The Frant: Different races, same racist headlines

The Frant: Different races, same racist headlines

Some months back, I came across a headline about ethnic gangs and I immediately felt this sort of tightness in my chest and I thought, “oh, no!” So I read on, and I realise they’re talking about Sudanese gangs, and my instinctive reaction was, ‘oh thank god’. Thank god it’s not the Lebanese. See, this ethnic gangs business has happened before in the late 90s, early 2000s in Sydney. The only difference was back then, it was Lebanese gangs. The most striking similarity between
the two scenarios is the rhetoric. I want to show you guys some headlines. The ones on this side will be from 20 years ago, the ones on this side are more recent. Now I want to be very clear: I’m not saying that there’s no crime issue in Melbourne now, or in Sydney then. There is, and there was. But here’s my beef – the words and the phrases and the headlines that you saw don’t happen when perpetrators are white. Groups of white crims, unless they’re bikies, aren’t ‘gangs’. And they certainly aren’t ‘ethnic’. There’s no ‘integration problem’ with white people. Immigration policies don’t get questioned. White folks aren’t equated with terrorists. White leaders are not called to condemn the violence in the white community. There’s no clash of culture, or values, even though the actions, all the crimes perpetrated, are exactly the same. When white folk do it, it’s criminal. When brown folk do it, it’s cultural. I’ll tell ya. Because if you’re brown or black in this country, you’re not really Australian, hey. Like, you are… but not *really*. And that sentiment simmers just underneath the surface of this country. And it’s always been there. And if you’re not white, there’s no better time to remind you of that than when you f**k up. Because if you’re white and you f**k up, you’re a dickhead, sure. But no one questions your identity. No one questions whether or not you
should even be in this country. You’re not conditionally Australian. You’re just Australian,
and how lucky to truly feel like that. Because not everyone does.


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  • Most of Sydney's gangs are Middle Eastern. The thing is when you come from a country like Lebanon where you get sent to jail for 4 years just for smoking a joint yet you can sell a large amount of drugs and make hundreds of thousands of dollars which can easily be hidden and face the same amount of jail time and come out with all that money well of course there is going to be less fear. Jails in NSW now have a more people of Middle Eastern heritage in them than any other ethnic group. I also have one parent who is from The Middle East. Even Zaky Mallah admits to this in one of his videos and said that the Lebanese community should be ashamed of themselves for the gang problem and the nightly shootings that happen in South Western Sydney.

  • You know that thing multiculturalism, which you and others on the left love Fran.

    It is the ideals of multiculturalism which advocated for the mass-importation if vastly different cultures into our soceity, on the basis of all people being equal. It sounds like a nice sentiment, but when you import masses of people from a third world nation they're going to bring their third world values.
    These ethnic communities come from very different cultures, because generally they are a racially hemonguous groups they are labelled by their race.

    Part of what we're seeing here is a clash of Honor and dignity culture. Dignity culture, acts to solve dispuits within the soceitial structures they create and Honor takes action to personally correct the wrongs comitted against them with viloence.

    Make no mistake the Sudanese culture is an honor culture.
    On a per capita basis the Sudanese have an extremely high rate of viloent criminal offences than the rest of the Victorian populace. Wether you like it or not these issues must be addressed.

    Multiculturalism is what allowed for us to ignore differences in cultural values in the name of tolerance and inclusivity and this is where it's gotten us.

  • Gangs are gangs. There is no targeting races. Why should people live in fear. Yes they are not really ‘Australian’. They weren’t born here and have to integrate to this lifestyle. If they’re not happy in this way of life then off they go back to Sudan.. it’s the land of milk and honey there isn’t it?

  • Gangs of white criminals are only called gangs when they are gangs and she's not saying that there is no Lebanese gangs in western Sydney or Sudanese gangs in Melbs, because there is and was. Can't argue with that solid logic. She literally refuted the point that she was trying to make and affirmed what she was arguing against. If she wasn't so high on her own virtuousness the cognitive dissonance would kill her. Are Lebanon and Sudan more or less racist than Australia? Are Lebanese Australians and Sudanese Australians more or less racist than white Australians?

  • What is her point ? A criminal is a criminal it doesnt matter what your back ground is. Everything she says doesnt make sence. There is no logic . She is actually condeming herself with tautology .

  • yeah its all happened before and it keeps happening, we import certain ethnic groups en mass (against the wishes of the majority of the population), those groups often don't fit in and actually hate us and some of them kill our people (im mainly looking at you islam), many form race gangs gangs and attack defenseless Aussies. the lebs, asians, africans have been the worst. according to the latest crime statistics, sudanese born (doesn't include the sudanese born in Australia) are 56% more likely to commit an aggravated robbery in Victoria, car jackings and home invasions are not the sort of crimes we are used to here, they came with the imports. deport them all with their families.

  • Hey guys don't worry about certain ethnic groups being grossly over-represented in violent crime statistics, instead just let some leftist media shill emotionally manipulate you with her crocodile tears, ok?

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