The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 57: Money for Something

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 57: Money for Something

NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 report. I fully expected us to lose some of our barracks last time… but for some reason no buildings were destroyed. In fact, no heroes were killed either. Nothing happened. Nothing’s happened since. Dozens of MMR points are on the line! So, is it safe for us to venture out of our base at all? ENIGMA: I don’t think so. I think this is the part where we just hide back here and kill creep waves. Hey, where’s Tidehunter been? Hey! Tidehunter! Hello! AY! Earth to Tidehunter! Or… Wherever we are to you. TIDEHUNTER: Huh? Wha? Wha? ENIGMA: Question: How long have you been here staring into the distance like an idiot? TIDEHUNTER: Oh, sorry guys. I didn’t realize I was alive. ENIGMA: What!? How can you not realize you’re alive!? ENIGMA: ?????? NIGEL: I think some acceptance and moving on is in order. ENIGMA: Yeah, okay… You know what? No, not this time! Is the state of being alive a hard concept to grasp!? Check your pulse. ‘Yup! Still alive!’ You know what, I’m not really qualified to rant about this given that I’m actually not a living thing. NIGEL: So, what’s the plan? Are… we defending? and farming? and waiting? …and farming.. ENIGMA: Yeah let’s just keep farming up. TERRORBLADE: I don’t have anything else to get! What’s the point now? ENIGMA: Yo Tidehunter! TIDEHUNTER: I am Tidehunter. ENIGMA: Let’s try building Refresher Orbs. TIDEHUNTER: What’s a Refresher Orbs? ENIGMA: It’s a cool late-game item that, when used, refreshes the cooldowns of all your abilities! TIDEHUNTER: Wow! I could Gush twice! ENIGMA: Ye- Well… It’s probably better to take advantage of our ultimates with it. TIDEHUNTER: Wow! I could Anchor Smash twice! ENIGMA: No no no, you would use your ultimate Ravage. Like for instance, I would use my black hole: bwaaaam and then I would use the Refresher Orb: BRLING! and then I’d use Black Hole again! and… … JUGGILLUSION: We shall keep pushing your base! JUGGERNAUT: For I still have the Aegis of Immortality! Nevermind. ENIGMA: Yeaaah! wah! ANNOUNCER: Dire’s top tower is under siege. Radiant’s middle barracks are under attack. BOTH: Oh no! I need to go back and defend! Huh!? TIMBERSAW: Huh, if I try to teleport home you’re gonna stun me, aren’t you? ENIGMA: Uh huh. And if I try to teleport back you’re gonna kill me aren’t you? TIMBERSAW: Maybe… SEEYA! ENIGMA: Um. Uh. Is this worth using Black Hole for!? I don’t know but I did it AH HA HA I did it I don’t know if this was good but I used it. And it’s over now. Hi. F***. TIMBERSAW: Oh dammit. Well.. There’s more than one way to get back home quickly!


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