‘The Five’ reacts to reports claiming China covered up coronavirus


100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to reports claiming China covered up coronavirus”

  • Actually Trump is right about this one thing
    It’s chinese fault
    They’re trying to change it like racist and blame USA military.
    And now their local news praises Chinese economics and wants to help every other country making them look good

  • Yeah but what do the commander-in-chief do? He turned it into campaigning against the Democrats it was their fault for scaring everyone.

  • They place the thermometer on each of their heads. Hello you are supposed to clean it not pass the fake sickness on to others. What a joke

  • Obama stop the Ebola pandemic and the SARS epidemic President Trump drop the ball fumbled, and is trying to point the blame.

  • Andres Coronel says:

    If there is something i've learned in my life time is never to trust a chinese ever, ever never, these people are not trust-worthy, they hate us deeply, I am from ecuador

  • Since when is China communist? It's more capitalist than the US. Look at their economic growth the last 20 years. One more thing: Gutfeld is somebody who thinks he is funny. He is totally not.

  • This occured in Wuhan when Wuhan citizens were gathering by the 10s of thousands were protesting the building of trash burning facilities among other heavy pollution facilities. To "stop" the virus spread they began hauling people off and even welding people into their homes. They persecuted doctors who blew the whistle on the Chinese government. They even allowed travel outside of the country to Italy and other places where the people were encouraged to integrate with them despite information being out about this virus. And naturally the LEFT made a point to put a kink in the machine when Trump tried to bar travel from China and the East. Who the hell do you think these leftists are to take such a position?

  • First things first let’s get -19 under control. Talk to nurse if you know one.our health care workers are going through hell right now. Than we can wake up as country maybe? Than open China up like a tin can!!!!Focus should be on getting this virus under control.

  • Our Life In The Philippines says:

    Fox need get rid of the TDS deranged Juan or i with many will boycott them as we did CNN & OTHER NETWORKS. I Puke every time i hear his garbage..

  • George Mallory says:

    I saw the satellite imagery a month ago that showed their mausoleums running nonstop for weeks. My educated guess is they burned 50,000 bodies.

  • America is sooooo stuffed… All other countries are in lock-down, taking the hit, and will recover… US is focused on blame, money, etc… Trump is trying to ignore this, and with his normal BS about a 'cure' … the rest of the world will be closing their boarders to US citizens in the future, as they recover and America turns into a third world country… The reason America is so reliant on China for drugs, etc, is because of greed… America wants everything for as cheap as possible, big business is focused on profits and C-Level people (like Trump) focused on making money rather than doing the right this…. that's called krama!

  • Americans can do this! Making the choice to stay home and save lives. Thank you all of you who are staying home and helping to prevent the spread of the virus!




  • Nuke em!!!!!! now!!! Before it's to late!!!!! Then bring the deep state to justice!!! Obama Clinton's and shumer ,pelosi ,biden Soros! Their behind this.

  • Utkarsh Modhia says:

    Alternative for American for manufacturing issue.. is INDIA… Come here we have everything what u want:labours,area, passionate People…. Also we don't have any viruses…


    It's America left leaning Government of past who make China world supply chain. Now they suck entire world economy. Trump is doing great Job for America by reducing dependancy on China. China should hold accountable for destroying world Economy.

  • eMichael Proudfoot says:

    The USA needs to print enough money to be able to build some factories and start manufacturing essentials. Stuff that can be sold to the rest of the world. Employ us citizens and become a great country the world is proud of. The world is in a mess now so how much deeper could the whole get. We as a world have slowly watched China infiltrate every country in the world with their cheap knock offs. Time to fight back and say enough is enough. I am sure there are thousands of Americans that would love the opportunity to build up there country,have a future for their kids. Handing out free money for people to spend on items that come from China will achieve nothing. Instead of giving them free money,make them work for it building manufacturing plants. I am not talking about cars,boats,etc. I am talking about everyday items that everyone needs and uses. Toiletries,medicine,medical supplies.

  • Mike Pompeo what an awesome person. China method of checking temperatures is a great. That should be everywhere on public transportation where people are grouped. No one should get on or off an airplane without having their temperature checked. And red zone should not be traveling to US even emergency flights like the swabs from Italy for Memphis please don't. The devices that China uses in the Chinese railway system. You should have a forehead in a body scan to detect fever. You should also connect with and meet with leading bloggers and people who are body hackers. you should not be trying to impound or closed down cities because it will make people run to avoid the shut down in that will spread. do you should offer assistance to the people who are going to be hardest hit which is people with blood pressure problems. Offer them time off from work and work at home.

  • This is what you got with NAFTA people!You sold out America for cheap crap from China sweat shops and work houses!We won WW2 because we Were self self sufficient and Made our own weapons and bombs and tanks ect China is a Communist country out for world power!

  • Keep all chinese people out of every country in the world …. then they will sweep in and buy everything ….be aware …

  • I can't trust anything about China anymore, they're not putting out real information now just like they weren't putting it out before and kicking All American journalists out of the country is all the proof I need to know they cannot be trusted

  • Trump administration has gutted any governmentagency that would have been on the front lines of controlling this, they have consistently denied the existence of covid-19 or down played its effects, they have offered up bogus cures and false hope. The lives affected by covid-19 will be far greater in number due to this administrations failure. The actions of the trump administration as well as republican politicians and right wing media will result in covid-19 affecting REPUBLICANS if far greater numbers, but go ahead and continue to throw stones in your glass house.

  • What’s wrong with the following sentence? “China threatened to withhold drugs needed to fight this virus from the United States.” Anyone?

  • Understand that the W.H.O. of the .U.N. is the worlds supposed preeminent alert organization… and they accepted China's lies about transferability in Humans to Humans till January this year, when it plainly was jumping person to person. This meant Chinese infected people were circling the globe unhindered.Perhaps the U.N. which is no friend to the U.S. can explain that!

  • cdb broadfield says:

    It’s a human transmission virus 🦠 bringing back manufacturing will not stop a future pandemic from china. All boarders would have to close in and out of china. And that will never happen.

  • This is the best thing that could happen to the US. Now the American people see the government sold us to China and we need to bring back jobs to the US.

  • That guy who said its racist is STUPID! Its gonna happen the again if people still think that talking against the
    monstrosity of "the CCP Gov't Party" is racist.

  • Deviant Affinity says:

    FOX News talking about fighting off a propaganda war is like Jeffery Dahmer talking about the importance of eating vegan.

  • Williams is right for once. We need to get away from depending on China. We need to be independent of every other country


  • F3RAL manchild says:

    The irony… can you smell it?

    It may have started in China, and china will be a breeding ground for future pandemics if nothing is changed after this… but!!!… trump said yesterday that he wants the US to go back to business as usual, despite the objections of the entire scientific and medical community. Trump fired his top medical guy because he has a difference of opinion. The US may not have started this disease, but if we keep doing what trump says, the virus will become repatriated as an "American thing." We will be the breeding ground for the virus. The world will switch their criticisms to us.

    Fox news is half right all of the time, trump is half right all of the time. But that's it; half right. Too stupid and bullheaded to hear the rest of the truth.

  • Clowns we knew about this since November and early days of December so don’t say we didn’t know about this our politicians were too worried about they impeachment and arguing about who’s right democratic or republican it’s a joke our governments officials can’t even work together during these times

  • How about addressing the wet markets instead? That’s the real source of the problem. If they continue to allow them then we don’t trade with them.

  • Critical manufacturing MUST return to the US. Subsidize the cost difference. It’s just as critical as defense spending.

  • Vernon Rumphrey says:

    List to Juan because the Dems are in the pocket of China, look at Biden’s family and Obama. Oh I forgot the media is also in the pocket of the CCP regime.

  • Democrats seem to care more about terriost, open borders, and China's well being over American citizens these last three years.

  • All lies fox. Same with your supported president. Full of lies. If your attitude toward to the virus is not same with trump, US people won't suffer like what they do right now.

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