The Exhibition 2018 –  Bachelor in Creative Media & Game Technologies #studyinholland

The Exhibition 2018 – Bachelor in Creative Media & Game Technologies #studyinholland

– The mushrooms, definitely. – All’s good.
– Oh no. – Okay.
– Cool. – So today we had the assessment
of project exhibition, and I made pinball machines. – I made a dress. It’s based on the night sky. – And I made an interactive animation. – I made the plant that is interactive and serves as a musical instrument. – Well, I made an
interactive werewolf box. – The good thing about
the project exhibition is that we can choose many
different technologies. That’s why I chose to work
with conductive panes. (upbeat music) – I think it’s special because you can put a lot of yourself into
it and think about things in a different way. – I always believed that
our educational system is quite wrong because we always
have to do so much reading and actually people have the
need to interact with things. – So I wanted to do something with nature and I was like, why don’t I
try doing something with this, and transferring it to my own view. – I wanted to express the inner wolf, or the inner beast that everyone, every human actually has within them. – I really like the project because you can do whatever you like, and you can make something
that’s really yours. – You have to do things
you’re not really good at and you have to do things
you’re really good at, and it’s a fun project. – What I will remember is
that I combined all aspects of art and technology in one project and that’s really cool
to see all together. – Well, if I had to
describe myself in one word that would be a storyteller because I really like telling stories and expressing myself in creative ways.


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