‘The Five’ analyzes Comey as he reportedly becomes the focus of FBI leak


100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ analyzes Comey as he reportedly becomes the focus of FBI leak”

  • Crimadella Phone says:

    Bad analogy, Comey is not the Febe everyone is tired of hearing about, Comey is the criminal we are hoping goes to prison for all the crimes he committed.

  • Democrats feared the China Trade deal because Democrats had an under table deal of their own thats how they get so rich by secret self enriching deals under table with other countrys China Russia North Korea, Ukraine etc.
    Trumps on verge of uncovering this evidence.

  • What does he expect to happen. The President just sitting there while Dems continue to target anyone who gets in their way. This is it folks. The truth with Juan is coming out now ! He believes this type of Democracy should reign ! How sick is that now ! Thugs rule !! Sorry to disappoint you Juan. If you dish it out, prepare to get it back.Even Jesus warned about this type of mentality !

  • Dana Perino is a breath of fresh air.. common sense.. serious intelligence.. and a straight forward way of thinking.. Anytime she talks.. I listen.. Greg and Jesse.. you guys are great.. thank you for a great show.

  • Adam Kuykendall says:

    Juan is such a tool. No matter what Democrats good Republicans criminal. He is far from objective. I am for neither party, but Democrats are so corrupt it's unreal.

  • It's not payback or thugishness, cupcake. It's swamp draining! TRUMP 2020! He's such a great crime-fighter he needs tights and a cape! They should be orange, just because. ❤️

  • Shawn Goldsberry says:

    He's one of the idiots that thought Barack Obama would be restored as president by now and he would be out of all of his troubles

  • Juan is the Comic relief on this Show !…..dont you worry Juan, Comey and Maccabe and Brennan and WHO ELSE….will eventually get what they DESERVE !

  • Juan Williams complains that this is old news. We are still dealing with 2016 election crimes by Clinton, Comey, Steele, and others who worked hard to undermine our 2016 election. Comey botched, whitewashed, and buried the Clinton email scandals, when she should have been tried fir treason. Then Comey creates the Russian hoax, the Meuller investigation both of which handed the 2018 midterms to the Democratics. Comey as a major player in all the chaos since 2016.

    Fire Juan… he is so annoying… he is sour… not smart… I absolutely love The Five, until this annoying man opens his mouth.
    PLEASE FIRE HIM… or at least remove him from The Five. Pleeeeeeease!!!!!!!

  • It's funny they argue that Comey was all about himself but at the same time Trump is about himself and his legacy. In his Trump tower office he had pictures on the wall ALL on himself! Now you tell me what wrong with that picture. Be honest or just continue to lie to yourself since Trump is teaching all of his Supporters to become liars which mean lie to your family, your job and most important to yourself.

  • Johnny SilverFoot says:

    Hey Juan Williams you stupid piece of s*** you ever heard statute of limitations? Yeah there's a reason why that exists dumbass

  • Nobody is coming for anybody. They're all getting free passes from their handlers. All this is is just more smoke and mirrors, just like usual.

  • I don't know how Juan Keeps saying Comey is old news and should be dropped. It is not old news, it is not digging up old business. It is finally getting through all the smoke and mirrors and taking care of business.

  • It's only due to the widespread corruption and absurd double standards in Washington that such a lying fraud as Comey isn't in jail already.

    Just one example: He signed off on FISA warrants applications to the FISC based solely on the Steele-report – which he himself characterized as unverified – and unverifiable – while under oath before congress oversight and reform…

    The same man, who doled out immunity agreements like candy to every potential witness in Hillary's email scam, ensuring that congress couldn't get at their testimony, and who now tries to pretend that he was aloof and wasn't actively running the operation? Sure…

    And despite the fact that immunity deals are made by real investigators in order to obtain evidence against more significant targets, Comey didn't even bother to register their deposits and got nothing in return!

    Everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that Comey is part of the coup cabal, which is still trying to undermine the presidency and the constitution.

    He's a traitor to the nation, a travesty as director of the FBI and belongs behind bars.

    The only reason this hasn't happened already is that everybody in Washington is entangled in lies, corruption and addiction to plush fundings, much of which consists of laundered money from foreign sources, which at best can be called dubious and at worst subversive. That's also why nobody in the senate is the least bit interested in Hunter and Joe as witnesses…

    Trump isn't the villan, but the Washington establishment is full of such.

    The outrageous effort put into stopping Trump, planned already when he was candidate, is highly significant, and everyone within the media knows why, but are so incredibly corrupt, they wont tell the American people:

    This isn't about hate, power or politics. This is about fear!

    The establishment fears that Trump might expose their mismanagement of entrusted means and powers and invoke an era of transparency and accountability which might not suit the kingpins, but would be hugely beneficial to the nation, the people and to world peace.

    So they claim the opposite and keep lying like demented teenagers, who're trying to hide how they took dad's car for a spin and wrecked it while DUI…

  • I'm tired of hearing the same old BS I want to see action I want to see Heads Will Roll I am tired listening to and seen all the BS I want action!!!

  • So Juan, the reason they didn’t go after Comey in 2017 is because the whole system was corrupt and nothing would of happened!! Dork!

  • Juan, first we waited for the IG report. Then we waited for the Mueller report. Then we waited for the 2nd IG report. Now we work on prosecuting the perps.

  • Jesus Christ, Waters. You look a the camera WAY TOO MUCH!!!! Have some manners and look at the panel that you're having a debate with!!!!

  • Jess w do you hear yourself all of you on Fox News trump did colluded with Russia look what he did on the world stage I will say this puttin said he didn’t do it trump agreed and that the truth choke on it all of ya on fox who cover for trump

  • Juan and others fail to admit if anything had been done earlier it would have been labelled as Obstruction while the Mueller Investigation was going on.

  • According to Juan, apparently, you can break the law and as long as you are not caught, or brought to justice within 2-3 years – you're good to go scot-free. Too late. Bob's you uncle. If you are charged – that's a witch hunt.

  • From the comments I am reading, I am shocked nobody is talking about his worse crimes. This guy is sick and helped Mueller cover for and cover up Epstein. FACTS Mossad>Ghislaine Maxwell>Epstein>Honeypot for Congress-Blackmail. Why was the FBI at his Island? What did they find? Owls on the temple roof with white and blue stripes and a gold dome and elevator inside? Whatever is under that temple, the FBI is hiding.

  • this guy one Williams is nuts these people are criminals and Juan Williams doesn't want to go after any criminal that has Democrat after their name but he wants to go after everyone else

  • Oh No Jessie, he is being Duped by Brennan. Comey isn't the sharpest pencil in the draw as many FBI agents have stated but it was Brennan that played him as the Fool he is.

  • Donald has attacked the F.B.I., the C.I.A, the Free Press,the Democrats, the Whistle-blower, the Rule of law, the Constitution, Muellar,the Judiciary, (repeatedly), the IRS, Congress, the Senate,Nancy Pelosi, the Military, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, China, Mexico, Frau Merkel, Kim Jong Un,Hillary, Stephen Colbert,Adam Schiff , most of his White House staff, the N.Y. Times,FOX, CNN, MNSBC, Stephen Bannon, Bolton, Tilerson, Macron, John Kerry Roger Stone, Mueller, Canada, NATO and someone in Ukraine….But never Vladimir Putin..

  • So, Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016. It was so long along it must be revenge, right? At least in juan's head. Putz.

  • It’s Trump’s DOJ, how the hell is this Democrat revenge? Also notice how they conveniently left out that the Hilary Clinton email probe, “the lock her up” probe was ended recently and found no new evidence. How is Trump always the victim?

  • Oh come on Juan! You talk as if they are giving Comey the Kavenaugh treatment. Have they looked through his high school year book? 2017 is not ancient history Juan! How many years of Trump's taxes are your Commrads demanding Juan?

  • Juan wonders why we go after criminals whose crimes were committed in the past, because it's over. I agree. And that's what Hillary said about Benghazi too. "What difference does it make." Look at all the benefits that would bring. You wouldn't need courts, because it's over. You wouldn't need lawyers. And the policemans job would be much easier. He could try to stop the crime, but once committed there's no need for any pursuit or arrest. It would be a modern day road warrior life style, which is cool because we all liked that movie.

  • The FBI and Justice Department don’t need to be rehabilitated. They need prosecution. As I write this they still maintain the holes they cut in the walls of the jury deliberation rooms that allow prosecutors to tamper with juries and fake trials. Tear down those walls America!

  • When will hannity be subpoenaed to testify and answer for his role and Fox's involvement in the Yovanovitch smear campaign?
    '' America will prevail ''.

  • charles bennett says:

    There will be no respect for FBI CIA or any other agency until Comey Clapper Brennan McCabe Hillary all r executed for treason

  • There's a cell, Mr. Comey, with your name just down the hall.
    It once held Jeffrey Epstein, it's safe for one and all.
    Three hots and a cot, measured just for you,
    And if you'd like some "extra sheets"
    We'll throw in one or two.
    Rest assured Jimmy, it's safe for one and all
    There are two guards just outside,
    and cameras on the wall.
    Don't you worry Jimmy,
    Well take good care of you!
    And if you want some "extra sheets",
    We'll throw in one or two.

  • Juan is a Bastard pretending Not to Deliver Damning Propiganda for the Cabal Working to Overthrow our Nation!!!! Arrest and Indite this Subversive under US Rico Law!!!!!

  • Prevailing Right says:

    When you talk to Juan, the words literally go in one ear, and with nothing to stop them they sail right out the other ear.

  • Juan Williams: Hey if your going to do something illegal make sure it takes the government a year or 2 to find out about it, so you don't get in trouble.

  • Isabella Castile says:

    So Barr was considered HIGHLY credible until he worked under Trump. The moment he agrees with President Trump he's suddenly the bad guy? This is sooooo telling and shows exactly how the leftist think. Pathetic and almost sad.

  • Where's the SWAT team breaking his door down at 5am, confiscate his phone's, computers and laptops, interigate his wife and family, put him in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, the big bird will be chirping by the weekend, it's the only way to deal with criminals and Comey is a CRIMINAL !

  • I thought it was Hillary who toke my vote for Bernie it was actually Comey. I wonder how Juan feels about the rise in African American acceptance of Trump. Breaking news Friends was unfunny

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