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  • Chainy Rabbit says:

    A police car and a screaming siren
    A pneumatic drill and ripped up concrete
    A baby wailing and stray dog howling
    The screech of brakes and lamp light blinking

    That's entertainment, that's entertainment

    A smash of glass and a rumble of boots
    An electric train and a ripped up 'phone booth
    Paint splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat
    Lights going out and a kick in the balls

    That's entertainment, that's entertainment

    Days of speed and slow time Mondays
    Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday
    Watching the news and not eating your tea
    A freezing cold flat and damp on the walls

    That's entertainment, that's entertainment

    Waking up at six am on a cool warm morning
    Opening the windows and breathing in petrol
    An amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard
    Watching the tele and thinking about your holidays

    That's entertainment, that's entertainment

    Waking up from bad dreams and smoking cigarettes
    Cuddling a warm girl and smelling stale perfume
    A hot summer's day and sticky black tarmac
    Feeding ducks in the park and wishing you were far away

    That's entertainment, that's entertainment

    Two lovers kissing amongst the scream of midnight
    Two lovers missing the tranquillity of solitude
    Getting a cab and travelling on buses
    Reading the graffiti about slashed seat affairs

    That's entertainment, that's entertainment

  • This is an amazing song, and the band is awesome…I can totally imagine DAVID BOWIE DIGGING THIS! Sounds like it could be a Bowie song 🙂

  • chopperg1966 says:

    The anthem for growing up on a British council estate in the 70s & 80s. You didnt have much but learned to appreciate the little things in life

  • Anthony Cervantes says:

    I sang this spot on in a bar last night everyone looked clueless. As to who this was
    Really sad.
    I was born in the wrong time in history
    Of course everyone asked who it was after.

  • Beauty, only reached No.21 in the UK back in February 1981.
    Apparently, Paul Weller wrote that song while he was half cut.
    That song really sums up England in a dull light, but it is still one of the best from the 1980's.

  • Alrite.., you got ya PlayStation's and your internet..but wheres the voice of your generation? ..back in my day..this kind of music spoke to us . And clubs, clubs were our churches..not like today…hotspots for vanity /aggression and thuggery with music that encourages you have a dirty attitude to lif….we played real music.. music that had a message good or bad. I fear for the younger generation

  • There was me, age 13 and a half, i fancied this girl in my class called Jo, she always seemed cool and grown up, anyway, we were friends and she did me a compliation tape, this was 1988 an this song was on it, along with the smiths bigmouth strikes again, the sex pistols, the clash and other stuff. The tape was left in my brothers car which got broke in to and somebody stole the tape. Anyway, id never heard any of this type of music till then and it was exciting, as music was at that age, i was obsessed with music, it was a very intense experience. Although now at age 43 i still like music,but…i rarely get that euphoric rush that i did as a teenager, sadly, Maybe ive just heard too much of it, and too many classic bands and have become jaded ? Although i listen to it often, as the one thousand song play list on my chnl will attest to. But its not quite as good as it was ! Maybe i am trying to recreate a feeling ? Damn

  • I know that Paul has no use for the tag of punk or punk music and that's why he is punk, more punk than a lot of poseurs who try to be that.

  • Edmund Burke says:

    As an American, I don't know how much I love this song.  Some of the references seem a bit twee, such as "petrol,""telly," etc.  On the other hand, it has a fantastic hook, great melody, etc.  On a whim, I bought "Snap!" as a double LP in 1988.  The Jam are fabulously unknown/underrated.

  • Erik Rudolph says:

    reminds me of the time i was taking the tube from elsworth to brixton and this bloak walks up to me and says i look too big for me boots so i said where you from mate and he says westminster buckinghamshire and i says oh yeah how about we go for a bare nuckle then and i said fuck you you caant your the one with the lower unkton crickett malot so piss off and suck your mum fagger

  • This was a bit of an anthem for me and my teenage pals back in the early eighties. We got up to shit, got in trouble with the coppers, never really hurt anyone. We were sad.
    Good times.

  • I love when I re-discover a song that I've heard in passing over the years and then can't stop listening to it!

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