THE END OF HENRY | Breaking The Bank and Infiltrating The Airship

THE END OF HENRY | Breaking The Bank and Infiltrating The Airship

Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is jacksepticeye and welcome to breaking the bank apparently the first game in this series of the Henry Stickman saga Which I messed up again. Im so sorry! I really thought stealing the diamond was the first one I wanted to go back and semi-fix the timeline so I could play the first one and then maybe go off to the second one and third one I’m sorry I messed it up again breaking the bank is actually the first one then it’s stealing the diamond Then it’s escaping the prison and then it’s infiltrating the airship I really thought I had it right the last time so I’m really sorry about that but Thankfully you can still enjoy the videos without actually doing them in the perfect proper order the games are still fun I’m still enjoying them You just missed miss out on tiny little clues going back and forth So let’s go break into the bank and see if we can do this right this time Why is the bank in the middle of a desert? Like, there’s just a cactus over there! Okay, there’s the disguise bag! That was in escaping the prison. It’s all making sense now Okay, how do we get in mr.. Teleporter? What are you doing here again? I’m gonna use a fucking no I’m gonna Miley Cyrus this shit. I came in like a wrecking ball Do it! Swing Break the wall! This is taking forever! Oh God Thats not good Dude! It f**ing killed me, okay. We’re going for laser drill because that sounds awesome Nice It’s really handy, okay, kick it in Oww! Where are the guards? I’m like cutting a hole in the side of their bank, and they’re nowhere to be seen Explosion. Explosion! Blow it up! [Game]: Hmm? [Jack]: Ohh that’s a bad idea no You don’t go yeah Oww! When when you have explosives and you press the thing and they don’t go off That’s the scariest thing in the world cuz it’s like hey Who goes over and checks that and what if it explodes like when you’re on your way there? Tunnel let’s try the tunnels we’re gonna Shawshank Redemption our way Zelda yay, I understood that this time *laughs* Oh God not a train. I like trains! Yeah! *laughs* Good ol’ teleporter! Ow It teleported me into the wall okay here we go, this is the actual way in There we go he didn’t tie the knot on the outside himself [Game]: Huh? How did we lose one!? Hey guys! Yeah! We’re in yes, go steal some shit I Regard uh, yeah why am I stealing the shit? Wait what That’s the end of breaking the bank Are you serious, that’s all that this one is Okay, what I’m gonna. Have to kind of merge that when infiltrating the airship, then I guess because that was way too short, okay So we’re gonna play infiltrating the airship now. This is the last one apparently I know there’s someone’s in stealing the diamond that I didn’t do and people kind of want to piece together the story But now he could watch them in order Hopefully it’s breaking the bank stealing the diamond escaping the prison and then this one so it’s all messed up But so is Jack this whole channel is messed up It’s all about messy stuff loud messy stuff and putting it all together to make something great But I know there are some ones in stealing the diamond that I didn’t do I’m not gonna be doing them I’m just gonna continue ahead, and do this last one just for consistency, so let’s go. There’s no way we’re infiltrating an airship Hopefully it’ll all make sense we’re Looking family decided weaker you’ve been quite elusive skills Hi, we’ve named some issues with a group of thieves known as the tarp air clan we know they’re guilty you just can’t pin an inning You’ll be going into the headship to bring down. I don’t need to remind you that we’ve got you on several charges tent robbery breaking yourself out of prison You can even steal in Tunisian diamond, yeah Dude is Jeb rate in the drop all charges against you Charlie hit with rapid change Gigi says it’s up to you find a way to bring him down. Oh How are these guys doing this? How are you guys? Oh? Okay Dicky hand cannonball Earpiece how does it earpiece get me in? Okay, we go earpiece does that sound stupid Thanks Thanks, so does that actually get me in properly. I can’t I can’t let go step back or anything I don’t seem to be messing anything up. We’re gonna see four think about How let’s go sticky hand Oh God oh They all work, okay, this is going to get confusing there’s a lot of stuff in this to see them all Zero-point energy Easy Wow Okay, so now. I don’t really know what what format to do this in okay. We go back We heard the earpiece and we try and get through all of them, and then we come back And we lose the rest of these ones Yeah, yeah go down here. I got it shut up stop talking to me or shut Stop we are going to vacuum Criminals Often toss with their they are you weapons for the Klan any ideas? We should so go for the transdimensional eyes her Transdimensional Iser visit alternate dimensions with the flick of a switch, it’s super easy to use and gives awesome results This is not gonna. Go well. Oh God oh You ain’t the first to mention it’s okay to just flip the switch up to get back to alright. There’s no up and There’s no up or down in the first dimension. It’s already left and right. Let’s go and step back and let’s try these ones look back hi oh I thought he was gonna blow his head off. That would be so cool They probably would have let you in if you had Girl Scout cookies with you cookies acid oh I can’t stand acid either. Haha can’t stand it. Okay. Let’s go with glue Don’t be the right one. I hate getting the right ones on the first try That’s not gonna work you’re gonna slip, dude, dude That worked Is all the ones I think are stupid warning Sign those records. That’s a good place to look right probably help you get across that gap oh Oh It’s a rotates its tails, that’s why it sounds like sonic okay? Oh God go tails oh I Keep picking the right ones Oh melt it’s not his bones yo That was the right one as well, I keep picking all the right ones and too awesome You think nobody knows about this here. We’d be in a lot of trouble Oh What happened pick one gasoline gone Yeah, bring the noise hey should be good to go now Thanks Wow he didn’t even hit the door mind control Oh We broke the card well, that’s great it’s harder than it looks sure is remote access Oh Set myself on fire you put too much energy into that that time. Yep, we’re gonna use a Short trip Oh mister You missed how could you miss he was three feet in front of you I miss the guy three feet in front of me, okay? We’re going with the top one which I didn’t even get to see what it was Spook, yeah, hello mr. Spider Wait wait there’s no way again through there It looks like you can get around you go through that air duct. Let’s go, that’s not good I arts mass effect make an animal noise I don’t need your help Nope I can do this all of my cow fuck shut off the power reroute the power make animal noise It’s got to be reroute the power, I think okay, thanks Airships go to crash yeah Let’s hope the landing gear says power, this is a good one. I like this this is funny Thanks what room though Tank in a box it’s my tank you nut box Turns Charles Banana bomb go Oh God oh, no. Oh no I Remember the best of banana walk bombs that’s a worm’s referenced by the way force gone Yeah, that was the right one going oh, no, it’s mustachio oh Wait what You achieved the rank of government support I Don’t know what happened. Let’s use the sleeping gas. I Didn’t leave with the documents That’s that’s great. Thanks and dead flashbang ow I’m blind Okay, and I think we can return to the start no because we saw the end of that one didn’t we yeah don’t you zero-gravity? thing ball and chain turtleneck and chain turtleneck and chain oh Okay lightning-quick larcenous superspeed wrong There’s nothing in it a winner is you rap we’re going out my face Is sweet This is fun that Was the right one as well The right ones I want to go back can I go back? Oh my god site get the key key get Thanks computer Secret files of course top at secrets Slap playing civilization I Don’t play Civ myself, but I’ve heard that when you play it you lose all your life because it sucks it away Just one more turn We’re gonna go step back. We’re gonna do a bomb. This is not gonna go well Yeah, how is that gonna work should have used remote bombs expanding foam? Burst that door open Expanding foam doesn’t oh, I think if they do not shake well, so the canister blew up in my hand joy-buzzer like the Joker Range seems like it’s gonna be the stupid ones and that’s probably the right answer so elevation where we going Could’ve sworn that was an elevator it was the escape pods Oh God ow fuck ow my face Oh Oh We’re doing the same thing again ah We’re going to the vaults now instead of the records magic pencil it seems like the stupid one or stretched Chuy’s we’re Picking the right ones man think you could yeah, you know oh if the key, thank you That hurt my ear holes wizard magic You you repair load where you should have levy Oh sad, okay, we’re going back for this Here we go stretch am strong oh Jesus That really grinds my gears. You know what else grinds my gears you America fuck you Okay, that’s the Family Guy referenced That’s not me actually saying fuck you America. Just before the whole internet explodes Teleporter my old friend that never does anything right? What’s happening Did we teleport ourselves to the middle of oblivion Hey, well I’d better get going have fun here by yourself. Thanks magic pencil Oh God send a shark Shark just finding me in the balls paper riser. Oh We’re turning ourselves into paper, that’s gonna be the right answer isn’t it this is this is supposed to be a stupid What the fuck man We do this Shrinking grow gravity gun half-life oh shit I Think you pulled the wrong trigger that one launches, so couldn’t me. Just go back and pull the other trigger no Step back we’re gonna do these ones? Hmm You look like an idiot yeah because if you bought a power glove you did look like an idiot Mack it’s not gonna work I don’t know how to hack when I let you shoot myself told you What are you doing? That’s quite shocking? I’m glad I’m not your current in your current situation I bet you can’t wait to go home Ohm wrecker home wrecker and also the law and the airhorn was like an MLG thing shrinking grow Crap this is gonna be the right one perfect Damn it Don’t stop right now run. What’s going on looks like he set off some sort of alarm laudanum all Right Plan B Okay, I’ve gone rogue Oh God it’s not a brawl on the airship am I on the propeller oh shit that’s gonna be the answer cuz you oh wait I Don’t know we’re gonna use the fallout armor How that’s gonna work Really I am awesome. He’s just like enchanted I Am invincible in this fucking armor apparently Team Fortress 2 spy Go evacuate everyone I can take care of this oh God no what what music are you gonna play loading gaben? Oh? Attempting data recovery what? What’s happening giant robot Error stack flow overflow system okay, I’m gonna go step back and we’re gonna go for some of these shell How’s that gonna work How is that supposed to work? What exactly was your plan there exactly sir? I said propane. Oh jesus no Hank Hill quote god damn it Bobby Umbrella I Did that’s how we thought we were gonna do it the first time oh? Except yeah Because we’re yeah that way oh god. We have to watch all of this again. I mean it was awesome, but come on Okay, we’re gonna choose DEP this time Jack energy blaster oh God that was a portal sound that’s bad. That’s bad. Oh Ten out of fucking ten for that one okay these guys though these are the prototypes Are they good Oh their point oh, they’re so good Forget about it. We’ve got a retreat res the topic clan will be history what hey, bro Manami Oh see you later There you go attaboy awesome You achieved the rank of pure blooded thief? Another one okay, let’s go back to dessert, and we have cannonball left to do right yeah But I mean looking at the numbers Hugh. What do you think? Yes, this isn’t gonna work Hey rose Here we go you and me fight to the death we are going to use a chair throw a chair give it its hair Okay, it’s gonna work Wow That worked why do I keep taking all the awesome ones? Train catch me catch me if you can Eject oh Lucky so lucky that worked that was the right one as well. Oh God run faster run faster Fuck ow boost Gotta go fast oh by the way, there’s a ramp on the door spice oh Come on You can’t open the door man tick no trousers. That’ll take the ones from Wallace and Gromit Sapna bro see you later You forgot to wear the harness didn’t you rocket jump like every freaking first-person shooter ever See that’s the problem with magneto man rocket jump here we go it’s also a youtube channel And it works oh We meet again Okay, dude find a fantasy battle magic right Batman I use from oh, I don’t get to pick the smell God damn it blitz Suports I worked He’s in the chain gun attack and it did 1337 damage he did leak damage. I thought for sure that would have done it no tools chainsaw You Chainsaw him to death. Oh god. Did he is he dead? Kleiner seems like the obvious choice, so I gotta pick tax. It’s gonna be wrong down you go How did that work Fucking game, man I’ll do it. I’m crazy Feeds my right-hand man I Surrender the airship to you Oh God there’s a lot of fun. Oh, oh I can go with these guys or these guys huh parachute That’s not working Well then soar to kill them missile We missed But ii thought that might not have been such a good idea. Okay, so Domi’s is gonna finish that one or tank. Let’s go tank No tanks How’s that work Fine Yeah You did good kid this document is certified henry stickmin has been pardoned from all crimes prior to 2030 couldn’t even read that You’re relentless bounty hunter like a boss finish We died For this video on Infiltrating airship, I almost forgot what gamers plane i’ve made so many of them played out But that is the end of the henry stickmin saga Three four games from what I know and I’m sorry again that I messed up the complete order of at murder of God this is a long one, but this is a Special it’s the end of the series and people really liked it And I really liked it that was funny that last episode was especially the funniest and have so many different options I know I missed certain little things here and there but I think I got all the endings did I you guys want to tell me I didn’t deny ah And I know I missed an ending and steal the diamond bruh. I’m not going back to do that sorry It’s finished, so is there any more games like this Please let me know in the comments any more series like this Watch your ex anything like that because these are fun and people really seem to like them which is awesome I love it when I can play games that Everybody seems to enjoy because they may it just makes recording stuff a lot more fun And it I feel like I’m doing good for you guys, so let me know anyway Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and my face alright That was a long one Henry you were the greatest


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