The History of Jesse Saying “Bitch” in Breaking Bad with Aaron Paul | Netflix

The History of Jesse Saying “Bitch” in Breaking Bad with Aaron Paul | Netflix

– Evolution of bitch, take one, mark. (laughs) – What up, biatch? I’m Aaron Paul, and today
we’re going to explore the evolution of Jesse
Pinkman from Breaking Bad, by breaking down the most
important bitches in the show. (upbeat music) – This first bitch comes
from season one, episode two, let’s take a look. – What up, biatch? What up, biatch? How’s about I send over
my psycho bitch wife? Psycho bitch wife, you
know, powerful stuff, you know, I think this bitch shows us Jesse at his most innocent, before the chaos has truly begun, you know, he’s melting a body in acid, you know, you can really hear
it in the two syllable biatch. He’s just, you know, he’s totally naive. Looking back on it, he’s
showing us what he is, you know, he’s going to lose. You know, our next bitch comes
from season two, episode six. You can just take a look. Where’s my money, where’s the money, where’s my money, bitch, huh? Bitch, where’s my money, bitch? Oh, that’s good, where’s my money, where’s my money bitch,
bitch, where’s my money? C’mon, where’s my money, bitch? (claps) You know, seriously, that
is the question of the day, where is my money bitch? I actually remember that day so well, here I approached bitch as a
way for Jesse to, you know, puff himself up like
a, like a puffer fish, a puffer bitch. He’s still a bit naive, here, and it was important that
I show his, you know, sort of vulnerability. Yeah, you know, I really feel he could find some strength,
in the different ways he could say bitch, cause
there’s really, truly, so many different ways,
different meanings of bitch. You know, the next bitch is
actually several bitches, it’s from season three,
episodes five, six and seven, take a look. Plural, bitch. Just try and stop me, bitch. (laughs) You know, I call this the, the
bitch pause suite, you know, three episodes in a row where I say bitch with a huge pause before it. As an actor, I saw these three bitches as representing Jesse’s
point of no return, you know, first off an eye contact
bitch, at low volume, note the pause before he says it, you know, I wanted to show, show him, you know, think about it and decide to call Mr. White a bitch, to reclaim some power in the
relationship, as one does. You know, Heisenberg needs to
be knocked down a couple pegs, you know what I mean? The easy way to do that
is to call him a bitch. We really see it with this bitch, I mean, Jesse can never unsee him as his dorky chemistry teacher, and he leaves this
exchange feeling, you know, kinda feeling like a, like a king. This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed, bitch. Mmm. It’s a mic drop bitch. Very next episode, this bitch is Jesse really feeling himself, now remember, he’s just made his own blue sky meth without Walt, he can do it without him, it’s Jesse’s last innocent bitch, and Dean really got a
kick out of that one, but after this, things,
you know, change for Jesse. You’re my free pass, bitch. You know, with that pause, the bitch pause arc comes to an end. You know, Hank has beaten Jesse badly, and, even though he’s been beaten physically and spiritually, I felt it was vital to convey
Jesse’s resilience here, you know, that’s his real super power. So I pulled out the biggest pre-bitch pause of them all,
and it just tortures Mr. White. Now I wanted to say bitch to
say, you know, like fuck you, you know, I think it’s
the most powerful bitch of the show, to be honest,
and the first bitch of the new damaged Jesse Pinkman. So next up, season four, episode seven. I made you my bitch. Yeah, see, now, that bitch was one the hardest bitches
I ever had to do on the show. Season four was crazy to film, because Jesse is just drowning in pain. Thrust into absolute anguish, this scene, Jesse crash
landing on rock bottom, and trying to use bitch as
a cushion to pad the fall. Usually bitch is very
comforting for Jesse, but this just, emotionally just kinda threw up, out of his body, this was the most challenging
scenes for me to shoot, deeply emotional, dark,
and you can feel genuine wickedness radiating off of Jesse, and he’s lost, the bitch mana, you know, that once empowered him has
now overtaken him completely. So next up is the final
bitch of this series, season five, episode 15. (exciting music) (grunts) C’mon, bitch. This scene was so surreal to film, Jesse says that as he frees himself from his own imprisonment,
literally and metaphorically. Even though it’s quiet,
almost inaudibly grumbled, it’s the most triumphant
bitch of the show. You know, it’s Jesse saving himself, so I wanted this to
deliver this bitch-like vocation of Jesse’s inner,
sort of, his inner strength. Where will the evolution of bitch take us when we reconnect with Jesse
Pinkman in “El Camino”?


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