The Google Beat: Special Zeitgeist Edition. December 9th, 2010

The Google Beat: Special Zeitgeist Edition. December 9th, 2010

Anne Espiritu here with a special Zeitgeist
edition of the Google Beat. Never heard of Zeitgeist? Well, it’s German for “spirit
of the times.” Each December here at Google, we look at billions
of queries across Google products to identify the most popular and fastest rising search
terms over the past year, the ones that really showcase the spirit of our times. This year,
the spirit is pretty clear – geek is chic! Technology-related searches dominated our
fastest rising search list in the US this year. And as some of you might have guessed,
the #1 search term on this list was the iPad. Searches  peaked when the product was announced
in January and again when it hit the market in April. We also saw a spike around Black
Friday. Maybe some of you will be getting an iPad for the holidays! So what are we learning about 2010 based on
search trends, you ask?  For one, social web is a trend that’s definitely here to
stay.  Facebook, has remained on our fastest rising list for four years in a row, which
means it had to be even MORE popular this year than last to remain on the list. We also
have a few newcomers like chatroulette, a social video chat site and mocospace, a popular
social mobile network.   For years, we’ve heard that it’s the “Year
of Mobile” and we think it’s actually true in 2010.
A handful of the top 10 fastest rising search terms are mobile-related like the iPhone 4
and myxer, a site that offers free ringtones, mobile wallpaper and MP3s.  In fact, the
number of searches that come from mobile phones have quadrupled in the last year as Americans
search for more ways to connect with information while they are out and about.   Beyond technology, the World Cup drew fans
from the U.S. and abroad. The tournament attracted huge search volumes throughout June and the
first half of July and shot up to #4 on our list of the fastest-rising searches in the
U.S. for 2010. Only one celebrity made our top ten list of
fastest-rising searches, and that was [Justin Bieber. Not only was he #5 on this year’s
list, Bieber was the most searched for person both in the U.S. and in the world in 2010.
After being discovered on YouTube in 2008, searches for the teenage pop star peaked this
past March when his latest album was released and have remained high throughout the year. Also in entertainment, Glee, the hit musical
show on FOX, made it into our top 10 list.  The show moved from the #6 spot last year
to the #9 spot this year. But despite the drop, the growth in popularity of the show
on Google was significant enough that it remains on the list of fastest-rising search terms
two years in a row! We also looked at Google News to see what’s
been popular in the headlines. This year’s top three fastest rising searches were all
related to major global disasters: the oil spill, Haiti, and earthquake. But what’s amazing is the way, we respond.
  Even though the economy is shaky, search on ways to donate was second highest since
the tsunami in 2005. It shows Americans care. Rounding out the top 5, two celebrities who
peaked our interest in 2010 News searches include Sandra Bullock, who came in at #4
and Lindsay Lohan at #5. We have seen Lindsay appear on Zeitgeist in previous years, but
this is the first time Sandra Bullock made our list. To round out our Zeitgeist list this year,
we have to talk about some of the fun ones! The nation’s favorite comfort food seems
to be chili, which has consistently appeared on our most popular recipe list in the last
three years.  And while different exercise fads come and go, it seems that p90x regimen
has sustained its popularity, grabbing the number one spot both in 2009 and 2010. Well, that’s it for this special Zeitgeist
edition of the Google Beat. It’s been another year full of interesting stories and searches.
If you’d like to see more search trends, you can check out our 2010 Year End Zeitgeist
website.   I’m Anne Espiritu for the Google Beat.  I’ll
see you back here next week.


19 thoughts on “The Google Beat: Special Zeitgeist Edition. December 9th, 2010”

  • Amberlicious1000 says:

    Woah. In the background, the props are set up to subtlety spell out "Google."

    I kind of feel like Sherlock for noticing this. 🙂 But good job, Google. Good job. 🙂

  • Amberlicious1000 says:

    @marcelJunkMail no. come on…it's subtle, but it's there. the woman plus the chair makes the G, the bike wheels make the two O's, the blue ball and the red blanket could be making the other G, I'm not entirely sure where the L would be, but the 2 stools combined with the blue ball could be making the E.

    I don't know…it seems like it to me. But it's not blatantly obvious and I could be totally making this up, but Google is always doing interesting/creative little logo designs.

  • @Amberlicious1000 Interesting but I think you overthought those to create a meaning. We can't get any message if we change our perception but "assume" things refer to something to make it up. For example, If the names of the objects were spelling Google it would have been more interesting. I think what we have is just a coincidence, Holmes.

  • Amberlicious1000 says:

    @Platemaster it's very possible that i over-thought it, but i still think it could be possible. like a very very very subtle detail. but either way, it doesn't really matter. it's just something i thought i saw and still think could be possible. but if im wrong, then oh well.

  • @Amberlicious1000 Still it strikes mind to ask questions and think things in a different way. That's even greater than finding out if it means anything or not.

  • Amberlicious1000 says:

    @Platemaster true that. i dont care if i ever find out if it's true or if that's something they meant to do or not. i just think it's there and if i never find out for sure, then that's ok with me.

  • @Amberlicious1000 Exactly, also don't let anyone bring you down, I'm exactly like this, I was not paying attention to the cast (multiple tabs :D). It's wonderful to see things in a different way and those people should be proud of it.

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