The Google Assistant Ride 360° Tour at CES 2019

The Google Assistant Ride 360° Tour at CES 2019

SPEAKER: Hey, Google– [BEEP] –take me on the
Google Assistant Ride. GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Get ready
for the ride of your life. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHILD LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: Hey, Google– [BEEP] –tell me about my day. GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Good morning, Bob. It’s 7:32 AM. Right now in Peoria, it’s 52 and
cloudy with storms on the way. BOB: Oh, great. LIZ: Don’t forget the cake! GOOGLE ASSISTANT: You have
one reminder for today. Don’t forget Grandma’s
birthday cake. BOB: Oh. Yep! We’re on it. Did you guys see that robot
cat on the skateboard? It’s pretty cool. Hey, Google– [BEEP] –take me to the bakery. GOOGLE ASSISTANT: OK. LIZ: Let’s go, Dad! GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Starting navigation. [MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: And guess what, folks? We’re not even halfway. Hey, Google– [BEEP] –send Jane my ETA. GOOGLE ASSISTANT: OK. Message sent. BOB: Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING] This journey for cake, man,
it’s getting quite frightening! [MUSIC PLAYING] GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Slow down ahead. I’ve found a faster route. [MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: Hey, everybody, look! There’s a camera. Smile and make it
look like you’re having the time of your life. Hey, Google– [BEEP] –pull up that email
about the cake. GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
Here’s what I found. [MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: Hey, Google– be
my French interpreter. GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
[SPEAKING FRENCH] [MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: Now, let’s all hush. LIZ: Shh, you
guys, it’s Grandma! BOB: Lights off in the house. Crouch down, stay still,
be as quiet as a mouse. [MUSIC PLAYING] GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Grandma’s
at the front door. FAMILY: Surprise! BOB: Hey, Google– [BEEP] –party mode! LIZ: Happy birthday! GOOGLE ASSISTANT: OK,
turning on six lights and playing Grandma’s
playlist on YouTube Music. BOB: And now on your left,
another photo moment. LIZ: This is gonna be
the best party ever! BOB: Hey, Google– [BEEP] –take a group selfie. GOOGLE ASSISTANT:
OK, opening app. FAMILY: Say cheese! [MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: Hey, we don’t
want to get sued. [MUSIC PLAYING] –ride of your life! [MUSIC PLAYING] Wait, where are we?


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