The Fortnite Live Event Was CRAZY!!!

The Fortnite Live Event Was CRAZY!!!

hello hello hello welcome back to my youtube channel for today's video I'm just gonna be showing you a clip of my live reaction to the live event that happened on Saturday so before you guys roast me just know that I did not know we had jetpacks during the event which was very dumb of me so if you guys don't see me using my jet pack that's pretty much why I didn't get the best camera angles for the event because I actually struggled in the beginning to try to get in a match I almost didn't make it but I made it just in time so if you didn't watch the live event hopefully you do enjoy this video I'm pretty sure other people have probably already posted it with better angles and whatnot but this was just my reaction remember to use code whitey dayz in the item shop as always and I will see you guys in the next video so bye Oh solutely my guy is buying him this is trial in Lakeville ray Oh feel they took the face of the water um now what what happened Oh no the robot No what's up Mike did you just grab [Applause] what he killed him he killed him he's dancing dancing brah goodbye our hero we love you what the don't you dare while is kid bye [Laughter] yeah yeah but Mike – hello Wow what's up what's up for tonight let's push them and a big fight will end up here just people yen that's got to be the luckiest shit I've ever seen in my life to see that run into the trapper you wanna play again Daisy uh sure we don't suck I promise I sent you a friend request so do you actually have a youtube Daisy yep finder subscribe to you what's your youtube uh it's the same as my PS nd how many subs do you have like nine hundred twenty seven thousand you got nine hundred twenty seven thousand yeah drivers bro yeah shit I don't I don't do the youtuber know my girl so brother does he's she's quite she plays with famous people – oh god I would have never expected that that poor little default moon of course my that place is on the floor why not and I get spammed with a scar and a minigun become lasers brat watch there's Mandy's like that I'm gonna try and see what happens I got oh my god oh my god oh shit Pressey sedative myself and he still says I didn't take damage nice sir pump anywhere right here there's a combat there was a blue pump where I was just thank you yeah it's looking like y'all versus three cuz nobody else died yet nice good good good it's other guys trying to spam him he's got one a lot yeah chichi let me kill she end up with like seven switch for some reason yeah that's what I thought less I look you at 5 look I had one thanks for the carry that I appreciate it


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