The front door that parcel thieves hate – BBC News

The front door that parcel thieves hate – BBC News

package theft is becoming a big problem
now that we’re ordering more things online so can this smart door offer a
solution I’ve got a package here to deliver from a retail giant I’ve got my
phone in my pocket and it will communicate with the door I don’t need
to do anything and this panel has opened up and you’ll see it now expands into
the house giving me room to put a parcel in this compartment and the clever thing
is this can be heated or kept cool so if you have groceries coming then they can
be kept fresh too these two panels up here open as well so if we’ve got some
dry cleaning to deliver here are some clothes then again my phone can unlock
this panel here and it will expand backwards into the house there it goes so now the delivery driver doesn’t even
need to talk to people in the house and if I go inside I just need to open up
the panel here and there’s my parcel waiting for me there is lovely so let’s
bring in Brian from the company Brian nice to meet you as well so a lot of
people will be worried about having a door that the delivery drivers can open
up what security measures have you got in here? sure I would I would say the
main thing consumers and business owners need to know is that we use wireless
technology often referred to as NFC so anyone orders anything online or has a
delivery that individual driver will get what’s called an e key that e-key will then
be recognized in their pocket or on their smart device will show them which
e box to open it’ll automatically open they put the package from parcel in they
shut it that e-key is destroyed no one else can open those e-boxes. just across the hall Amazon have got their own display home it’s bigger than my actual
house in London and they are able to open the door using just a smart lock
and let the delivery driver put a parcel inside so why would someone need
all this instead? I think the main differentiating point being that no one
never ever needs to go in your house so your house is completely secure what we
have is the e box just opens up so that delivery driver that friend that’s
returning something to you they only have access to the e box from the
outside you’re not letting a stranger in your home. and what happens if my parcel is too big to go in this compartment? now we
thought about that so we’ve created something called e-tether any tether
is a tethering device whereby you take a tether insert it in the package
once that tether is inserted in the package the package is alarmed so if
that tether is messed with in any way and a thief tries to steal the package
you’ll feel an audible alarm you also see a visual very Bright and we know who
they are before they get to the door we have technology allows us to know who
that individual is per their cell phone and ultimately have the ability to
connect to the local law enforcement and tell them who that person is. you are being recorded stop package theft the police are being called your
smartphone has been identified


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