that is currently 58 so two minutes a woman it is 59 don't destroy built the douse man whatever you do don't destroy it mounts the police we're gonna witness it together my man is you and me it is supposed to stop Oh Oh God oh okay okay you can remove for nah my man you're gonna move oh my god that looks amazing oh oh okay a chill this man is not gonna move he's gonna do nothing this guy's huge well there goes the Pirates our CEO he going he's tired of it oh my this guy so you damn son oh shit he wants the power I guess I know that's my man gonna do oh there you are we winning the we winning come on use your fists come on use them fists come on mommy oh my oh he needs some milk man nah he's gonna need some major milk he ain't taking any of it look at her face oh my man eat it my man bed my man stay at my charge come on charge oh that's it chief they did he did oh oh my man oh my MA he beat us got them ass he beat his ass we did okay boy my man stay my man yeah there goes okay okay that goes should jetpack okay yeah my man my men's out of here use that plane you told me oh oh he lost his arm I was getting something from the middle what's that okay MA he's getting superpowers oh uh what no need to punch him into me what are you doing come on you want to fight me come on there big boy what is this what is that what oh my man caught that halo sword that's it chief oh he did yeah he did oh my he needs some someone get him some milk he need some Oh oh no not for a fortnight no don't do this why are you gonna do the floss just get out of here man you ate meat that floss that was not meant for me right someone mind me there oh man I was expecting some weak-ass boom and they outdone themselves this time and they outdone themselves come on man leave her like for that fight please what happened here oh why all these houses are gone oh they all burn themselves I was not expecting all this animation man and here it is the weapon that he used to guard them I was expecting the weapon to come in the item shop to be honest I'm not supporting the move that he did okay you don't floss in my game you never ever floss in my goddamn game okay not even if you save the island I don't care about that just don't floss in my game you just goes back by five the jet pack has also been involved for a short amount of time we're gonna play with that because the video is not at 10 minutes yet that's how it is man come on little Dino don't use them those are mine then look at me sucker well he wasn't looking at me I just took it personal I saw your weapon face through the wall I know you're in this room isn't built for some reason but it doesn't matter what are you looking at miss the sparrow she has it I saw yes yes it's mine come on I've been looking for so long oh yeah let's go let's go Jonathan I miss my shot huh I'm up here I'm up here Mandy looped up last second but it was too late I saw him he up he's low he's not low apparently it's my wall thank you very much I got no shot gone this ain't the pit yes sir combat sire thence on their plain game she's going up there man see y'all got my jet pack on I'm I feel so badly and again yeah but the zone is coming in so in other words I ain't got no time for this wait a second my jet pack got nothing left anymore oh come on I can use it like for one second and I don't even have a shotgun for their ghost I have no shot let's go you ain't good stop it you ain't good you ain't good at the game man this is not a way for me no one runs away from me imagine if they shot – no that's someone nearby someone's hiding in these builds oh man I could just fly up are you aware of that I can just fire up huh and that's my he was just looking at me like wait he cut that wall there's no way oh let's go let's go I'm just going up getting up there I got a jetpack huh oh I can see go ping by the way I got zero pink so no you're not gonna hold that wall his game is going amazing I finally found the jetpack I got a lot of kills I got my footage let's go baby can I hit my shots can someone help find my boots because I don't know where they going oh it's an alarm aah who dis alarm unnie why you wanna make a sky base just give up it is my own launch pad are you kidding that is my launch pad and now he's gonna use my all our launch pad are you kidding me I swear to God if they're still on the launch pad there I swear to God stop shooting at em soccer skin stop shooting at him the man is just surfing leave him okay no well um oh you're gonna die he's got another launch pad himself you can't make this up you can't make this up or won't you go through with that yeah what you're gonna do with that was that I gotta jet back by the way and I'm out of ammo by the way and my jet pack has now got no why does everyone do this every single person does this stop it please don't waste my time what is this man doing oh it's the last guy okay okay okay we're gonna do it okay yeah baby Hey finally found someone seems like till the towers it's not a ghost town after all and did you just you damaged yourself or gonna mean you gotta wait a minute I've got a minigun just let me in anyone here I hurt y'all fight anyone survived oh okay I don't mean you got any more just gonna spam bisciotti he's College epic yes I got him let's go my jetpack now boy this default about to catch the RPG combo the RPG jet back shotgun combo yeah it went completely how I wanted it to go oh the jet back to jet pixie what am i wall go walls then so it's gonna break oh there we go and I can take this with me we need to find a new jet perk it's gonna be hard because they don't spawn so often so yeah why does my buildings with Wilson and stop it good boy I've got lands on there – why can't I lands on this I'm gonna hit that so if he gets damaged did what is my IQ what is he from my IQ they say this ain't fair this ain't fair to other players I will stop you oh it's the best thing in the world kidding someone with an RPG open up you got my jet pack boy this mine shaggy man water Seth named shaggy man who descried at all the few and it's this good news Jeff backpedal Jeff Beck battle let's do it let's do it let's do it let's do it my man I want does yourself more phew Oh with us I'm gonna use the jet pack no building no one expects it no one expects the jet pack they are so confused like you're not used to someone flying over your head I'm cheap that I've buy was good baby we also have chef back I saw it yeah I saw your jet pack or this jetpack comes in clutch I had no bullets not well your bed wouldn't give it a combat please I know you're hiding up there just come down here solvers in here please have the jet pack for me and he launched away it's gonna launch again thank you it doesn't have to jump if I were to be a jet pack where would I hide in my info totally get here pop whoa do you do you're missing all your shots so embarrassing man that's stupid light that stupid light safe to light that not any I place the wall yes sit down see TV you can even smell you met I could even smell you from here god dammit man take a goddamn shower take a shower change of body offs what are the odds even hit me with the pickaxe [Applause]


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