'The Hindu' Analysis for 26th July, 2019 (Current Affairs for UPSC/IAS)

'The Hindu' Analysis for 26th July, 2019 (Current Affairs for UPSC/IAS)


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  • Topics:

    1. Karnataka Speaker disqualifies three rebel Congress MLAs

    2. ‘100 pending cases? Set up a POCSO court’: 3:55

    3. EC sets up teams to probe VVPAT mismatch in Lok Sabha election: 7:52

    4. Drug menace: Haryana, H.P. mull law on lines of MCOCA: 15:02

    5. The minutiae of Trump’s mediation claim: 19:12

    6. Practice Questions: 25:26

  • I Requested you please start a National Eligibility Test (NET) exame preparation your way of teaching is really Amazing

  • kavya.N kavya.N says:

    Free and fair elections is essential feature of democracy. Electronic voting machines EVMs) have posed the doubts of misuse and tampering.Thus Election commision of INDIA (ECI) introduced Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPATs)
    1 VVPATs generates a paper slip which lasts for 7 seconds after the voter has casted his vote.
    2 This enables the Voter to verify the vote casted.
    3 VVPATs will be verified from randomly selected 5 polling stations in each assembly.
    4 In case of discrepancies Counting will be done by VVPATs.
    1 sensitivity to heat , light and humidity.
    2 currently verifies in only 5 polling stations.
    3 Large scale failure/malfunctioning in recent bypolls.
    However, according to ECI the mismatch between EVMs and VAPATs is 0.0004% ,thus disposing the transparency in the electoral process.
    Way forward
    Increase in verification of VVPATs lead to further accountability of the Electoral process in INDIA.

  • Sir thank you for ur effort i would like to request one to discuss the answer for which question your giving on particular day so that ot will gelp us to improve our answer writing inthe right way

    Thanking you

  • Great observation s and explanation please continue this and will surely thankyou after I get reasults. This peice of your is worth mentioning in large scale. Loving it. Thankyou.


    VVPAT 's is a machine that is attached to EVM.if voter press the blue button of EVM then a slip is generated in VVPAT remains for seven seconds for the verification and after that it drop in valet pad.it firstly introduced in 2013.
    reasons for introduction of VVPAT's
    1.votes counted digitally that is not valid proof of vote as voters cannot verify his/her vote.
    2.many leaders questions the transparency of EVM.
    3.digitally votes cannot be verified so it is not a authentic proof.
    to overcome these above problem VVPAT's is introduced by election commission of india .And it played in crucial role in integrity and transparency of electoral process as
    1.it helps voter to verify their vote.
    2.it can help in counting slip manually and match with digital data and improve the quality of eletoral process.
    3.it helps in integrity of electoral process as if there is mismatch in digital vote and the slip action can be taken be taken by election commission of India.
    4.it increase the accuracy of electoral system because of two types of data one is digital data and other is slip.as we see in recent lok sabha election the accuracy is almost achieved as percent error is 0.0004 percent.

    VVPAT's have answer of all the question that was arising on the accuracy of EVM .This is the positive step taken by the goverment of India to conduct fare and corrupt free election in India.voters can trust the voting process and relax as their vote has npt gone in vain.with the accuracy of almost 99.99 percent VVPAT's bring new revolution in electoral process.

    do check my answer sir and give the necessary feedback too.i am waiting for your feedback

  • Nikhil Shivasai says:

    Sir byjus IAS team is doing great job for aspirants sir ur providing precious knowledge….keep going on sir thanks

  • The aim of the terrorism is to overthrow the power of government and get the power to them .
    The organized crime is mostly profit oriented , they do the crime for their frofit .
    There is strong linkage between terrorism and organized crime , because terrorism can't directly entered into country, but the organized criminal group already exist in that country , so the terrorism need the help of organized criminal group. Organized criminal group also need profit.
    India is the vulnalble country to both terrorism and organized criminal group, because India have unsolved problem like North Eastern insurgency, Kasmir issues .
    In1980's kalistan movement the Punjabi drug addicts targeted.
    In the Kashmir issues also terrorist gain the money from the drugs and fake currency by local organized criminal group.
    Same like the north Eastern area the insurgency groups produce the fund from the norcotics and drugs , and also get weapon by this .
    It's not only for a security threat it's also social threat and threat for national integrity.
    India have a strong law against this UAPA act to curb this type of activity.
    We need to attention to identify this group and for national security and social development.

  • pratik wankhede says:

    It would be great if you can give the link to the recommended videos during the lecture in the pinned comment.

  • Aniket Belsare says:

    Bijus, I have a request, obviously without any doubt you are doing a great job, but can you please make some videos of how to write the answer and proper explanation of how to read for prelims,

  • Please select at least 10 topics per day for wholistic coverage of newspaper as you have made videos on 10 topics on 25th of July.
    Thanking you in anticipation! UPSE CSE Aspirant 😊

  • Please make a separate weekly section for science and technology related videos likewise separate economy section.

  • Organised Crime AND Terrorism:

    Organised crime is transnational, national or local groupings of criminals who r doing illegal activities harming to the state and society at large.
    Activities like smuggling, trafficking and money londering r related to each other and r said to be organised crimes.
    India's geographic location is particularly vulnerable because it is located between two important areas of drug (heroin and cokin ) production in the world i.e GOLDEN TRIANGLE & GOLDEN CRESCENT.
    Organised crimes make their presence where law and order situation is weak and where there is bad governance. Similarly, terror outfits, insurgent groups and armed groups also thrive in such aread and fulfills each others need. they support each other, there is strong link between organised crimes and terrorism.
    Terrorism can not thrive without financial support and when all ways of finance gets blocked (eg of external state actors) then terror group has to create their own source of finance so the option organised crime, & for that they provide security to organised crimes , help them in crossing border etc in these way both can sustain even in difficult situation.
    Area of GOLDEN CRESCENT comprising Iran, Afghanistan and pakistan is on Indias western side and Area called GOLDEN TRAIANGLE Comprising Laos, thailand and Burma is on north eastern side. This is biggest challenge to Indias National security. As India is being hub for such activities.
    Khalistan movement in India is good example showing link between organised crime and terrorism and also of interference of external state actors in such activities.
    Location of India i.e between golden triangle and golden crescent which r drug producing areas itself is vulnersble and so considering the link between organised crime and terrorism it is prerequisite for India to destroy organised crime syndicates to minimise and avoid possible terror activities. And fight against terrorism will be effective if we deal with both simultaneously.


  • VVPAT MEANS voter verifiable audit trail it was fisrt time used in 2013 elections to brings transpirance in election commission.
    VVPAT brings transparency and integrity
    1. It brings confiedence in people.
    2. It brings accountable to election commission.
    3. It also brings confiedence in political parties.
    4. It saves lot of time compare to ballot system.
    5. It protect the environment by using electronic machines.
    6. It provides accurate results.
    7. It saves lot of time by counting votes.

    By all the above points we will surely says that VVPAT brings transparency and integrity in electrol process, this leads to good governance in the country.

  • Wahidul Islam says:

    if discretionary decisions are subject to judicial review, then why are they called 'discretionary' in the first place ??

  • Rahul Mukherjee says:


    National security is one of the biggest challenge in today's global politics for almost every country around the world. In achieving a sustainable growth security threats are major roadblocks. Organised crimes, terror activities, insurgency issues or corruption, they all are more or less connected with the same string.

    ORGANISED CRIME: Organized crime is a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals who intend to engage in illegal activity, most commonly for profit. They run their cartels, they run their networks to control and gain dominance over the government. They work in many domains like,
    1. Extortion- what use to happen in Mumbai in late 90s.
    2. Drug peddling- like in Mexico
    3. Piracy- like in Somalia
    Organised crimes are connected in many ways. They fund many illegal groups with the money they make from drugs and narcotics, illegal arms and ammunition, human trafficking etc.
    In the other side TERRORISM is an act of terror which is done by some anti social elements on innocent people without any kind of provocative actions. Whether religious intolerance, or community rage, always innocent lives are slaughtered.

    India is facing dual challenge of organised crime as well as terrorism in this moment. Geographically INDIA is situated between the GOLDEN CRESCENT & the GOLDEN TRIANGLE. The two major source of drug and narcotics supplier areas. Funds raised from these are desparately despatched against INDIA. Whether our North East or the Kashmir-Punjab-Haryana region, both are significantly affected by insurgency and terror attacks since long. We have seen NSCN, ULFA, KLF insurgent group's terror in northeast, while also witnessed from khalistan to Pathankot attacks. Not only these but many incidents like 92 bomb blasts to 2008 Mumbai attack all are funded and guided from cross borders.

    If the WORLD PEACE is needed than the global menace of terrorism has to be uprooted. And for that these organised crimes are needed to be tackle first. If funds, human resources can be blocked the threat of terrorism will eventually eliminated. Until then, killing some jihadists in Afghanistan, or conducting cross border surgical strikes won't be effective that much.

  • Sudarshan Biswas says:

    I like your voice and your expressing style. I would like to hear you in everyday news analysis. Thank you sir.

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