The Jonas Brothers Reveal Who Cried Listening To ‘Happiness Begins’ | MTV

The Jonas Brothers Reveal Who Cried Listening To ‘Happiness Begins’ | MTV

– In honor of their new
album “Happiness Begins,” I’m gonna ask these guys questions inspired by some of the
track titles on the project. – [Joe] Ah. – Yes And I call this one Track by Track. – Cool, love it.
– Alright Okay, here we go. So, “Sucker”, I wanna ask you guys, out of The Jonas Brothers,
who’s the most gullible? Startin’ with you, Kev. – Most gullible? – Gullible. – Oh, wow – Nick, Joe, maybe? Me? – Ah, you, you. – I think it’s Kevin. (audience laughs) – I’ll go with me.
– It’s Kevin, yeah. – All right, you got
a track called “Cool,” obviously we were singing that. Who’s the coolest Jonas Brother? – Obviously that’s easy. (audience laughs) – [Host] Okay, okay. – [Audience] Kevin! (audience cheers) – The crowd passed says Kevin. – Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! – All right. (audience cheers) look,the crowd chose Kevin. – Wow, look at that. – I choose you to answer the question about this next track, okay? – [Joe] I can get behind that. – I’m gonna take my bow and walk away now. – [Host] There it is. (audience cheers) – Congratulations. – Congrats.
– Thank you. I still got it guys. – All right, now Kev, you get to answer the question since you the coolest. You got a track called “Used to Be”. – Yes. – Which of you changed the most since your last album? – Which of us has changed the most? – Yeah. (audience laughs) – I think each one of
us has changed a lot. Obviously, I have my children, so I’m gonna take that
outside of the thing. I think… – [Joe] Say it. – I think Nick. – There you go.
– [Host] Nick? – Has changed the most. No, no, in an incredible way. I think the thoughtfulness,
the heart, the care for family. – [Audience] Aww. – [Joe] He’s like, “No,
keep going, keep going.” (laughing) – No, no, I just mean there
is something so cool to see with finding love, finding that journey, and where he is today. It’s just awesome. – Nick, my man. So Nick, I’m gonna give
you the next question. – Okay. It’s for the title track “Trust”. – I’ll take one guys. – Okay. (audience laughs) – The track title “Trust”. Are there any secrets that you’re keeping from your brothers? – That I’m keeping?
– [Audience] Ooh. – No, honestly. We spend too much time together. There’s no room for secrets. – [Host] Okay. – But, yeah, no. – No secrets, okay, cool. – What about you guys? Any secrets you’re keeping from me? – Uh, no. – I got a couple but it’s fine. (laughing) – You have a track called
“Hesitate” and Kev, I’m a father as well and I wonder, did you hesitate to go back on tour because of your kids? – It has been a challenge. Honestly, it has been an adjustment. But having them out there, like
last night, it’s incredible. And the summer tour… How many of you guys are comin’ to that? (audience cheers) At this point I feel like we have to stop calling it a summer tour. – [Host] Okay. – I feel like it’s gonna
be the next ten-year tour. It just keeps goin’ and we’re
really excited about it. So we’re gonna bring the whole family out. It’s gonna be great. – Okay, all right, cool. All right, you gotta song
called “Roller Coaster” and I thought this
would be a shameless way to talk about “Game of Thrones”, Joe. (audience cheers) (laughing) This season was an
emotional roller coaster. When and how did you find out
that it was actually ending? – Oh, I found out a year
and a half ago maybe. – [Host] Oh, you knew… – I knew for awhile. – Wow. – My lips were sealed. – [Host] Were you sworn to secrecy? – Yes. – [Kevin] He didn’t even tell us. – NDAs were signed. – [Host] Uh-huh. – But also I wanted to be
able to keep it a secret. Just like everyone else
who was a part of it. And it was, you know, we loved it. And I’m speaking for the three of us. – It’s so amazing. – I loved the ending. So many people worked
so hard on that show. – Yeah. – To see what they did even for… – [Audience Member] Queen of the North! – Yes. – [Host] Queen of the North. (clapping and cheering) – You knew how it was gonna end though? – Not everything because that show shoots in so many different places. Sophie knew what was going to happen for her character and a few others but there’s so many different story lines and to wrap it all up. I was still watching it
like, “(gasp) Oh my God!” – [Host] Yeah. – Just like everyone else so I loved it. Well done. – Okay, cool, I think she
shoulda got the throne though. Joe, I’m gonna cut to ya with “Only Human” I know you’re only human. When’s the last time you cried and why? – Oh, it was last night. – [Audience] Aww. – [Host] Why’d you cry? – Well, the album came out
and we were celebrating and the restaurant-bar that we were at, played the album twice. So listening to the
record I got emotional. – There it is. – [Audience] Aww. – It was very emotional. – Yeah, it gets ya. – Okay, okay. Let’s go to this track,
“Happy When I’m Sad”. Nick, I’m gonna hit you with this one. Is there a happy memory you held on to, with the brothers, during the break, that when you thought
about it, it made you sad? – Ooh. – [Joe] It’s a deep one. – A happy… this is deep. Okay, I’m tryin’ to think. I think the craziness
of the release period, we talk about it in the doc as well, of “A Little Bit Longer”,
here in New York City, there was so much good
happening in all of our lives. And I share that with all of you, we were all living in it then. But the mayhem around
it, I don’t think that I, at 16, 17-years old, however old I was, had the operating system in place yet to be able to process it all. And feel okay at the end of the day. So looking back on it, it’s sad because I think about
how I handle things now, the great people around me that I have, the trust in my brothers, and friends, and obviously, my wife. And it changes the game. You’re able to enjoy things a lot more because you actually
understand who you are and how to live a
healthier life within it. And that was a deep answer
but it was a deep question. – [Host] I like that, man. Track by Track, right.


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