The Hero – A Bollywood Story

The Hero – A Bollywood Story

Crackers and pickles Wear your sweater No, I’m fine I don’t know what your father’s going to do… once he retires Why? Both of you will come with me to Bombay. He won’t go. Why won’t he go? Around 40 years ago… your father had run away to Bombay To become a movie star, a hero Papa Mr. Cinema Hall Manager, a movie star? One day he called back. He’d landed a role in a film. They were shooting somewhere near Bangalore. Your grandfather didn’t like all this. So he went to Bombay and brought him right back. And your father had to settle down here. He made up his mind then. If he couldn’t be a hero, he’d never go back to Bombay. He started working at a cinema hall here. So he could be close to his beloved movies… yet far away. Ok Google which Hindi movie was shot near Bangalore 40 years ago? Sholay! Ok Google where was Sholay shot? Ramanagara Good evening, Papa Wear your sweater Okay I told you… your dad will never go to Bombay with you. Bombay? Yes Mom, we aren’t going to Bombay. Papa and I are going off on holiday. Holiday? This is between the two of you, you figure
it out! Where have you brought me? Is this any place for a holiday? Forty years ago this was where you were meant to be. Sholay was shot here papa. And somewhere here… they must’ve shot that famous dialogue HOW MANY WERE THEY? Right? Papa why don’t you say that dialogue, in
that very style. No…. Say it, Papa? How long are you going to keep it within you? HOW MANY WERE THEY? Say it once more. HOW MANY WERE THEY? HOW MANY WERE THEY? Famous Gabbar scene Papa HOW MANY WERE THEY? Shall we leave now, son? We’ve come all this way, papa. May as well visit a few more locations. Song: Breaking away from the shackles of tradition and society Dil Chahta Hai Fort Song: The heart takes flight today Chapora A heart that was asleep for long Is finally waking up Dream again of touching the sun Unfurl your wings and soar into the sky Play Khalbali song Rang De Basanti Hey maverick soul Search for yourself Hey maverick soul Search for yourself Kashmir Ki Kali Keep those promises you made to yourself Hey maverick soul Search for yourself How was your holiday? Nice Papa? Shall we go watch a movie tomorrow? Ok How are you son? Can’t see Vicky He’s coming Hello HOW MANY WERE THEY? THEY WERE ONLY 2…AGAINST YOU 3. YET YOU CAME BACK…EMPTY HANDED? You’ve become a hero Now? Now? I’m already retired Heroes never retire, papa Now come with me to Bombay Please Hey maverick soul Search for yourself Hey maverick soul Search for yourself


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