The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 52: Enigma vs Rubick

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 52: Enigma vs Rubick

ENIGMA: Wah! WAAAaa- RUBICK: It comes down to this, Enigma. Either you die, or I do. OR we could both die! OR we could both live! ENIGNA: Oh no! Eh… Maybe… some Eidolons! Okay guys, stop that Magus! Wait, no… Attack the creep! ‘CREEP’ : Who are you calling a creep, you monster!? RUBICK: Prepare to be tested! ..Curious.. ‘RAD’ CREEP: Come on guys let’s go ruin this guy’s life! ENIGMA: Teleport scroll! Alright… okay… No, NO! SHIT! Stop! You’re gonna give me away you little RUBICK: There you are! Up you go! ENIGMA: DAAH Poop and butts! Enigma kick! *HYEH!* Ow. You know what? F*** it. RUBICK: Hm, well played. But you DO know what this means? ENIGMA: Yes I do. It means I’m SURPRISE Stop-cast! WHOOooaa- RUBICK: Whoa I did NOT expect that. Nevertheless I’m not going anywhere without that black hole spell. And I will channel all of my tunnel vision focus into stealing it. ENIGMA: Dammit I’m out of mana. I can’t use another spell for him to steal. Where did he go? Is he gone? …he’s also not behind me.. RUBICK: DAH! Oh hey there you are. Finally, hahahahahahaha! I can’t WAIT to use this! Ha HA! A taste of your own medicine? ENIGMA: Good job. You did it. But here’s the thing… I’ve been STALLING! RUBICK: WHOA amazing tactics ENIGMA: Yeah, while we’ve been over here running around like idiots, my eidolons have been earning me some cash. EIDOBRO: Life well lived, brothers. Life well lived. ENIGMA: So now I can finally afford a blink dagger! RUBICK: Oh no a blink dagger!? The use of that item will allow him to be mobile enough to escape even my force staff! And it’ll be reallyhardtocatchhim ????????????????? ENIGMA: Ha HA! Alright, I’m outta here. Okay come on, rune. Beeee useful! okay Regeneration! Oh COME ON! RUBICK: I bought one too! Yay blink daggers. ENIGMA: AAAAAAH DRAGON: God I hate this place. I hate the heroes. I feel like our only purpose is to just be… killed! This guy knows what’s up. TERRORBLADE: Okay, buddy. Let’s try the whole ‘stacking’ thing. Okay! GO! DRAGON: NO! Now fellow creeps are trying to kill us! ENIGMA: -aaAAAH! TERRORBLADE: Oh what the hell!? I’m trying to stack the camp, man! ENIGMA: Shut up, more important things going on right now! RUBICK: Hi! ENIGMA: Terrorblade, have your Satyr help me! RUBICK: It was a good fight, Enigma. ENIGMA: It was… AND it still is! RUBICK: Huh!? EIDOBRO: For father! RUBICK: Okay, so we both end up dying. *laughter* RUBICK: Oh that was fun. ENIGMA: That chase went on so long! Aah, that was good. RUBICK: Well played, well played. I liked the last ditch demonic conversion… *dialogue fades*


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