‘The Five’ react to Dem dysfunction ahead of New Hampshire primary


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  • Good point Joe, you and Bathroom Barry pushed the country another 10 Trillion in debt, more than the combined history of spending in the countries history….great fact attesting to your financial prowess as a leader…holy crap what are these guys smoking…for once James Carvel is making a ton of sense…

  • When Carville is worried about the Democrat party, the DEMONRAT heads are about to go "Super Nova". I'm smiling all the way to Nov.😁😁😁

  • Dana is ABSOLUTELY correct. I was an Independent and just yesterday I switched from Independent to go back to the Republican party. My girl friend did the same. KAG 2020.

  • 3:98 Juan manipulating the facts. 60% of Democrats rather be hit by a meteor then and see Trump reelected . Let's say that half the people are Democrats that's 50% so what is 60% of 50%? 30% of the population maybe .

  • Question to anyone….. That old goat at the beginning. He said "The idea of a political party is to win elections. That is all it's about"…. "To win the election"…

    So here am I thinking, the whole point of a political party is to represent the populace, improve their standard of living and ensure safety and stability of the country. What that coffin indicated was an internal facing view to gain power. Nothing more, nothing less. He espoused a dictatorship a la: North Korea.

    Am I missing something here?

  • Juan simply doesn't understand what Americans want and the people want Bernie with a good economy and TRump needs to understand the student loan under democrats must end and states must get back to financing university in states that young people can work in pay for. Student loans what the public doesn't know is Russia educated for free and the educated left Russia and student loans is a chin around the necks of educated because they CAN NOT TURN IN THEIR CITIZENSHIP TILL THE LOAN IS PAID IN FULL AND THE PUBLIC DOESN'T KNOW THIS IS IT IMPORTANT YES IT IS BECAUSE OF IMMIGRATION THE NEWLY EDUCATED WHITE ARE LEAVING AS FAST AS THEY CAN DA,DA,DA,DA,

  • the dems are like labour in the uk and look what happened to them in our elections….tthey were destroyed!! the people woke up to the corruption and commie ways. we dont want socialism any more than you so. i predict trump is gonna win BIG!!!the peeps are writing them off. .they need to be treated like roaches

  • The Democrats are proven IDIOTS! Stick a Fork in the Democrats – There Done! Doesn't matter who they Chose – The Democrat Voter will NOT rally behind any-one!

  • When is Juan going to wake up smell the coffee he can't be as stupid as he acts he's back the wrong horse he's in the back corner and you can't find a way out somebody give that young man a hand up show him the right way

  • There will become a time when these Evil Dems will not be able to walk down the street. that has already started, enjoy the show… you are watching a movie, Popcorn anyone???

  • 4:39 " Look at how it worked out for the republicans… You got a Republican President" One, are you actually R worded? Real question

  • In February of 2016, I knew Trump would win. It was obvious by that time. There was a social collective subconscious that permeated every aspect of that cycle. I don't see that with any dem.

  • Romulus Paradise says:

    they wasted their time trying to take out Trump, and they will fall, fail, and flub it. If Trump actually played them into this situation, then he is a formidable foe indeed. Republicans will do to Democrat party what the Tories did to Labour in Britain. Good riddance. May they spastically twitch into the garbage heap of failed ideologies while frothing curses and promises to return.

  • I like it better when you look at each other – so weird not looking at at the person you're talking to when you're all right there..

  • truth is the American people are now seeing the corruption of the democrat party, from voter fraud, all the way they go about picking a candidate to run in an election

  • You are right Juan.We ended up with a Republican President.And we will have one for 4 more years.Trump 2020.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 mor years

  • The DEMONRATS are panicking because they are going to jail, most of them anyway!
    Yeah! They are criminals, you have to admit it and come over to the right side!

  • GreenMountain GoldTrap says:

    Waun, or however you spell your name. Ever heard of a reprobate mind? It's in the Word of God for a time such as this. And you are on the wrong side of it. You better get right. Tic-Toc…

  • Jaun not sure if that's how you spell his name but either way he drives me insane! He's always so negative and in denial…
    And he's full of it! I realize why he's there but give me a break….
    Let me talk let me finish let me finish you have all day as they tell you every time!

  • Juan’s the 3 year old kid crying about playing video games with you so you give him a unplugged controller just to shut him up lol.

  • In 2008 I lost my job of 22 years. My wife lost her job of 20 years three months later. Soon after that we lost our home. Obama ruined my life.

  • Randall Dean Smith says:

    Don’t the Democratics know that there already law in place to limit people that have a gun? I had a cart permit already! People will still buy guns on the black market! These are bad people “criminals “, so good people will have no way to defend them self! That is a dead horse if I see anything!

  • Williams just exposed to very important truths. The first one is that the Democrats misrepresent and lie all the time Trump did not say it's okay to grab their pussies Trump said when you're rich and famous, they will let you grab their pussies. He described a completely consensual and even desired action. By the women the second truth is that Democrats are convinced that Trump won because he says mean things so they're going to come out and say horrifically racist mean things against white males and conservatives. And white women conservatives as well. Little do they understand that Trump said truthful things in a mean way. And it was the fact that he spoke truth without hesitation and in a fashion that made every person in this nation who did not feel like they were represented for 8 years. Feel like he said exactly what they have wanted to say to the faces of the evil democrats for so long. When your platform is based off of hate and vicious retaliation and outright blatant racism against the very people who built this nation and maintain this nation you were not going to win elections. Democrats need to wake up and let go of their far-left ism. If they want to win, they need to stop being racist against white people they need to stop trying to steal people's hard-earned money. They need to stop telling people of color that their poor choices are the fault of white people skin and slavery which no person of color alive today was ever a slave so they can't use that as an excuse for their poor choices proving that, you know poor choices make for a poor life. But Democrats aren't going to do that because they just want power and an American president doesn't have the same amount of personal power as a communist dictator. So the Democrats are going to push towards communism cuz they all think they're going to be the dictator and the Arrogant selfish entitled Democrat. Youths all think that they will somehow be in the Inner Circle and reap the benefits of Communism while everyone else suffers. You cannot describe evil without using the word Democrat.

  • Their is a very small percentage of the population against President Trump and because of the circus show the looney tunes demorats continue play out after the show was long over IS CHANGING THE MINDS OF THE DECENT DEMOCRATS TO VOTE FOR OUR PRESIDENT 2024❤

  • Juan was clueless of the stepping on the rake analogy- he thought the rake end with dirt in it is what hits you in the face and not the handle LOL

  • juan needs to let go of himself getting overhimself giving himself combacks to backs thrashesness oh juan cant just let it go, like the frozen movie theme song

  • Counterpoint, clear tequila is less likely to give you a hangover. The darker the tequila, the more likely it will give you a hangover.

    MAGA 2020

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