The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz | full movie (2014)


23 thoughts on “The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz | full movie (2014)”

  • Amicus Entropia says:

    Omg, eye opening, a reminder to all not just the United Stated, but a reminder about all counties following the path of the U.S. ,Younth are the innovators. Learn from this sharp innovators!

  • Piedmont Aquaprint says:

    Aaron was and is the perfect example of how, not only does the government not serve the people of the country it represents, it suppresses them. The government does not defend freedom, it actively works against it.

  • There's so much nauseating hagiography about this guy. Swartz was a neurotic, extremely arrogant narcissist and a spoiled brat. If he had any toughness at all in him, he could've gotten through this and still be doing meaningful work today.

  • I hate how this video only has 300k views in 5 years but when I post a video of me inhaling an ant through a straw -> 5 million views in 2 days.

  • Society is killing its own heroes. We all need to SUPPORT leaders who are willing to give all for the BETTERMENT of HUMANITY.

  • we have so many of these what I like to call angels trying to ensure the truth is given to the masses and they are repeatedly killed off. watch kill the messenger. gary web found dead shot twice in the head and it was declared a suicide

  • In a planet of 7 billion people, you get a genius like Aaron Swartz Who is all about positive change and exposing governments/corporations resisting against everything that's wrong with the system – a rare virtue amongst people, may you rest in peace champ!!

  • The content of this documentary is great and very important, but the crappy generic advertisement music at the very end is extremely inappropriate and breaks the tone of the information – especially at around 1:41:00, when the man is crying about Aaron's death, and it sounds like I'm watching a commercial for a drug about erectile dysfunction.

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