36 thoughts on “The Internet of Things: Dr. John Barrett at TEDxCIT”

  • It is 2019 now and during the past 7 years, which is when this video was uploaded, more and more things he said became true. We pretty much created an alternative world called the internet, which is invisible to our eyes and yet is even more important than reality in some parts of our life. Everything will be connected together at some point in time because it simplfies our lifes and takes work off our shoulders. But this comfort is not free, nor do we fully understand the consequences this will have: We become dependent on it.
    Depending on something makes us vulnerable, just imagine a doctor who has to look up the steps to perform a surgery because they are too complicated to remember: If for some reason the information is gone or the internet is unavailable, we are completely unable to continue the lives we lived with the IOT. Comfort will become neccessity in the future and therefore a big weakness and risk for our lives.

  • James Roberts says:

    Willfully embracing our surveillance. It’s called the net and the web because we’ll all get stuck in it.

  • So now we know the reason why everyone was forced to go on the digital smart system. Man's genius and symbiotic stupidity.

  • Ericka Orion says:

    It's hard to think about IoT, without thinking about BI. To achieve the vision by 2030, we need a lot of BI and much more of an open mind.

  • Vishal Kumar says:

    We're already being controlled by technology in our everyday life.
    I wonder what will happen as Internet of things advances.

  • The biggest buzzword of these days, Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly taking a transformation from concept to reality. More and more companies are rolling out products related to IoT, Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen, Google Daydream, TP-Link Smart Wi Fi are just few notable IoT products. It is estimated that by 2020 more than 20 billion devices will be interconnected, paving way for IoT. IoT is about connecting physical devices to internet, there won't be any aspect of life that wouldn't be effected by IoT. If you don't know about this technology you are already too late.
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    "Better manage energy, we can get to grips with our planets climate", so adding 100'S of billions IoT devices, they all run on solar energy then?
    "it will happen so just get use to it" It will not happen in the next 100 years whilst democracy is still alive. The world couldn't even decide on VhS vs Betamax, how the hell is Security protocols every going to be agreed and un-managed cross pollution of networks makes it a hackers dream.

  • Lossy Lossnitzer says:

    You want your washing machine or dryer to go on when energy is cheap. At the moment cheap imports of goods are making things catch fire so yes your house might be warmer and you washing dry when you are 10 miles from home, because your house may be on fire. Your Car might be more efficient because the car company has the ability to look at your car whilst you are driving and make an appointment to repair but your auto driver assist car might not negotiate the corner because your car CPU is melting sending out viruses/malware to the rest of the world. Let us use our eyes and ears to check if we need something fixed. My Car still drives, my washing/drying still gets done and I do not need my heating on 10 minutes before I get home – just leave your jumper on till it warms up.

  • Lossy Lossnitzer says:

    As a person that likes Tech I think the Internet of things is just a big security hole that will leave me spending all my life patching and upgrading to the next IOT n.0 product.

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