that allows you to create AI that’s hooked up to the
cloud through the internet which allows me to use multiple instances of servers
to do a large amount of computing in just a second and on the other end of it
I’ve got an Alexa which I’m sure you’re all familiar with so what I thought we’d
do is try and see if we can get it to read someone’s mind so who would like to
have their mind read immediately this gentleman over here is like yes I
definitely want to have my mind read do whatever and pause this Jenson is become
a stage hi there what’s your name
mark Tom lovely to meet you come over here mark so here’s all going to do I
need to calibrate a lexer and in order to do that I just want to stand in front
of the camera here just look into it and just say that for me if that’s all right to calibrate please look into the camera
think of the color red think of the color red now think of the color black
think of the color black think of the color black calibration complete
fantastic the calibration is now completed so hopefully what should
happen now is we should be able to get this right so just to make this more
visual what I’m gonna do is I’ve got a pack of cards over there can you grab
those for me open them up now never before does a magician I ever give the
cards away to a spectator it’s kind of rule 1 in the magic world but because
I’m not gonna be doing any magic today I thought I’d put my doing this do you
want to take him out give them a little shuffle yeah you can leave them over
there I don’t want to see it I want you to they’re all normal they’re just
playing cards I went have a really visual aid of what color you’re thinking
of so I want to pick any card with a color on it and you can put the rest of
the cards down there and then head over to to my AI fantastic and if you just
stand over here and once again look at the camera fantastic now I wait to read
this out for me nice and loud I’m gonna see if we get us to work you
ready go for it Alexa ask your mind am I thinking of red or black you’re thinking
of the color red you please show the card to the camera over there later
Gemma is in fact the color red because I’m having this computing power at my
hand we can actually try something a lot more daring this time would you like to
pick a card any card you like it’s up to you same thing again and you can wipe
the yeah go for it before we do this just stand in front of
camera and just a little bit closer so I can see you and I want you to read this
out nice and loud ask your mind to calibrate playing cards to calibrate
please look into the camera think of the following ace two three four five six
seven think of the number seven eight nine ten
Jack Queen King Khaled okay a little bit nervous it had to do seven twice okay
can you just look into the camera for me and nice and loud read out that
statement okay let’s ask your mind what card am I thinking of I’m not quite sure
how to help you with that Alexa asked your mind what card is he
thinking of you’re thinking of the six of clubs smart please show the card to
the camera HM it is in fact the 600 Master Brown applause please for Marc
thank you so much I’ll take that is take a seat ey get over there did anyone try
the drones in the media cafe we came in anyone have a go at flying those drones
if you don’t your wings and you were given a gold badge with wings on I’d
like you to come to the front you’ve got a chance of winning later on in the show
and be part of our finale I didn’t know not very long no cuz some
guy made a few mistakes and that I thought I’d change it for something a
lot more profitable and Kate’s decided that she wants a butler and they can
make a lot of money in London so I thought will change and we’ll see if
I’ll get more comfortable as a butler but I’ve got cards so I know who I’m
talking to this time and they’re definitely going to be at the table announcing Miss Kate Russell and dr.
Paiva Cowley Keita do take a seat fiver well we have set a
very special table here in The Clique live studio and we’ve invited some very
special guests to talk about future food Simmonds bigger chat and deliver some
sort simple morsels to the audience now we are delivering to you some
raspberries to taste please if you do have food allergies do not taste them
they may not necessarily be raspberries but if you have no food allergies please
help yourself to a sumptuous fruit and see what you think you’re doing a
terribly good job there Simmons now do quick just a not do like is it tasty so
what are they eating fiver so the eating 3d printed raspberry and
it’s not just any raspberry this raspberry has a special recipe and we
print it with this little printer called new food so we load a interesting recipe
that has interesting ingredients for example raspberry and we design a shape
on an app and when we press press play let’s start building a raspberry now
this is the kind of device that one could in the future expect to have in
one’s kitchen perhaps exactly we’ve designed it so it’s very easy to clean
it takes very little space on your counter and you can load any ingredient
any kind of liquid liquid ingredient it can be savory it can be sweet it can be
even alcoholic oh now that’s an idea now what are the nutritional implications of
having 3d printed food capabilities in the kitchen at home I mean could we help
sort of solve the nation’s obesity crisis for example like I mean Brussels
sprouts right who likes Brussels sprouts I mean I do but if you could make
Brussels sprouts tastes like chocolate cake surely that’s gonna be a good thing
right yeah exactly you could taste make things taste really delicious
but the flavors that you like but you also can tale and nutrition to make sure
that you have all the right vitamins and nutrients in every single bite so
imagine having breakfast where you just take a super berry that has all the
vitamins and nutrients for you day in a very tiny very tasty flavor
bite so I’m going to try my own 3d printed raspberry hmm oh gosh oh it’s
quite hard it’s giving me sucking sucking cheeks effect and that’s
brilliant and absolutely fascinating that it literally built it here on its
own I’d like to introduce you to our head pilots for the evening this is Jack
Bishop Jack welcome thank you okay so can you we’ve got to fill the drone cage
in a second with six Star Wars themed drones
okay we’ve got three Thai fighters and we’ve got three X Wing okay can you
explain why we’re showing these drones why they’re easy to fly and why they’re
fun to watch sure so we are from propel and we’ve creates the line of Star Wars
drones and what we’ve done is we brought in a brand new era of droning which is
drone gaming so these drones aren’t just toys and they actually house of the
latest and greatest technology and that’s available to us today and they’re
super super easy to fly with the head of something it’s called a barometric air
pressure sensor which knows how high the drone is and it maintains that height
we’ve also built an app which a few of you had a go on earlier and that
actually teaches you if you’re a brand new drone pilots never flown before
it takes you from being a complete beginner to an advanced drone battle
pilots and that’s without using the drone so you don’t crash it write it off
for reading that we use a Bluetooth connection from the controller to the to
the phone your Android or Apple device it’s virtually zero latency so it’s like
98 99 percent accurate to flying a drone in the real world so the barometric
pressure keeps at a certain height so you don’t crash it there’s also one
other fun thing that they do which is they fire lasers really nervous Sheila I denounced
mother’s house a pilot really going is good understand everything I was doing
giving the demo so it was good yeah we’ve got our six specially trained and
they now have been trained in the five minutes is left specially trained pilots
to have a battle to the death so generally going because if the pilots
already max is ready without any further ado let’s get this battle started firing what indeed with two begin today’s god oh shoot agency to the
now what you see in trying to shake in the end a stop in lisbon hits it loses a
lot after lose all three lights to the signal fire to the water and pour over
the same amount twice now right now it is the Imperial pilots during both Philly
right now they seem to all scratched number two in the be served Katy Perry underneath we had a good time


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