The Hunt - Talkback

The Hunt – Talkback

[Applause] so how has it be the audience's through the show how much is their focus the tension of the play-acting how they're experiencing it all of us make suspension of disbelievers that he's guilty and you know because I think those are me so that's an interesting relationship isn't and I think for me when I come visit lucas has often attention that's really really interesting us by that point well I don't know it seems to me the audience dying from release he's not affording it I feel the relationship shift when we first accuse I feel we're ridiculous and then it becomes a lot more serious I don't even have a presence was finding clearly status in person to believe that Lucas is guilty because otherwise it comes a bit to D if it's very obvious that he's innocent everyone is just kind of client you follow us be part of as I talked about like the men of largely to the police guilt is up in the way that the video and they clearly did speech in the way they're gonna be Lisa because in a way that ministries in Paris school relief in terms of the relationship in terms of our relationship with the audience relation yeah again so it's a sort of K about complicity isn't it about where you where one finds oneself in the big in the drama unfolding and so we are aware that we knew you in to be laughing at kids watching porn yeah so there's a sort of nesic complicity what we listen to the laughter every night sometimes in silent sometimes a clicking they'll be very cheery beginning to scientists not in other times it is very funny to to web history is sort of somehow a very funny line on some nights it really gets a laugh and other nights the audience and nervous becoming to visit so it feels like it's written to lure you into this just like we're walking loaded into an innocent man's downfall and so it's very much part of Germany the point of the play is how in twine Newgate [Applause] Marcus I'm just in time to open up to questions anybody have a question how much the kids I mean the kids were superb by the way about how much they need in the rehearsal process of what the storyline was and has because obviously how much you could explain to them and how much of it they were completely innocent of I don't know how old they are like they are all night yeah so how such a sniper was it's ten years old and so the whole script the very latest age was given to safeguarding expert who kind of went through it and base some notes on the whole very positive it's in school okay for a child to be doing maybe two lines which are taken out but the biggest part of it was about trying to not trick the children because that's where you'll end up the territory of making people guilt or shame and confusion about what they're doing and even though there was a precondition of children accepting the role that their parents about to have to talk with them so that ones have a little earlier engagements with imprint yeah feelings like uncertainty or shame or guilt about any of that stuff is so good for one moment in particular they know they are watching a video which is something to assess they know that it has naked bodies in it and they know that off the internet which children go to or they don't do this connect all this three so for instance when you're talking about the erection they you just climb very candidly say to them hey boys have willies that's kind of funny isn't it and sometimes roots like this and sometimes they stand up and they just set on a very soft biological level but the connection they don't make in this is always very careful as they don't link back to sexual ization however the young girls have to be suspect on a daily basis so this middle of the second printing it's still pretty terrified here one day still a troller of it mrs clay to be amazing about make sure the flake there's been no cool prick if ever there's a child psychiatrist on hand [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] in in previews we tried some different endings that were more announced oblique leer but they felt slightly less satisfying us and then they got smaller as an end endings I think are always difficult so I think we're reaching towards something that holds a few things together which maybe is why there's a sense of ambiguity some people are sort of have different readings of it I don't think that's necessarily a problem but I'm sorry you felt it was unsatisfying that way I mean for me I think it's about certainly I think it's the gesture one gestures is what's those things like that I said accusations I've ever made your life never goes back to as it was so you will always be a target you always so that's one thing another thing just in terms of the design so stepping into the house obviously throughout the piece there is this language of inside and outside belonging not belonging so him kind of stepping into the house is partly and accepting himself accepting his fate all those sort of things that kind of work with into that kind of physical gesture and then yeah that's what it means for me and then I mean and then people have different kind of readings some people definitely feel that he's shot or shot at something he's killed at the end and yes I didn't necessarily think that's a problem that there's a an enigmatic uncertainty about me I just want to say um I think the problem with it for me is where's the son left with that gunshot in relation to us since you say to him I'm gonna drive the deer toward you and you're gonna shoot it right and then you get shot so what's the relationship between where's the stone so that the proper visit we at the eye-to-eye in an ideal their little world we would all let this box with a weapon and we've all gone a-hunting into the forest so the trouble is is anyone has gun and it's been given to the son and that's lingonberry but he was 80 so come on is peaceful mystery brooding figure who seems to sort of theatrical sources sort of change of gear is about that point and it sort of makes sense in the world I think the way you're on that sort of days shock yeah it's quite interesting exploring that with wonderful difficulty also your spirits and the sermon is the Celtic or agent Celtic one of the widow's for itself to be given to the movement elements that whether it be the dancing eight men at top or the kind of expression sequences with the launch Windows drink amazing feel correct yeah I mean we were to focus separately for a couple of weeks and investigated a lot of different movement links and all that stuff but also whether this works now and I think the use of the physicality is again a bit ambiguous for an audience member to watch and I think it's all about what you think might happen you know Lucas or ten to the largest it gets after gets out of jail and you know gonna hit so that we all leave and we leave them in there and it's that isolation room a secluded miss family cousin Scott and we're on the world outside that could also most look like representative of a hunt or hunting here or you know maybe with maybe be in a month or whatever book all of that physical stuff that were doing it's all very thought through about that isn't it what we did with the work he has a girlfriend in the film and also what and the wife the wife is here I mean she doesn't make it experience and it's interesting in the film you know what the wife and the girlfriend feel once the activation is made in how do they so is there a reason why they have weren't included in the stage because I actually could say to her it was equally powerful that obviously two different things I like them both I was interested why those two characters were in this I think I mean the film I think is more social realism in terms of its genre this field warn each other and I think they breed far who did the adaptation I think then I felt it it helps to appear isolate because more and more so that he didn't really have any too emotional outlets and so I think that really feeds into a more birth thriller quite a sort of bullet like structure it's very very plain and he really has his only real emotional Harbor for me the film is it is obviously if more desert have more of the town in it that's harder yeah it doesn't mean that there's no one supports a new potato and then suddenly Morris is another class right let me give you if you had a supportive character throughout the girlfriend then maybe that brought the isolation if the best friend is also the man with biggest house and the lead of the launch he hasn't built that's huge – yes yes yes consistent entirely consistent the girlfriend's not it's really it's really interesting yeah there's much more support systems in the dummy Dino you got the signal market saying you know it just this is something else somehow more I know as we say sort of it's a deeply human coming in at a point where I thought the other guy gave me every day five and then how long is it since I've seen you in a long time since I've seen you know this is the place where I've known in growing up as a child so it's in a weird sense that kind of contrast between being very comfortable here not being with you being back from this small town that I know in at the same time everything everything has changed so there's a weird contrast there which makes things sort of in some sense I'm back to normality and then other senses it's like this is what's going on here it seemed like there was a moment where there was an ever so slight suggestion that Lucas could have been in forests father I mean I was intentional yes do you mean young Nicola yeah yeah yeah the process for me watching watching it it seemed very physical at every moment of it not just like the movement pieces but very like tactile and a lot of the way that a lot of the characters were coming to life and I think especially with the contrast of the the is kind of question around a child's touch like how being the rehearsal process like you had these movements that you said you kind of developed a little bit but like in terms of process if physicality was a big component or if it was a postscript approach first Jimmy just in terms of the acting of just like behaviorism we did it how we were sort of each other like out so as an entire rehearsal process working you know or maybe individual but if there was any sort of if it was just an approach to the text the play first together as a group were if there was any kind of tacit ah it just it felt very visible and on its own we was near this box so from our point of view we were who was working in a very basic frame and our glass so all that moon at one of them ooh my gosh you can see the new boss so but we always knew we had this very title space of you was the the square the script first and then the design came after to answer I think in terms of David did his adaptation and he didn't have this second mind when he wrote that the design came later we had at the beginning of rehearsal we spent like the first week pretty much stress testing this design this is what's that gonna be like it for your stood there is that way around the house and so here we did climb it back and this is very much creative that Jaime would mean like I don't know some not sure if some of these scenes would work in the box when the large team works equally the interview seen as a big one of doing it and I hope this works it could have changed I don't even really completely known until Lucas started really emotionally hot demanding to see Carolus that played why not he just became really passive he just seemed to let things happen to him or do you think that contributed to thinking he was guilty yeah I think one of the mechanisms it's going on is that he is restrained and private and into that gap people that's one of the things that it David is trying to articulate in their place pecan tossed aside like goodness in the minute lunch and how they would respond to think oh yeah [Laughter] do you say the outside of school I do say to them even if I had wants to do that which I didn't know and I also say do you really think I could do something like that that's the hottest who gets I think it's definitely in the writing that was what David is written very intentionally so which is about that one I think is very very hard to articulate emotions in this area as a complete swamp it's very very difficult so even if he did profess his innocence I think it would only get more complicated and then also I think I think for me Luca starts when this begins to understand that someone is going to have to carry this weight and if he really throws it on karma goes back to carry this so there's are no winners and also I think dramatically it's very interesting to see what what a group does but I suspect I mean from the reading I did I think it's much more common than you'd imagine that people become frozen in the face of being shaped being publicly shamed as a sort of like an inability to step into and articulate what's happening because it's so big it's so hurtful so surprising so shocking that people would think this of you all those things and so I think people go into a state of just sorting stuckness which i think is definitely going on and then but also just trauma totally he very quickly gets to his friends saying you took her hand and put it on your which is such a leap from anything that he knows it's happened so he knows he's new to extreme world so that would be quick mixture of things he did in early honors then your conversation with your ex it's like no you escalate you know you're very the way you do it it's just this is how this man is fully expresses himself yeah it's not how a lot of us do already knows I think it's very very hard to imagine what it would be like to be have those things said about you and so I see a lots of people just go oh I want you to where you say what are you saying what's interesting thing is that actually the more I dug into the side psychology of it and the timeline of what's happening I some increasingly understood why Damon had risen more aggressiveness it becomes sort of impossible and the the cost of all science to exponentially increases yeah it's coming more questions I that's what to do understand what was the toughest part for you in your preparation and processing playing Lucas well obviously worked the least I mean Oliver I guess on a boring answer is just trying to imagine yourself into that situation into that happening to you what that would really be like that's digging into that I'm going to say I was aware that today when it comes up to this even he's about to enter the lodge and we're all staring at it like if there is any if energy has has impact in a sense he doesn't get it every night really was aware so this is not a particularly complex track for most of us than the three bigger party and more complex exactly but it still takes its toll is that something about doing dark shadow work that takes it some interesting toll that I suspect he won't leave no thank you when we are directing that but then that sectors like you know was people so the second thoughts ingredient like first story about an innocent man accused in the meeting era and it was their meet you and some impact the other patient from the movie was freeing me to Iraq to the play absolutist commissioned free thoughts well I suppose the meetings with what or we could say there was about trying to not make it feel that it was that to make it specific about this community community's response and the fact it's about children and about children our children be and so I didn't know that it was a it was not the intention was one that's too bad because it's provoked I think it's a really subtle piece I mean I just played it with a couple of people I've spoken to directly had experiences kids wrongly actually poking women does that interest you in just saying that there's another aspect does that suspect to this story as well which is universe but yeah but I still be feeling the work piece work is subtle detail it's quite visual questions and there's so much [Applause]


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