24 thoughts on “The Internet of Things”

  • Marlyn Flores says:

    I have to watch for a school assignment, this the third time I watch this in the day two times at school and now

  • Tobin Alexander says:

    I've played with home automation and smart home devices since the 90's. I've personally been a fan of the idea all these years. I have had some enlightening experiences as well, like purchasing a smart vacuum and then it running over dog poop…smearing it throughout the entire house! Right now I'm in the process of purchasing different products off of and, but am wondering if you guys know maybe where there is a better place to search??

  • Victor Ernesto Girones Della Sala says:

    Interesting Video, If you guys want to read more about IOT check this article

  • IoT… I only heard half of the presentation because I couldn't keep my eyes off of the two-legged eyes everywhere. If IBM's intention was obscure in their sharing of this video, then they have succeeded. Heya, Big Brother!

  • Neta Baughman says:

    Then when it fails, or say Microsoft does not want you on the system, By the way, they do that and do not tell us why. Try and get a code of conduct from them. This is not my idea of the pursuit of happiness.

  • Faouzi Hidoussi says:
    The second  International Conference on Internet of Things, Data and
    Cloud Computing (ICC 2017) will be held in Cambridge city, Churchill
    College. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. 22-23 March 2017.

  • Gizem Ozturk says:

    4:14: "soon enough, we will just expect to be told exactly when the bus will arrive." Obviously you've never been in Switzerland 🙂

  • Very cool video animations but do we need to know everytime we send a text message the underground network does the same. How long will it be until I own a voice and face recognition home, will you build a Cortana AI for our home.

  • remember when the time travel guy said IBM was going to lead the technology world & chocolate was going to rise in value

  • Basil Karagiannis says:

    i did my thesis on the internet of things using open hardware and software, and ended up with smartphone applications for smart parking, geo fencing and smart grid. in case anyone is interested

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