The Lion King 2019 | Drop | Episode 44 | Indus News

The Lion King 2019 | Drop | Episode 44 | Indus News

hey guys welcome to the drop I'm is up with me I have today Pena and Nour today we are going to discuss ranking that's doing mind-blowing in the box office right now it's whooping 600 million dollars right now internationally so guys what do you think about this new trend of remakes is it an idea to cash in the nostalgia so it's true that the film has done really well worldwide and basically this is exactly the question that came to my mind after watching the film like are they cashing in on the idea of nostalgia because this is the third major remake that Disney has released this year yeah so I definitely think that the driving force behind the success of these movies is nostalgia because firstly people are already familiar with the stories with these movies they are already in love with the characters they love the songs and they remember all the dialogues so I think that's a that's a huge advantage for Disney also I think that the audiences since like they already know about the film they're sort of going to be a bit more biased when they watch it they will tend to like it yeah and they want to most of the adults they want to relive their childhood right back in the 90s there's hardly anyone that passed the edge oh I don't know 30 40 who hasn't seen it when they were younger also I think that the Lion King is also what it displays is the new era of Technology the usage of technology and it basically it is a shot-for-shot remake of the original 1994 film but the thing is what it shows is what is obvious is that the era of hand-drawn animation traditional animation is in the past and now we're moving to a new era what do you think then yes I I'd say definitely they are cashing in on the idea of nostalgia I mean if you look at the first trailer they have that iconic opening shot of the you know Sun rising the song playing and you know it instantly grabs you and it takes you back to being a child watching that movie and so and clearly from how the movie is so structured where they are using so much of the original story of the original content they are and you know the songs everything it's just taking you back so in my opinion there they are no two ways about it is it is that nostalgic right and that's what they know will drive the audience to the cinema that is what will take them there so you think these movies should stick to the original theme or should play around with the same idea so I think that's a very tricky question there's no yes or no answer to that heaven whether they should just stick to the original because otherwise if they stick to the originals completely then there would be no point of these remakes yeah but like movies like The Jungle Book and Cinderella so what they've done in their live action remakes is sort of they've updated the stories and that was actually very popular among the critics as well as the audience's so we're in the Lion King they didn't really take that risk so it's very interesting because maybe it was a conscious decision on their part so I don't know what tenías would have to say to that exactly I agree I think it's such a tricky thing to navigate sticking to the original honoring the original because it is a classic it is iconic and then also sort of altering yet let's like they try to do it as a lot of time they tries to dynamic in Mordor and they try to get charged me an award you know like a feminist arc in the movie and my thing with Lion King is when I was watching it every time they digress from the original I was like that's not a net I wanted that same so that's sort of felt a bit jarring to me because I guess the whole movie sort of honors moves not honors I won't say that word it sticks so closely to the original script but then when I came out of the cinema and if I like what was the point use the point we were missing out on some kind really yeah and a lot of things I do think that I know I'm so sorry to cut you but I sort of agree with you because the movie is way longer extra 34 to 40 minutes but the thing is you don't really understand like what's new in the film in the end and honestly I don't see the point if it's longer that they cut out some of honestly my favorite lines I was a bit disappointed like there's some scenes that are so guys we have spoilers in this but yeah the fact that they cut out some lines it's really disappointing some of my favorite scenes it was a bit so basically what I like to add to that is like and what I said before you know about the prior knowledge so we already know that oh the scene is so powerful in the original movie so in our minds we're sort of reliving that scene from the original movie and not the one the new one the remake isn't having the same impact but it's just the nostalgia I think playing in our minds that's affecting the way we watch the movie so they are clearly cashing in the same definitely so do you think these characters did justice to the movie and what's about the photorealistic take on the original movie so basically I do think that the actors did do justice to their sort of roles but the thing is unfortunately we couldn't see that on the screen on the movie because the thing is while the core difference between the original movie and this new animated version is that is the photorealistic take that you mentioned yeah but it also served as a huge the biggest I'd say I would say limitation for the movie in terms of depicting the emotions and the depth of the original movie it could not unfortunately capture that that was a very disappointing aspect also it also seriously affected the chemistry between the characters that everyone was so in love with and the expressions honestly the reason that it was such a loved movie popular movie at the time was because their expressions were so human and the facial expressions were something that everyone could relate to and they really enjoyed so yeah I mean I agree percent and I said it is photorealistic but we need to remember that this is also an animated movie and the beauty of animation for me seeing an animated movie is the fact that they can take Liberty with what you cannot do in real life right they can make an animal sing and dance and incest they're not taking did not take advantage of that form that that creative form at all so and I felt that there were so many scenes which in the original movie were emotionally impactful in this they were truncated so that meeting between again spoiler but remember it just felt so rushed Rafiki and and Simba all of those those really powerful moments in them in the original animated version in this is a soft fall flat and because they cannot get actual real-life looking animals talking to each other so just felt like if I want to see animals talk I would watch a dub National Geographic or something but that's not what movie is especially with a full of child would want a magic on Christian get it out of ten oh five five five on five it's beautiful to look at but not the same Empire thank you guys for coming this is it for today until next time goodbye we're really excited to share fantastic content video on all the fun topics please subscribe to our channel by clicking on the subscribe button below


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