The First Meet – My Kutti Story (EP 01) || Wirally Tamil || Tamada Media

Stopping our loved ones from doing what they like will kill their happiness. You never understood this despite being with me all these years. Nothing like that. Stand there. Don’t come near me. Once you started doubting me because of him the trust is broken. We shall break up after this. There is no use staying together. Did you break up like this? Yes Did you meet them after this? I met them a few times. They didn’t recognize me and I didn’t bother them either. How can you find fault with everyone? Some of us are good boy besties too. I didn’t generalize but a few of them are bad. This story of mine will trigger only the bad ones. Are you angry? Who are you? You never told the whole story. How did your story start? Will that be a happier one or will you keep finding fault? You are asking this because of our new videos. Before that it was all fun. Those were college days. It was all different. We can choose our divisions and have fun. We can even cut classes for 3 days. We are the seniors. We control everything. Let’s have fun with auditions. Why dance? I am never allowed to dance but this year we are the seniors. Can I help? Yes you can. These guys are good for nothing. Let’s go. We have a small announcement. This is culturals time. and auditions are going on. You can give your names for different events. Come to me if you are interested in music. Special preference will be given to girls. Don’t forget to give your names. One of our guys are taking care of dance auditions. It is happening nearby. You can register there. You can also come. I have to tell you something. We need to enrol ourselves in the dance team. We have to be the best and perform like the best. You are very pretty and will get automatically selected. You should be part of the selection committee. What do you want? I am literally broke. Is that so? You be here. I will attend the auditions and be back. You go. I will become very popular. Is that ok for you? You are doing too much. A girl is coming for auditions. I will take care. Tell us. Can we meet Selvam? Why do you want to meet him? He told me that he is the dance team head and promised to help me out during auditions. You can’t see him that easily. He is a mix of all great dancers in the world. Do you understand? Is he the best? Yes. He has a lot of medals. Even Prabhu Deva is waiting for him. I should definitely meet him. I know you want to train with him. She is pleading dude. Help her out. Tell me. He doesn’t know anything. What type of dance do you want to learn? What is freestyle? I know it dude. But show a dance step to impress me. Do you want me to dance? Listen to the master. She is dancing well. I know it. Watch me now? What rubbish dance is this? Do you know how precious dance is? There is no grace in what you are doing. She is useless. What now? Bring my girls. Let them show her how to dance. I actually danced well. Leave me. You didn’t dance well. You are a disgrace to dance. Shall I tell you something? There’s a useless guy in the opposite building. You are fit only to dance with him. Go away. Get lost you idiots. I won’t leave her alone. Let her go. Hey come here? What do you guys want?. Don’t talk back to seniors. Step back. I haven’t seen you in the college before. Are you new? Do you know who my Dad is? He is showing off. We don’t need your family background. Don’t mess with seniors. We didn’t do anything yet. You kneel down. Do as we say. What is the problem here? He is not listening to us. What is your problem? Why are you guys doing like this? He is my friend. Leave him. You are first year right. Don’t interfere. I am first year PG student. We are caught. What to do now? Let’s ask sorry. Shall we ask sorry? We made a mistake. We didn’t know that you are a PG student. Don’t complain to HOD. It will become a big problem. This will never happen again. We won’t apologize like this We are final year students. Go and kneel down What do I do with you? Do you know to sing? She dances well. Show your moves. Dance for us now. Hey Charan. Let’s go. She is not listening to us dude. Leave her alone. I let go of him because of you. What are you thinking about? The grey shirt guy is cute. Aren’t you angry on him for ragging me. Why did you show off to him? That’s why he got angry. What is happening here? This seems like a made up story. Why are you interfering? Listen to the whole story and then you can talk. Love happened the next day. It was awesome Do you want to hear it?


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