41 thoughts on “The Fastest Path to Success in Network Marketing”

  • Thank you Eric. I've been in marketing for 30 years (hired 40 ppl a week for 10 of them) and have owned a digital marketing company for the last 8. I JUST joined a new MLM (I'm level #21 lol) a cpl weeks ago and feel like I'm a kid again. I'm more motivated than ever, building my team, and putting my years of experience into network marketing… and this video hit the nail on the head! BOOM!

  • Cassey Lanoch says:

    WOW! So valuable for me who got the opportunity but is falling backwards. THANK YOU!!! I'm going forward and I am not stopping till I get there!

  • MakeMoney OnPassive says:

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  • Thank you for letting me know that I can surround myself with greatness!!
    Didn't know that I have so much power🏋️‍♀️ to write my own story and sign my own check.😄

  • I found that your up line choice is best to be a person who understands your learning style and can compliment that otherwise it is frustrating for the both of you. My 2 cents.

  • Awesome! My testimony: I'm a stay at home dad/presenter. You can see my work at my channel. This is a tough business because I have to sell my skills to manufacturing companies as a presenter. 10 years ago I decided to do direct sales ALONG WITH my career, which I still love. I picked a company and do IN-HOME presentations and never looked back. I'm a guy doing something in a woman's arena, typically. I help people get healthy and I am paid on Monday's and my organization grows. If you are struggling to make ends meet, go to the DSA website and align yourself with a great product and sell it. These companies have everything in place, you just use your skills to sell it. That's what I did. Quit listening to people who aren't doing it. It's a blessing to be in direct sales. And to the naysayers about direct sales or network marketing, it's a wonderful opportunity for people like us who need to leverage systems already in place. Thank you. Hope you were inspired. Tim.

  • Gagster Videos says:

    Here is why People often fail in Network Marketing.

  • Ojijo Pascal Al Amin says:, working with, no hawking, no product presentations. Affiliates earn earn a house, car, vacation, etc. Investors earn 6% per month. Join our whatsapp community

  • Thanks a ton
    I guess it's my time now to care more about myself and not feel guilty about leaving some people alone
    because I didn't leave, they chose to stay

  • Lynne B Tooma says:


  • Since I was 16 I was introduced to Dexter Yager and Robert Kiyosaki on audio. I did the same thing you did. I listened to them every free minute I had and especially in my car, broke as a joke, but I had a dream. I sought out Dexter multiple times and was able to see him on stage a couple of times, but I will never meet him now that he has passed. I am mad at myself for that. I hope to one day meet some of my heroes and now I know I had it right in the beginning. Now to get back to the basics. Thanks Eric!

  • Michael Malone says:

    This is the MLM company I started up with. Their products are phenomenal. My girlfriend was hesitant about it but now she uses the sleep aid every night, and she has never found a product that works for her including Ambien. I take the Edge for energy and the CBD oil for homeostasis personally.
    Any tips?

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