‘The Five’ breaks down DOJ’s criminal inquiry into Russia probe


100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ breaks down DOJ’s criminal inquiry into Russia probe”

  • FAKE NEWS! State media Fox FAKE News is fed FAKE news by Russian intelligence and false far right conspiracies! This was PROVEN in court! CNN the HIGHEST RATED network and ONLY trusted source for REAL news!!!

  • Trump is the law of the land even if he breaks the laws he can amend the laws and pardon himself Trump has no laws his laws is what he says

  • I don't know the guy sitting in for Jesse but I like him as much. Seems to have excellent knowledge of events, good looks, and I just like him. Also I'm totally with everyone here about letting Geraldo permanently replace Juan. Also I'm tired of hearing from the left about old white men and mobs. I'm white and proud to be white, as a black man is proud to be black. Brothers of different colors.

  • No whisleblower, not neccessary to use….'thats bs dem brought it up to impeach Trump now they say its not neccesary use. Illegal impeachment they dont have transparencies bunch of crooks

  • The Dems find it perfectly OK to investigate Trump and Republicans, but something very devious must be going on for anyone to investigate Dems. Does this sum things up?

  • Complete Controll says:

    Geraldo is a good old school Leftist. They still believe in being honest, regardless of what side of the aisle you are on.
    Corruption is corruption, and allowing one side to do it based on ideological differences, is corrupt as well.
    Republicans and Democrats are the exact same, Trump is the difference.
    That’s why we are seeing what we are seeing. Period.
    An outsider got in, and the system got caught trying to get him.
    We aren’t talking about conspiracy theories, we are talking about treason.

  • clayton mccormick says:

    he does not just feel he was treated in an unlawful shameful manner and probably a treasonous manner. when you try to carry out a failed coupe you had best expect consequences.

  • The President keeps his sanity because he has a Plan, and he trusts the Plan, and the Plan is going according to Plan. "You are watching a carefully scripted movie. Enjoy the show!"

  • Yes, most conspiracy theories turn out to be true. The first "conspiracy theory" was that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only gunmen.

  • OK…the "whistleblower" started all this….right? Or did he? Why, suddenly, does pencil neck say that he won't testify…that he isn't needed? Perhaps it's because, if this person was before Congress…in public….he would get some very interesting questions asked of him. I want to know who he or she is…I want to know if he or she had contact with Schiff or any of his partners before or immediately after he or she blew that whistle…..I want to know why it took 18 days from the time of the phone call to the time he or she made the complaint…I want to know who actually wrote the complaint…..I want to know who told the whistleblower about the call…I want to know if he or she has firsthand knowledge of anything….I want to know about any possible bias….and I want those questions and others asked and answered in a public hearing with the whistleblower under oath. Right now the whistleblower is a mystery witness…who may or may not even exist. Put him or her front and center….and let the chips fall where they may.

  • The Holy Land where Jesus was born is occupied by an apartheid state of holy lies that is israel, a product of marxism that destroyed Christian Russia and Christian Europe. And Zionism that brought wars that stole the lives, lands of Palestinians, Syrians. Lied about Iran.
    It was Iran, Turkey and Russia who defeated ISIS.

  • Blonde did not like where the conversation was going about RR wearing a wire, she adamantly tried to change the narrative. A bit later she asks GG to change the subject, very manipulative.

  • Benghazi investigation was less open 'process'… telling though how silent usually leaky red members …have been about the 'content'

  • Civilian Commandos M.U.L.S.A says:

    What if there was no "Whistle Blower". And it was all made up just to create an illusion Trump did something wrong and start investigating until they create what they want.

  • There were many Conservatives who were very critical of the FISA courts, not just Libertarians..

    The amount of blind trust in govmt agencies that are known to become easily corrupted under the most cautious and well thought out, division of powers, let alone with no real transparency or accountability to the people, was just way to much.

    Though many could see the benefits of such a court, the dangers far outweighed any potential benefit.

  • Impeachment hoax mostly because Trump is exposing deep state corruption and their crimes against humanity. I fear what we are going to discover will rock our very souls

  • Christopher Dyer says:

    This looked like a klan group?! The person who said that is an enemy of this country and to black people who specially. Scum

  • I have had some disagreements with Geraldo over the years- That said- You NAILED IT GERALDO. Even the strong possibility of someone wearing a wire ! Journslists take notes: Geraldo just set the bar for you IF YOU DECIDE TO ACTUALLY BE A REAL JOURNALIST… Thanks Geraldo.
    The rest of you are pretty spot on. I haven't heard Juan chime in yet- so …I guess we will see if He is going to be a leftist or a Journalist. Hopefully the latter.
    To all who have made it hell on our president since even begore he took office…rot in hell ! The Patriots and True Americans are not putting up with any more of your sh!t !
    Wow ! Geraldo- You have it down, brother !! I'm proud of you !!
    As for the Dirty Republicans, Romney and the rest….SHAME ON YOU DIRT BAGS TOO !
    FBI – you need to watch closely which idiot in charge is going to make all of you look so crappy. I know there is a higher percentage of solid agents…You guys need to step up- expose the slime suckers and carry on that agency that is FOR THE PEOPLE. Protect our Nation- Thanks to those of you that cannot be compromised !
    A pissed off war vetersn and "not taking it anymore" supporter of The U.S. Constitution and Our Commander in Chief!
    Let the man lead- you evil doers- or shut up and sit down before you face charges at a military tribunal for Treason !!
    Lastly, to General Flynn, thank you for your CONTINUED service to this Nation. Even when they did you dirty, Sir, You held your head high knowing you were innocent of their snares of wickedness !
    Now- Let's talk about Benghazi, HRC ! You need to pay for your lies and crimes ! I will NEVER FORGET…I HOPE NO ONE DOES.

  • The black dude did quite well filling in for Jesse. He brought up some very important points… where are these fisa judges? and to add, who reviews them??

  • I am furious & curious why more people are not. This is not how it's done legally. The military should arrest them and put them in jail for treason. We can't let this set a precedent along the lines of proving your innocent.

  • Hmm career reporters supposedly familiar with Washington, 1 worked in the WH … FMIH/K even an investigation REGARDLESS of who conducting if threads may involve National Security the President MUST be briefed and updated … unlike what Obama and Comey did even after Trump becoming President Elect … but they briefed Hillary

  • They don't need a whistleblower or a quid pro quo, transparency, Mueller report or anything to remove a sitting president because Nancy numb nuts says.

  • Have to say this THE IMPEACHMENT inquiry is diversionary … it’s a pig that can’t fly … it’s all about slowly down administrations agenda, winning, winning, winning … the “do nothing Democrats” have ZERO HR’s of any significance … there are Executive orders in place and real bills submitted for approval but the Democrats do nothing to move the process … wait for it the candidates and dems within 6 will months try to label 2020 President Trump as do nothing President Trump

  • Is amazing how evil and powerful these DEMS are. We must not forget all those people not telling the truth at CNN, FBI, SDNY, NSA, Congress, CIA, Generals, ex bosses of the CIA, NSA and FBI, more Generals, ex Trump appointees, current Trump appointees, major city newspapers, small city newspapers, country town newspapers, radio jocks east to west, cowardly whistleblowers, retiring GOP politicians, lying prostitutes winning big money from Trump, ex New York Mayor (ooops..that was just foot in mouth), our beloved POTUS’s own foot in mouth, the Australian Ambassador in Europe, Trump appointed Ambassadors in Europe, the British Ambassador to us, the crooked British Intelligence Officers, Muller’s crooked team, those traitor GOP politicians, nasty people who made voice recordings of Trump (even his own lawyer), our POTUS releasing transcripts of himself saying crooked things…etc etc etc etc. Those DEMS are so powerful. Of course the honest folks at Fox care for us average citizens and will always tell us the truth.

  • One fact they didn't mention about the FISA court was, They were lied to, how can a judge make a proper ruling with false information. Anyone would make a false judgement when not given the fact. I believe once the first person from this fiasco is indicted the domino's will fall. there is no honor in corruption.

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