The Flash Season 6 Episode 5 – Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer News and Easter Eggs

The Flash Season 6 Episode 5 – Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer News and Easter Eggs

welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my flash season 6 episode 5 video basically a Cisco episode it’s
been a while since we’ve had that but Danny Trejo
was back I’m a huge fan of his there was a whole bunch of Easter eggs and they’ve
actually got a big schedule change in the flash episodes that I’ll explain
during the video we also found out when they’re going to be dropping the first
official crisis on Infinite Earths trailer so I’ll talk about that at the
end of the video after this episode I’m doing a flash ring giveaway all you have
to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your favorite moment from the
episode on the video so just careful for spoilers if you have not seen the
episode yet but top 10 and Easter eggs so starting with number 10 the
opening scene so if you weren’t sure what was going on here they cut the
episode starting in black and white because it was meant to be in the style
of a noir detective thriller and typically stories like that end with a
big moment like this at the end of the story then rewind to show you how they
got to that moment if you’re super interested and stuff like that it’s
called a French reverse people do it all the time in Hollywood
sisqó narrating the episode at the beginning is also a trope of detective
thriller stories but I’m kind of glad that they didn’t do the entire episode
in black and white even though that was kind of a cool trick at the beginning
the whole concept of the episode is iris and Barry are going on vacation even
Caitlin wasn’t in the episode that much because danielle Panabaker said that she
was actually prepping for a future episode that she was directing so they
kind of wrote her out of this episode even though it seemed like she had a
pretty meaningful storyline Cisco and elongated man tell a couple jokes about
the a-team Cisco’s a huge fan apparently elongated man also grew up watching a
ton of a-team then number 9 they introduced Cisco’s algorithm the Barry
spelled with an eye it’s mostly for comedy it was kind of a weird device
during the episode like it took a while for Cisco to remember that he’s actually
capable of making decisions by himself mostly I just chalked that up to trauma
that he hasn’t dealt with about the idea of losing Barry
so I blamed Cisco making bad decisions early in the episode on that if you
wondered why he was acting kind of stupid for a little while but the whole
joke of the algorithm is really that it knows Barry better than he knows himself
like they test it oh yeah bananas is what I really like on my breakfast in
the morning but it knows that his favorite movie is really Jurassic Park
when he’s actually been telling people that it’s been Empire
Strikes Back for his entire life they also kind of tried to make fun of the
algorithm for being bad during the episode even though it does get a couple
things right at the beginning it’s mostly a joke on the idea of Facebook
and Google YouTube algorithms being really terrible like the whole idea of
putting your faith in an algorithm is really really bad because it’s only
going to ultimately let you down speaking of which number eight everybody
take a drink for every time someone says faith during the episode this is more of
why did they do that during the episode because I feel like a lot of
this could have been subtext and it’s not subtext when characters are speaking
their intentions directly to each other you don’t need to have characters in
every single storyline repeat the word faith over and over again just the first
couple of times then people will get it you believe in yourself you don’t have
to keep repeating that word number seven Joe versus Nash wells this is actually
cool because it’s been a while since we’ve had a Wells and Joe seen in a long
long time remember way back during season one that was some of the best
moments early on just them sort of standing off with each other because
even before they’d revealed that this Harrison Wells was secretly
reverse-flash Joe was kind of on to him with his sixth sense as a detective Joe
also has all kinds of jokes about that too any time a Harrison Wells shows up
you know troubles right around the corner it’s always going to be bad so I’ve
been tailing you since you got here he almost winds up revealing some
secrets about the monitor that are stored on his gauntlet before elongated
man saves them but by the end of the episode he does agree to help them I
have something that can save Barry Allen so I’ll talk about that in a second too
it’s just part of the idea that Nash wells is starting to be more of a team
member heading into crisis on Infinite Earths
that’s what this is all about because he’s a pariah quote-unquote so to speak
and I think that they’ll eventually turn him into comic book pariah but the whole
idea is is they all to band together because the anti-monitor is going to be so
terrible that you can’t do anything by yourself during crisis number six
welcome back Danny Trejo is always awesome to see him on the show some of
these episodes are better than others it just depends on how much you like the
kind of comedy that they write for him they give him some good one-liners but I
do like his physical comedy a little bit more like when he’s really trying to go
after Cisco the other thing about this scene too when he shows up is that you
actually see Cisco basically has a little kids bedroom there’s just toys
everywhere he has cats all over his sheets I think
we’ve been into goes bedroom at least once or twice
before but you always kind of look in the background to see what kind of toys
that he has he drops a Sweeney Todd reference and they sort of set up the
idea of the fake sleepwalking that he’s been doing faking breach psychosis I
also kind of loved how quickly breacher got on board with that like oh yeah
people lose their powers all the time but aren’t you thinking about this
terrible problem that that’s going to create. number 5 r.i.p gypsy I wasn’t
sure whether or not they were going to let this stick by the end of the episode or
it was going to be some surprise twist and she’d be alive on some other earth but I
think part of the reason for her off is because Jessica Camacho the
actress that plays gypsy is a series regular on another TV show and just
really unavailable to come star in flash episodes so they usually only use twists
like this if they’re not going to be able to bring the character back any time
soon but because it’s a multiverse in this whole episode traded on multiverse
tropes if she were ever able to come back in a future season or a future
episode they could always bring back an alternate earth version of the character
number four Frost versus Ramsay Rosa so this is all about people not trusting
other people having faith in other people and that kind of bled into killer
frost storyline I did like elongated man’s name drop of the gene gold soda
because jingled was the way he got his powers in the comics every once in a
while though try to work it into his dialogue and they’re also using this
storyline to set up the soo Disney’s storyline elongated man was the most
fantastic detective during the episode he was always one step ahead of all the
other team flash members they’re just setting up the idea that he’s really
good at tracking people down and following Clues so when it comes time to
actually track down soo dib knee and they want to debut that character on the
show all of his detective work will make a lot more sense I did think it was kind
of weird when Cisco went with Camilla to the crime scene but I guess she’s a
photographer so maybe she’s been in situations like this before all the
earth 19 collectors are kind of terrible to Cisco but a lot of detective stories
are like that just to mislead you and make you think that they might be
suspects like even Cisco says who would stand to gain from her going away he
falsely starts to suspect the person that was really mean to him before he
figures it out number three Cisco and breacher watch a version of Cisco
gypsy now we found out what was really going on at the end of the episode but I
did like the twist it’s kind of terrible because you have to watch this character
that you like so much die but then it turns on a dime the minute he unfurls
his hood in brazier just jumps on Cisco like that’s the end of it breacher kind
of tries to throw you off the scent of alternate Cisco’s when he says all the
rest of you are just pencil pushers you’re the only one that’s a scientist
but number two Cisco versus himself Cisco versus EKKO neither one of them is
a great fighter so the fight itself wasn’t that great it was kind of funny
that they put a really scary angry music track on top of it to make it seem like
it was a really badass fight but really Cisco’s whole thing isn’t that he’s a
good fighter that’s not why you bring him to a fight is because he can open
wormholes or at least he could when he still had his powers he created the
little breach devices so they can still use those annie is one of the smarter
members of team flash so that’s really where he contributes now but it sounds
like when he talks about healing at the end of the episode
that’s them putting him on the path to getting his powers back because in this
crisis scene in the future he is running around in his vibe costume a lot of you
probably figured out what was going on at the beginning of the episode the
minute they said that the villain was named echo because all of Cisco’s
alternate versions have names based on musical terms or things describing sound
vibe reverb echo if we meet other alternate Cisco’s and future episodes or
future seasons they’ll also probably have some other musical sounding name
they also remind you at the end of the episode that Chester P trunk is still on
that device baking reminding you that they’re planning on paying off that
storyline remember his big thing is opening black holes which are really
useful for getting rid of things like trash like it’s a really good way of
getting rid of the blood work villain if they can’t find a way to defeat him so
maybe they’ll wind up throwing him into a black hole before the big crisis on
Infinite Earths crossover but number one Nashville sort of turns around on being
a team player and invites team flash down to the sewers in the next episode
he says next week but there’s actually no flash episode next week so it’s going to
be episodic saying that he has something that can save Barry Allen and that
probably has something to do with the monitor in the eternium that he’s trying
to hunt down the doing kind of a James Bond thing in the next episode they’re
bringing the ultraviolet villain back from the first couple of episodes
remember that’s also a black hole Easter Egg from the flash rebirth comics which
I think is going to turn into a bigger thing in the back half of the season we
haven’t seen a whole lot from the black hole organization so far
yet and we’re getting really close to crisis on Infinite Earths but like I
said there is no new episode next week as I’m posting this video the next
episode is going to be on Tuesday the 19th as for when they’re going to drop the first
big crisis on Infinite Earths trailer usually that happens when the shows come back from their short little break so remember two weeks for the next episode
that’s when we’ll see the first big official crossover trailer
hopefully they’ll work Tom Welling into that but I’m not expecting him to be in
the trailer most of that first trailer just winds up being from the first
episode or two they don’t put too much footage in it but as soon as they drop
it of course I’ll do a video for it what’s going to happen next week though is that Star Wars the Mandalorian episode 1 is going to be released on Tuesday I
will do a video for that for all the episodes this is the full schedule for
all the Mandalorian episodes on Disney Plus Rick and Morty season 4 episode 1
is also dropping next week so I’ll be doing weekly videos for both of those
things so as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see
all the videos when I post them no worries
but everybody click here for the Rick and Morty season 4 trailer and click
here for my teaser video for the Green Lantern HBO series that they’re going to
start making next year thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll
see you guys tonight!


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