The Internet Revolution

The Internet Revolution

today easy and affordable access to the Internet is reshaping consumer behavior eighty-four percent of Canadians are not connected to the Internet over 50 percent on a smartphone and on average Canadians have 2.6 Internet capable devices what's more Canadians have become daily users of social media these trends are changing the way consumers and businesses make decisions 42 percent of Canadians now consult consumer reviews before purchasing over half of smartphone owners use their device to compare prices in stores 41 percent buy online and 93 percent of Canadian businesses research purchases from other businesses using the internet so what does this all mean to entrepreneur it means that the internet represents rich opportunities for businesses that are willing to take the lead because while 84 percent of Canadians are online just 17% of businesses sell online and final 20 percent of companies with 10 or more employees don't even have a website to explore this vast potential here are four key steps that will set you on the path to online success you can get started by creating a simple website using low-cost services such as WordPress and GoDaddy make sure your site is compatible with smartphones and tablets and it's easy to navigate create a presence for your company on the main social media sites and consider building an e-commerce site using free or low-cost tools next use your website and social media to regularly post content that generates interaction and gets shared send emails letters to current and potential customers by online ads to increase web traffic and boost sales and invest in search engine optimization to increase online visibility use free tools such as Google Analytics to measure website statistics make sure you analyze comments likes and retweet to understand visitor interaction and then continue measuring and tweak your design content and marketing accordingly finally review your online properties to ensure they are user friendly expand by identifying what works and what doesn't and take it to the next level by focusing on customer experience follow these key steps and the internet will become your ally and by exploring the full range of online opportunities you'll propel your business to a whole new level BDC is the only bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneur you


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  • Juan Venegas - Digital Marketing Consultant says:

    Great video #BDC . Any #entrepeneur  or #business  owner should have a #digitalmarketing  chapter in their business plan. 

  • Mindsaw - NYC SEO - NYC Web Design says:

    Canadians have embraced business's have embraced the internet. Canadian business owners must consider getting their business online…great video

  • While this is a sponsored video, it contains excellent content in regard to how small business owners should be making the most of selling products and services via technology.

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