The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 59: Grand Opening

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 59: Grand Opening

ANNOUNCER: Radiant’s bottom barracks have fallen. ENIGMA: Oh my god is this happening? Are we winning? NIGEL: I don’t know. ENIGMA: Okay let’s finish off the barracks and get mega creeps! That’ll secure the win for sure! TIDEHUNTER: Hit top tower! TERRORBLADE: Let’s go for the win! Go for the throne! NIGEL: What’s the throne? ENIGMA: You know, the ancient. The big ‘win condition building.’ NIGEL: I don’t know jargon! Why do people call it that? ENIGMA: I don’t know. I’m sure there’s a reason for it and I’m sure it’s dumb. CM: Ice is nice. ANNOUNCER: Dire’s top barracks are under attack! NIGEL: Uh, should we go back to defend? ENIGMA: Oh, but the top barracks! TERRORBLADE: I’m gonna go kill Roshan! ENIGMA: WAT!? TIDEHUNTER: Defend! ENIGMA: No. No no no. TIDEHUNTER: Not defend! ENIGMA: Oh boy… TIDEHUNTER: Courier! ENIGMA: I don’t know who is right or what the best play is, but we should all do whatever it is we’re going to do… together. It doesn’t matter what page we’re on as long as we’re on the same page. NIGEL: Oh my god I’ve had a Mekansm this whole time. ENIGMA: Everyone, just go for the ancient, go for the win! TERRORBLADE: Shit yeah let’s do it! RUBICK: Kunkka! Boat! ENIGMA: Oh no! *Rubick is able to steal the last spell you used* *Tidehunter, what are you doing!? *Rubick is able to steal the last spell you used* ENIGMA: Refresher Orb, HOOOOOOO! Ready for black hole round two!? Ha ha ha! Ow-ow. Hey, don’t hit Axe, his Counter-Helix w- OW! Don’t hit Axe! Stop making him spin! Oh jeez I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die. I’m gonna oooh I didn’t mean to do that. TERRORBLADE: I ain’t havin’ this shit. I literally just pressed every button I could. You’re in for it now, man. TIDEHUNTER: I’m still here! KUNKKA: What the!? TIDEHUNTER: Where did Kunkka go? Hello, Shopkeep. I would like to buy some sentry wards, please. Thanks! Oh, I’m level 20! Hmmm… A skill point into stats. I could eat a whale! KUNKKA: That was for my effigy. TIMBERSAW: After him, Kunkka! Chase him down! KUNKKA: Ugh, this Timbersaw… TIMBERSAW: Oh here we go.. KUNKKA: At this time I would like to quote your kills, deaths, and assists numbers to further ridicule you. TERRORBLADE: Ah, glad I made it out of there. JUGGERNAUT: Hello. TERRORBLADE: Hrrrm… Ha ha!


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