9 thoughts on “The impact of social media in political debate | Mark Shephard | TEDxGlasgow”

  • this didn't really touch on how social media has a big impact on politics. just basically told you what not to do such as don't be foul about politicians. very unhelpful

  • Wtf this was a waste of time. How about if a certain subject or person triggers you then don't be a fucking idiot and engage with them? The solution isn't 1000's of censorship rules. The solution is using common sense and not engaging in shitty conversation.

  • I feel as though this is more of a "what not to write on Twitter to avoid offending people" talk, as opposed to what impact social media has on political debate.

  • This is a condascending load of drivel. Shale is right, if this is "sort" of research funded by my ESRC dolla dolla, ill be phoning up to complain. This fat buffoon tells us nothing. Dr Sheepherd and his cronies would recognise flaming if they i spelt it out for them. Dont waste your time listening to this A load of horsedung

  • If this is the sort of "research" funded by the ESRC, I want my money back. Patronising and saying absolutely nothing about the "impact of social media in political debate". I am not sure Professor Shephard would recognise deliberate flaming if he comes across it… it isn't just USING CAPS!!!!

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