30 thoughts on “'The Five' react to Trump's threat towards Antifa”

  • So antifa can attack conservatives with no legal consequences? Will the same apply when a really athletic,very muscular conservative goes all out berserker on antifa? I'm asking for a friend ??

  • Any isn’t the most seriously injured person at the hands of ANTIFA they stabbed a man 9 time after he left a Trump rally. Juan the Majority of ATIFA are Caucasians

  • Benjamin Lehto says:

    Thank GOD some people somewhere (Left and Right) are making lots of $$$BANK$$$ from all this chaos and media insanity and social craziness that's been engineered and offered up to the peasants.

  • Hmm " using violence for political gain " yup, sounds like nazis right, any one?? So what should we do about the nazis with masks hiding their cowardly faces?

  • NPCroadkillz78 says:

    1. Although gangs are a menace to society, gangs don't openly and deliberately disrupt or trample on people's Constitutional rights.

    2. The Brownshirts and Mao's Red Guards weren't taken seriously at first either. And when they were ignored and tolerated, they grew in numbers, and became bolder and more powerful until they managed to change their governments.

  • Once you shine the light thru the darkness these cowardly roaches will run but all exits will be sealed and now its time to pay like a man and woman who stood up for their crap now its time to stand up to the law and soon all will see. Remember Hate always will lose and burn in the end….

  • They are a international organization and they do have funding but I agree, they're not that much of a threat… physically. Classify them as a gang and pass legislation so they cant wear masks and most of then will scatter like the cowards they are. I know there are some small cells that are actually acquiring firearms and training for their imaginary revolution but until they start gunning down people in cold blood I think declaring them a terror organization is a bit overkill.

  • I blame Democrats because they will not denounce ANTIFA. DemocRats are effectively endorsing ANTIFA by playing dumb.

  • They are wrong, it is an international organization. And they are more violent in Europe. They are growing and becoming more violent

  • What ever happened to H.R.6054 – Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018? Looks like it's been handed to the Judiciary Subcommittee. The Democratic controlled House making sure it never gets to see light of day.

  • Antifa is more than 50 losers in Portland. They have groups all over the US and were also present at the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017, you know where all the rioting, looting, and violence took place? They need to be taken a little more serious, because the alternative is law abiding and legal gun owning citizens facing charges for defending themselves when a group of 20 masked strangers come at them. It's been made perfectly clear that anytime people defend themselves en masse against Antifa (like the battle of Berkley), it's the people not dressed in black and wearing masks that get arrested and charged.

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