drop a like on the video right now if you guys think that season 10 should be free hit the like button if you guys agree with me I'll be 50 in 3 skins to 3 subscribers of my channel all you have to do is subscribe to the channel and comment below in the comment section your epic username for your chance to actually get a free skin thank you to all my subscribers but also thank you to everyone you can support a critic otras bear in the item shop if you guys use create a code trees bear take a picture send it to me so I can actually reward you guys thank you guys so much I really want to show my appreciation to everyone using credit code support a critic Oh trees bear also to thank you to all my brand new channel members if you guys are a channel member I will be alerted and I actually can see if you guys are a channel member thank you guys so much we've recently just rolled out the new channel member perks so make sure you guys become a member if you guys wanna join in some exclusive gameplay including some minecraft realms as well as some fortnight custom games anyways though today I'm so excited to share with you guys the brand new fortnight birthday event is happening right now the first thing that happened was they gifted everyone a free fishstick world cup like skinny variant if you guys already own the fish thick skin let me know in the comment section by saying yes or no in the comment section if you guys own the fish stick skin obviously a lot of you guys don't have it let me know I want to help some of you guys get this skin it's gonna be back in the item shop presumably over the next week or so or this weekend so if you guys need the fish stick skins to guys to get the World Cup variant let me know in the comments section by typing a birthday in the comments section like I said though I'm only gonna be helping my subscribers out with this anyways it was an awesome surprise to get the free fortnight fishstick World Cup skin variant so that is really some super-nice of epic games to actually do that especially if you guys were an OG fishstick owner that is so nice of them to do however though if you guys still want to get some free rewards there is going to be free fortnight birthday rewards listings very closely because if I'm about to tell you guys is super in importance so anyways as you guys know it's the big fortnight birthday event that's going down you'll be getting free rewards with that however though there's also the fortnight game jam event where you actually will get a free item starting tomorrow with that as well I did mention that earlier in my video I guess a couple of days ago let me know if you guys are an OG subscriber and if you guys watch that video but to catch you guys up if you guys are confused and you guys want to get every possible free item you can get that you guys will be able to get rewarded within the next couple of days this is going to be super important so tomorrow a lot of people don't actually know about this but there's the big game jam event that is going down Epic Games is hosting the first ever for tonight Game Jam event and it just happens to land on the same day as the fortnight birthday if you guys do not know these events are going to cross and you're able to actually get multiple freep Awards with these events combined so it's gonna be a great day over the next couple of days here so first things first Game Jam is a fortnight creative mode event I guess like challenge and basically what they're gonna be doing is I'm gonna be getting all of the best fortnight creative builders all together and they're gonna be like showcasing their creative maps of some sort with the game GM you're gonna be getting a free fortnight game jam spray starting tomorrow including all the free fortnight birthday rewards so the fortnight birthday rewards are going to include a free fortnight wrap it's like a birthday wrap that's probably the easiest one to actually get of course you just gotta play matches there's going to be a free fortnight music disc a lot of you guys enjoy the fortnight birthday music so you'll be able to actually get that one for free you'll be getting a free fortnight spray a birthday spray which looks really really awesome you'll be getting also a free fortnight birthday emote it's like a cupcake if you would say with the birthday number 2 on it and then finally if you guys complete all of the fortnight birthday challenges you'll actually unlock the free fortnight like birthday cake pickaxe personally I think this looks really really cool let me know in the comment section if you guys already own the first birthday cake back bling I think they're gonna look really cool together so let me know in the comments section also – guys I do have some of the first ever exclusive fortnight birthday pickaxe gameplay so you guys can see exactly what it looks like however though do not leave the video yet because there's still gonna be free rewards that are going to be unlocking tomorrow just how I mentioned and I let me explain exactly how you guys actually go ahead and get these free rewards so obviously you guys already know the birthday event has just started with a gigantic birthday battle bus that has just been unlocked if you guys jump in a fortnight you guys can clearly see that the fortnight battle bus has changed and now we're celebrating the birthday event on fortnight however though there's still some exclusive free rewards you'll be able to unlock tomorrow and I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to actually get them there's been a lot of people confuse exactly how to get the free fortnight game jam rewards and all the other fortnight YouTube rewards so anyways if you guys I'll put a link down below the fortnight livestream actually shows of course the event is being live-streamed it's basically just kind of like an advertisement really but on the bottom on here you can actually can see my account is currently connected but if your account is not connected it will showcase it'll say your rewards on this little location or here this little diamond here so basically you guys can see that when I actually click it you get says my account is connected if you guys have not connected your Epic Games account to your YouTube account make sure you guys go ahead and do that once you guys go ahead and connect your Epic Games account to your YouTube account then you're able to actually collect the free rewards anyways as I mentioned the free fortnight game jam rewards are going to be starting tomorrow so you're able to actually start getting the in game jam rewards all we have to do is tune in to the live stream for I think about like 20 minutes or 10 minutes or something like that I would just be safe maybe to turn the live stream in the background when you guys are just chilling and playing fortnight or going outside or something like that even if you guys don't want to watch the actual game jam itself you guys will be able to get a free spray however though it's super important that the game jam is not the only thing you guys can actually unlock so on July 27th the World Cup is going to be starting and then you're able to actually unlock the World Cup spray too which is pretty exciting and then finally on the 28th the actual I main final event is going down so you'll be able to actually unlock the red line rap as well as the World Cup spray as well too so that is pretty awesome you're able to actually unlock on both of those at the same time so if you guys do not have any opportunity to actually go onto the game jam spray tomorrow there's still gonna be several opportunities for you guys to get the free rewards but unlike any other four night event before in the past these are only gonna be exclusive within the next days or so so like literally if you guys miss out on this you're gonna miss out your chances and unlock in these free rewards and on top of that the free fortnight overtime Ward's are now live as well to just how the other rewards are these things are super exclusive and you're only going to actually unlock these things within the next week before the actual season 9 concludes and season 10 actually starts so personally I would not miss out on any chances on unlocking any of these free skins they look really cool of cool so if you guys want the strattice skin the demi night skin which looks super awesome it's like the black version with a blue arm of the demi skin as well as the bunker Jonesy aged skin make sure you guys complete these overtime rewards if you guys are still watching my video comment below in the comments section over time with your epic username a lot of these challenges require you guys to actually play with a party or with some friends I'm gonna go ahead and add some you guys that of course are staying till the end of this video so I know you guys of course are still here you guys are dedicated loyal viewers and I'm gonna go ahead and try to complete some of these challenges with you guys which also reminds me we're all these seven days away from the big fortnight season ten let me know if you guys are hyped in any prediction personally I have a few predictions in mind of what's exactly going to happen let me know if you guys want me to make a video on that by saying like yes or no in the comments section and I'll be more than happy to give you guys and share my own personal thoughts and opinions on season 10 what's gonna happen to the map of course and everything else in between but once again guys big shout to everyone using create a code trees bear in the item shop I greatly appreciate that and once again if you guys become a member that is super awesome I will be alerted if you guys become a member and of course we got some awesome name badges some cool emotes from my live streams and there's gonna be some other awesome perks as well too so anyways guys check it out thank you too for everyone that's a subscriber the channel we'll catch you guys later I'll probably just livestream the birthday event tomorrow so make sure you guys stay tuned for that and I'm gonna be so happy once the birthday event starts as well as getting the three challenges and rewards but anyways though my name is true trees have an awesome spectacular day we'll catch you guys in another video until next time peace out


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