The DOTA2 Reporter Episode 31: Unfinished Business

The DOTA2 Reporter Episode 31: Unfinished Business

NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 Report I’ve got this Dust of Appearance here that
I need to deliver to Enigma as quickly as I can, but I can’t go any faster until he presses the Speed Burst button! Hello? ENIGMA: Oh, right. Uh, go go gadget faster courier! Beep. RUBICK: We need to finish destroying this tower, then
get ba- GYRO: Ah! Panic! Panic! Drums! …panic. RUBICK: Thank you, Invoker. INVOKER: No proble- Can’t a guy finish a sentence around he- RUBICK: Not today, pudgey. GYRO: I don’t understand your language. Therefore, I hate you! Aargh! ENIGMA: Not so fast! Dust of Appearance, go! What are the odds? Oink oink. Oink oink oink. Squeeeeee! GYRO: Take that! RUBICK: Good job, everyone. I think we got them all. Wait! Enigma! ENIGMA: Aaaaah! Rubick! Boy am I glad to see you- Thanks for saving me. RUBICK: And stay back! ENIGMA: Ah crap. Wh-what? Are you pinging me? Is that you, Invoker? Ye-yes, I know I let the tower die. I am fully aware that I messed up. Pinging me is not helping anything. What? What do you want me to- What do you want me to say? Oh hey look! Ping ping ping ping ping! How do you like it? Ping ping ping ping ping ping ping!


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