2 thoughts on “The Ingraham Angle 11/5/19 [HD] | Fox News Breaking News Nov 5, 2019”

  • cl0wn w0rld refugee says:

    white people don't get it, it's over, they HATE their own country they can't enforce any laws without partisanship.

  • The basic issue isn’t about the President, healthcare, racism, guns, illegal aliens or some down trodden clique seeking more equality than they already have. The basic issue is whether we will continue to live in a representative republic driven by a capitalistic economy or kowtow to a socialist fantasy land bereft not only of borders but any diversity of thought. A place where equality is taken to the extreme and implemented by the clenched fist ideology of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. Ironically, in creating their paradise socialist sow the seeds of their own destruction for most certainly no human being with a grain of sentience would long endure a paradise that cannot exist unless it’s enforced by the same iron heel that gave us Tiananmen Square.

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