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  • Iam Invisable says:

    Let's move on. Our president has been treading swamp water all the while doing what he's promised. Let's get that wall up before America is set unto a civil war and let's concentrate on helping our southern neighbors make a country they don't need to flee from. I don't want to have this feeling anymore

  • paulwilfridhunt says:

    They 100% knew for sure that the collusion thing was just a fairy story because they wrote it as though they were Hans Christian Anderson.
    However their accusations did achieve one thing.
    It saved the loss face which they should have gotten.
    That was its objective all along and they achieved it.

  • paulwilfridhunt says:

    Beautifully spoken by Donald’s son.
    A great guy and a great man to listen to.
    But what do you do when someone like Donald Trump comes along and wipes the floor with you? It was a wipe out alright.
    It was difficult decision for the Democrats.
    What could they do?
    They were going to look like yo yo’s no matter what, but hey this Russian thing is now going to backfire ? on them if they don’t do something real quick.
    They need to apologise.
    They know he’s unstoppable and that he’s going to get re-elected, but if they don’t start chucking the Republicans a bone soon they won’t have a dog’s show in 2024 because they’ll be justifiably painted as serious obstructionists to the detriment of the USA.
    If they don’t give in on some of this stuff such as the wall or immigration or whatever, he will hammer them by accusing them as unreasonable obstructionists. And he’s got a pretty good way of convincing people. If they don’t fold now, they might as well take the lift to the top floor of Trump Tower and jump off.
    Presumably they must have thought all this through before they got started with the phoney Russian charges, if they got proven to be false.
    Ok it helped them save face at the time but now they’ve got to eat some humble pie.
    If they don’t eat some pie they can kiss goodbye to 2024.
    This is how they have to spin it.
    They will say that they can’t be blamed for the investigation because the election results were of such magnanimous proportions in Trump’s favour, that it suggested foul play, because this had never been seen before. This will be their spin. And it makes sense.
    Then they can add that they are pleased that Mr Trump is indeed a great patriot and that he’s cleared of all charges.
    It’s that or jump off the top floor.
    And they aren’t that dumb. They won’t commit suicide. They can give in and spin it the right way and still save face.
    All they have to say that they have come to the conclusion after seriously re-evaluating all the data pertaining to bla bla bla that although they had serious reservations about President Trump’s plan bla bla bla but nevertheless it’s the decision of the Democratic Party to back the plan for the good of the ?? USA.

    Put your bets down
    I have.
    Isn’t this fun!!

  • paulwilfridhunt says:

    If President Trump could invent a happiness pill for unhappy Democrats,
    it would work, provided they took an anti jealousy swill.
    So sorry to see them this way it must be hard for them
    Sucking lemons
    It’s tough huh.
    Rough alright.

  • I want my money back from the last 3 years of investigations that they stole from my taxes that they took without asking. they should be arrested for theft.

  • Jet Earlewood says:

    A large crowd of people. Uneducated. Unwilling to become informed. Why weren't those perps at work? At school?

  • Dan, and the Fox Gang( except Juan Williams ; or the Commie Of the day) always seems to have a real life? Juan or the Commie for the day is missing Communist Cuba!

  • why the N word will never go away, worthless homies more than willing to assume the mantle. bravo, lil b*tches, bravo. ps – how much did baskin-robbins pay your a**es, lol?

  • Who has the fakest fake smile? Nancy wins that one but this is not her worse, she must have been practicing! but Nadler, wth, is that a new thing to paste an eyebrow to the middle of your head? It doesn't seem to bother democrats that you prove they are liars in front of everybody. They just keep on telling the same lies as if everybody didn't know they are lying.

  • Trump has made the Democrats crazy. They have lost their minds. I should feel sorry for them. But I'm not All I can do is laugh at them.

  • Spraying water on any law enforcement officer is legally assault, whether your 14 or 40. Next it will be laced with any contaminant and officers are vulnerable as prey. Offenders must be detained and parents to pick them up. Enough is enough!

  • This whole b.s. investigation was about Ego. All the kings got together to exercise their power and authority to exact revenge cause Hillary lost. Millions of dollars wasted….lives destroyed. Muller and everyone associated with the case should be charged.



  • Amelia Mendoza says:

    Enough is enough. Mr. PRESIDENT, THESE Democracts want to audit and continue with their witch hunt, Why NOT AUDIT ALL THE DEMO. STARTING WITH EX PRESIDENT, HILLIARY, NANCY , CONTINUE ON With ALL THE DEMOCRACTS. Lets show them. Fight fire with fire.

  • Where the hell are the democrat reps from these areas calling for this to stop. Not a peep! These people in Office disgust me and anyone who supports them and/or remains silent on this crap also disgust me.

  • Commish and mayor have to resign! Cops need to retaliate! Funny how these assaults are by minorities. President needs to declare Marshall law and send in the military.

  • Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. How do you say to the already overworked American citizens to read an over 400 page book in order for you to understand why we have to impeach the president. The public doesn’t exactly have time to do your job. Tell us why you believe he should be impeached. Then u come up with the brilliant idea of having Mueller appear in a hearing to verbalize your reasons. The most corrupt thing I have ever seen is that Mueller has no problem demonizing the president & putting him in a negative light. When the republicans questioned him to provide a proper defense (WHICH WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO) you say “no comment.” U wonder why no one takes you seriously. The Dems are beyond corrupt. They won’t allow the president to defend himself. Glen Simpson, fusion gps, etc were all mentioned in the report, that by the looks of things he not didn’t read but didn’t write, & deemed “not my purview.” It was all 100% within his purview. The Dems didn’t care that the American people wanted answers & the truth & the left only wanted to provide “their answers” & “their truth.”

  • Unauthorized Expression says:

    The Dems are not trying to win. They are building a misinformed base of radicals who believe they must take action, violent action if necessary. They are trying to invite a riot and eventually a civil war.

  • Maclain Hunter says:

    It’s time for the democrats to come together and admit they’re socialists once and for all so that 2/3rds of the country never vote for them again

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